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10 Aug 2008

Take It Like A Man: Styling tips with resident dude, Kyle Morrison

Take It Like A Man: Styling tips with resident dude, Kyle Morrison

All the guys i know, from the grimey skater kids to the art fags, put some thought and effort into the way they look whether they’ll admit it or not, so if you’re going to do it at least do it right.  This isn’t an all encompassing guide of looking good by any-means, but it’s a start.  Ironically the key to dressing well and standing out is subtlety.  Details are everything.  What separates a regular shirt from an amazing shirt is the fit.  I’m partial to Band of Outsiders and Patrik Ervell, but even if you buy a shirt from the thrift store spend the $20 dollars to get it tailored and for under $30 you have an amazing shirt.  Although its hard to resist wearing stupid/ironic/fun pieces (i’ve been caught in public in jeremy scott) all the coolest guys I know are sticking to the classics, and with good reason.

Look at pictures of James Dean and Bob Dylan from the past


They just ooze cool, and they were in classics like Levi’s and white t-shirts.  I’m a huge fan of classic American style – think the Ivy league JFK look circa the 1960s


These days I find myself wearing a lot of classics like oxford, plaid and gingham shirts.  Graphic Ts have kind of died with neon sneakers but I like to support my friends bands/brands/labels/projects/whatever they’re doing, so thats cool.
On the bottom, the raw denim trend has worn thin, so it’s time to wash your APCs and embrace the lighter pair that they become.  I like all my clothes worn in actually.  They have more character that way and fit your body better.  It’s a testament to have a shirt that looks like it’s been around long enough to stand as trends have came and gone.  Although khakis may remind you of Sundays with your grandparents, I’ve been wearing a slim pair, rolled at the cuffs a lot lately, which is a nice lighter alternative to denim.

For footwear, leave the flashy sneakers to the suburbs, and go for something more classic like simple Vans, oxfords or desert boots.  Although fedoras and wayfarers are classics, you have to be careful with them because they have been appropriated, so wear them sparingly.

Wayfarers are classics but there are a million and one great alternatives from brands like Moscot, Cutler & Gross and Super.

Shorts, keep just above the knee, slim, and in solids or simple patterns.  Here’s the thing though, don’t follow this exactly.  It’s too often I see a guy in the L.E.S. or Queen West or wherever in white Vans, slim raw jeans, Wayfarers and a plaid shirt.  To change it up every so often I’ll throw in something you wouldn’t expect like a riders jacket or some interesting socks.  Like everything in life, you don’t want to take anything too seriously.

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Mica is a stylista who likes to have her way with words. She's a Pink Mafia old timer and will bust your balls for wearing sweatpants in public. She likes watching the footy and updating instagram daily. She hates people who stand on the wrong side of the escalator and the "coffee" they serve at Timmy Ho's. If you see her at the bar, get her a vodka soda - two limes. Check out the blog she edits at Follow her on Twitter @micalj



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