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|FAT| Arts & Fashion Week

|FAT| Arts & Fashion Week

|FAT| Arts & Fashion Week is the real deal holyfield when it comes to a legit Art & Fashion week in Toronto!! It’s for the one’s who cringe at the thought of heading over to the “tents” hoping to sit front row at a show for a designer who sells in a grocery stores!! It’s a platform for inventive, pioneering and contemporary expression. This year’s annual multi-arts event runs from April 22-26 at the Daniels Spectrum and  features 200 national and international fashion designers, visual artists, bands and performers each year.

The |FAT| 2014 theme INFASHION / UNFASHION reflects opposing values, visions and expressions around fashion and art. INFASHION refers to that which is in vogue and on trend. UNFASHION refers to sources of influence beyond trends such as art, culture, industry, nature, politics, religion, society etc. Each night will showcase two opposing ideas in contradiction to one another. Designers/Artists will present one of the two opposing themes of a particular night, or will explore how those two contrasting ideas can work together.

INFASHION / UNFASHION will unfold  across five days of unique programming based on these five sub-themes: EARTH vs INDUSTRY, GRIT vs GLAMOUR, CULT vs CULTURE, MASCULINE vs FEMININE and MINIMAL vs EXTREME.



Fat Girl Food Squad Presents: Bloggers Who Brunch

Fat Girl Food Squad Presents: Bloggers Who Brunch

Let’s face it the weekends were made for brunch… and this Saturday I was treated to a super scrumptious family- style brunch courtesy of the Fat Girl Food Squad who presented Bloggers Who Brunch at Samuel J. Moore inside the The Great Hall.

Sam Olson “Wildheart” Premiere

Montreal born songstress Sam Olson is generating considerable buzz in the pop world for her powerful voice and unique, kaleidoscopic approach to the genre. And by buzz, we mean that every time we hear one of her songs, we don’t know who it is, but end up singing it in our heads for the rest of the day.

“Wildheart” is a carefree synth-pop deal with a chorus lifted/inspired by the Stevie Knicks song of the same name, and EDM stomper ”Mirrors” is a dance floor powerhouse in its own right. Sam Olson is just getting started with what will undoubtedly blossom into a unique and purposeful artistic identity.

Check out our exclusive Premiere of Sam’s brand new video for “Wildheart” below.

Sam Olson Links:

Soundcloud :


According to a Queer Grrrl: Get OUT of here Toronto: Road Trip Time to Great Experiences in Ontario

It is time to focus on getting OUT of Toronto and take a road trip somewhere else in Ontaro. Pink Mafia brings you back to Dundas and takes a look at the the Cactus Festival. I also have all the info you need about a country fair in Barrie. Lets start at a Bed and Breakfast for those who would prefer a quieter weekend away.

Blog Hunter: Ottawa, Where to Party by Gillian Holloway


This is my last piece (for now) in the Ottawa Blog Hunters series, and I’m pretty sure I accomplished what I intended to do. Hopefully after reading all of these, everyone can agree that Ottawa is definitely not the ‘town that fun forgot’ that so many people think it is. If you aren’t convinced yet, maybe after reading this final piece on partying you will have a change of heart as the one thing Ottawaians do really well is party. Whether it be at a club, or at a show, or even just at a random bar on a Monday night, there is always something fun to do in Ottawa.

Major Lazer: Major Let-Down

Editor’s Note:
Major Lazer at Fort York for the Mad Decent Block Party made the top three worst DJ sets of all time for me. After being one of Diplo’s biggest fans in Toronto for almost a decade, it was absolutely heartbreaking to see him play that small town American Frosh week set here in Toronto. After all the times he’s championed our city as being one of the most musically diverse, our dancefloors filled with early adopters. After so many amazing Major Lazer shows with great heart on the dance floor, a solid set of reggae riddims and well…mixing; Diplo managed to do the most bush league of moves ALL NIGHT LONG. He never played more than a few seconds of each song (a little game we like to call just the tip), which is nice here and there, but when it’s all night it gets a bit coked up 2008 Aoki after a while. On Get Free he turned to volume down for the crowd to sing along for so long, it ended up just whimpering out like a flaccid last call to arms (this, on the SINGLE!). Eventually Diplo took off his clothes and the hype man told the 16+ crowd to take out their baggies of drugs and do them in unison. By the end, we had named him DJ coke-dick, apparently he couldn’t get it up long enough for us to roll our eyes. Our reviewer was much more kind below, but I’ve spent the weekend fretting about what to write. There wasn’t one angle we could play up about that performance, not one. But what’s worse is that after all these years, it’s over. There’s nothing left to do but shake our heads and move on. Another one bites the dust.

20 Questions with Torro Torro

Torro Torro are a Toronto based DJ duo made up of Evan Norton and Mike Gonek who have been making waves in the electro/hip-hop scene in Toronto for several years and are now making a name for themselves across the border. With production credits with the likes of Mad Decent, Ultra, Interscope and collaborations with Diplo, Avicii and Skrillex, these boys know what’s up and play a hell of a show. If you’re in Las Vegas on July 20th, make sure to catch them while they’re playing the Mad Decent Block Party. We asked them 20 questions and they gave us 20 answers.



Blog Hunter: Where to Drink in Ottawa by Gillian Hollway

This was the most difficult piece to write so far, in this ‘Ottawa’ series. This is because I had to work very hard to stay sober during my ‘research’ for this ‘Where to Drink’ post. I had a lot of fun with Nigel, barhopping and discussing what we liked about each place, though, and I think we compiled a good list of places for those of you reading this.

My top-pick of where to drink in Ottawa would have to be the MoonRoom. Located in Little Italy (which is really only one street in Ottawa, but is super pretty at night with trees and light posts all lit up with white Christmas lights), I have been going to the MoonRoom for about 3 years now. They have really great cocktails, and the yummiest snacks to go with them, (I usually just drink a Sailor Jerry’s and Coke when I’m there). The bar is super romantic, and super intimate, and they always have the best music playing while you drink. The owner of this bar/restaurant (the menu consists of mostly snacky food), is name Tracy Turnbull and I sat down with her to chat about her business.

Timberland <3 Earth

What do you think of when it comes to Timberland footwear? Urban fashion, casual, even utilitarian – they were originally meant for hiking and mountaineering. What may surprise some is that Timberland is a very sensitive and earth conscious brand, determined to better the earth, while still making  good quality, stylish shoes. A feat that most fail at (e.g. TOMS – the cause is great – if a little flawed (but those things are U.G.L.Y).

Blog Hunter: Ottawa-Where to Eat with Gillian Holloway

Being Italian, I guess that appreciation for good food is like a character trait or gene that comes with my culture. We love to eat. Ottawa is a city that has a lot to offer for those who share the same appreciation that I do, and who are hungry. This piece was very difficult to write, as I could think of a million places worth featuring, but to keep things on the shorter side, I have decided to feature my favourite restaurant, my favourite bakery, coffee shop, and fast food place. If I had the chance, I would definitely include other businesses, but again, that piece would be unnecessarily long, so it is best that things were done this way.

According to a Queer Grrrl:Pride Part 3:Pride Friday and Sunday 2013: A comparison in Words and Pictures

Pride 2013 for the most part, seemed to be a good balance of awesome parties and community events. Today, I present to you my walking tour of the festival. On Pride Friday, June 28 I did live tweeting for Pink Mafia from approximately 11 pm to 5 am. I have some excerpts from my explorations. On Pride Sunday, June 30th, I became picture happy. I snapped most pictures candidly, which garnered some interesting results.

But first, let talk about Pride Friday, and what happened. Whenever I take on a walking tour of any kind, I like to find locations where I may retreat and tweet, text or whatever I need to do on social media. I chose two Mcdonald’s locations. Yonge and Wellesley and the location that’s just two blocks south, above College and Yonge. The group of women i mention in my next tweet had a look out ahead of them on Wellesley. As soon as she saw the Mcdonald’s she made sure everyone in her party knew. They were so happy. It’s like they had found an Oasis of some kind.

Say what you will about this giant corporation. It serves a purpose and gives a place for anyone who needs to rest their weary feet. I was impressed by the service at both locations. I am very glad I chose these two locations as I got to see a very interesting microcosm of gayness in all it’s bright and wonderful colours. Loud and happy people talking about what they had just done, where people were going and who they were going to do later that night.

Blog Hunter: Ottawa’s Not Boring-Where to Shop Gillian Holloway

In the first piece entitled Ottawa’s Not Boring – Here Comes Bluesfest, I mentioned that Ottawa, my hometown, was listed as the most boring city in Canada this year. Well, Ottawa has also been listed as one of the most poorly dressed cities in Canada. As promised, the upcoming features are intended to prove that Ottawa is not as dull as it may seem, and this piece will also work to provide proof that our patrons also have style. Take this piece as an insider’s guide for where to shop in Ottawa; if you ever find yourself in Ottawa, follow these suggestions, visit these locations (and the ones that will be mentioned in upcoming posts) and you will not be disappointed with what the city has to offer.

Ottawa’s Not Boring-Here Comes Bluesfest

I hate the word ‘boring’ when it’s used to describe my city. I believe that any city can only be ‘boring’ when the people describing it as such make no effort to entertain themselves. I have lived in Ottawa, Ontario for 24 years. I was born and raised here, and have stayed in this city by choice. Recently, Ottawa was voted Canada’s most boring city; this couldn’t be further from the truth. Ottawa, especially during the summer, offers a million things for anyone to do, including many places to eat, drink, shop and party.



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