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10 Apr 2009




My friend David, jealous he wasn’t able to come last night (lame) calls me up around 6ish, asking “Are you ready?” to which I responded to “What kind of stupid question is that?” I mean seriously. I had my outfit picked out a month before and I was fully prepared to get my face blown off by this year’s Decadence line up. “Love” is not a word to describe the people on the bill. Maybe “Worship”? I think so. With names like MSTRKRFT, Steve Aoki, Bloody Beetroots, Crookers etc. no one entering the Kool Haus is leaving before 3 am.

Last night’s party was one not to miss. Jill and I almost had a heart-attack when we had trouble getting trough the doors. Eventually things got sorted out. We met up with my boyfriend, my friend Jason and his friend, and we were all ready to do a little dance, make a little bit of love, and definitely ready to get down tonight. There’s one thing Jill and I noticed though while taking pictures… where’s all the hipsters? The crowd we thought was very mixed and kinda lacked in the style department. Don’t blame most people though, why get all dolled up if you’re going to come out of a Steve Aoki set all drenched in sweat and Grey Goose? Hometown hero Nasty Nav was getting the crowd pumped at the Kool Haus when we arrived. Didn’t catch most of his set because the lineup for the girls washroom was already huge. Finally got out of the washroom to find Perry Farrell on stage? That’s odd. Totally didn’t see he was on the bill. Couldn’t help but notice the “Who is he?” look on peoples faces. After some agonizing songs which featured a Tila Tequila look-a-like singing back up vocals, it was time for the Bloody Beetroots to blow my face off. HELLO! The Bloody Beetroots are amazing! Everyone went nuts for the Italian masked duo. Not even 10 minutes in to their set, my friend Jason who I lost in the crowd, suddenly appears dancing on stage. I git a kick out of that, especially when the big security dude kicked him off. Lots of crowd surfing I tell ya. Made me want to do it too, but I quickly remembered the time when I saw NERD and I crowd surfed to “Spazz”. It certainly wasn’t a good thing. I hit my head on the ground, plus smashed my mom’s camera on the floor. Yikes.


To polish up The Bloody Beetroots set, two go-go dancers in bikini tops, short shorts, suspenders, and knee high socks pranced around the stage giving the boys in the audience some very colourful eye candy. I got elbowed in the head pretty hard to only figure out that the idiot who did it was pushing his way up to the front to see MSTRKRFT. Totally forgave him as I did the same thing later. JFK and AL-P were ready to please the ears of so many of their adoring fans (me being one of them) playing most off  their most recent album “Fist of God“. The mark of a truly awesome duo for me has always been what they bring to their live performance. MSTRKRFT are gods that can get you dancing from the first song off their album to their last. Getting later into the night the crowd lost control and everyone became drenched in everyone’s sweat. People started to tear down the decorations and sooner or later massive cut outs of lightning bolts were floating on-top of the sea of people. I wanted to take one home.


So I didn’t get to see Aoki do his thang. Left early to sleep to catch a flight this morning to New York (Top Shop is now open YES!) But no worries, I’ve seen the nice silky long hair man a bajillion times before. Until next time Decadence, see you next year!peoplepeople2people31people41people5

Photos by: Jill Nefulda

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  • KBJ

    HAHA this night was amazing, the chick in the pink couldn’t keep her dress (shirt) down all night. Everyone stage left got quite the peep show. ROUGH!




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