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21 May 2009



There’s something about traveling in a train that feels glamorous. If you’re traveling across Canada, but don’t have enough money to go by plane and don’t feel like suffering a long and uncomfortable bus ride, the train’s for you. Via Rail is an independent Crown corporation established in 1977, they cover Canada from the Atlantic to the Pacific.


The really neat features that you get when you take the train is first of all, wifi on board (so you can keep up with your facebook friends even on the train, yay!) but even better – if you’re traveling long distances, say Toronto to Vancouver, you can book a bed in a sleeping car! AWESOME. I mean, if you’ve ever taken an overnight bus ride, you know how uncomfortable that gets, even when you get two seats you toss and turn, try to curl up into a somewhat comfortable position but it never works!


There’s also a skyline car, in which you can climb up to an observation dome and enjoy 360 degrees view of our beautiful homeland. And maybe the best car out of all them, the dining car.


Like everything else, it’s possible to get cheaper fares if you book far enough in advance – you can get some really good deals if you keep an eye out.


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