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16 Jun 2010

20 Questions with Cam Hunter and Tyler Armes of Down With Webster

20 Questions with Cam Hunter and Tyler Armes of Down With Webster

Hailing from The Beaches right here in Toronto (call it the Beach and it’s all over) the seven guys of Down With Webster have hit it big in the last couple years. If you’re like us, then you were a fan before radio and MTV got a hold of them and you know that these guys have more variety and skill then 95% of artists on TV these days. DWW has been described as a modern-day Sly & The Family Stone meets the Beastie Boys. You can catch them performing at the MMVA’s on June 20th where they’ve been nominated for Best Pop Video and Best New Artist of the Year. Or, you can see them in the flesh June 25 at Sound Academy before they take off to Ottawa for Bluesfest and Cow Town for Stampede. In between prepping for the MMVA’s and recording Time to Win vol. II Cam Hunter and Tyler Armes took a minute to answer the 20Qs.

1. What is your dream of happiness?

Tyler: Traveling the world and making people happy through music. I have a little Bono in me (maybe to a lesser extent), but I definitely want to use music as a vehicle for positive change.
Cam: Good music, good weather, good people, good health.

2. Blonde or Brunette?

Tyler: I don’t discriminate (blonde).
Cam: Blonde

3. What is the quality you like most in a man?

Tyler: Honesty. Lying gets you nowhere.

4. What do you fear most?

Tyler: Getting sick…health is wealth.
Cam: Failure and centipedes

5. 808s or 909s?

Tyler: They both serve a purpose.
Cam: 808′s. Unfuckwithable!

6. What’s your biggest regret?

Tyler: Not sticking with martial arts. I’d be a fucking 9th degree black belt “fuck you matrix” warrior by now.

7. What’s your fav bar or club in the world?
Tyer: Circa…nawwwwwt! I like the Tropicana Bar at the Roosevelt in L.A. It’s awesomely obnoxious.
Cam: My house.

8. What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

Tyler: A Blackberry.
Cam: Music and the Internet.

9. What are the 3 musicians dead or alive you’d like to see perform?

Tyler: Jaco Pastorius, Michael Jackson, J.S. Bach.
Cam: James Brown, Old Dirty Bastard, and Ace of Bass.

10. What is your favorite decade in music?

Tyler: The 60′s. Wait…hopefully the 2010′s (is that how you say it)?
Cam: 90′s. That’s what I grew up on and it brings back some really good memories, especially 90′s hip-hop.

11. If you had to choose, would you rather go blind or deaf and why?

Tyler: I’d go blind. Seeing seems more selfish…music is what I do best in this world and it makes a lot of people happy so I may as well do that. Great tits feel as good as they look anyways.
Cam: I’d rather go deaf. Nowadays with technology you can do everything without your ears (even program music if you really know your shit). If your blind you can’t read or write which would cripple me. The only perk is that you get a cool dog but the cons outweigh the pros in my mind.

12. How old is too old?

Tyler: Dead.
Cam: Too old for what? There’s always something you can do even if it’s only eating mashed potatoes.

13. Where do you see yourself in 15 years?
Tyler: Acting in a Star Wars play on Broadway.
Cam: Happy. Doing fun shit. Singing the songs I like to sing.

14. Who’s your hero?

Tyler: Batman.
Cam: Jay Z for being at the top of his game at 40. Inspirational. Also the whole toy machine 90′s skate team, back when skating was badass!

15. What’s your favourite colour?

Tyler: Batman Black.
Cam: Black or sometimes white.

16. What song could you live without ever hearing again?

Tyler: There’s a time and place for almost everything.
Cam: Shit I don’t know.

17. Metallica or Madonna?

Tyler: “Master of puppets is pulling my strings!”
Cam: Madonna. She’s way hotter!

18. What’s your most hated vice?

Tyler: Smoking cigs. I’m quitting in 3 days. No bullshit.
Cam: Cigarettes.

19. Who is the most tragic figure in history?

Tyler: Mel Gibson in Braveheart. Death by horses? Come on!

Cam: To many to name, anyone with wasted talent.

20. What are the top three live shows you’ve seen in your life?

Tyler: The Roots @ Kolas. Rage Against The Machine @ Rock The Bells. Robert Randolph @ Lee’s Palace.
Cam: Rage Against The Machine. Wu Tang Clan. NOFX (it was my first one ever).

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  • R Dizzle

    *in Toronto… first sentence.

  • Woah is me

    Why is one of the questions what quality do you like most in a man?

  • Amanda

    They have been brilliant for years. Now when I see them at the Stampede all the mainstream kids will be screaming the words to Your Man. Oh well, still sic.

  • Tracey McGuire

    I love love love love love down with webster sooooo much there alll hot and sexy!!!

  • anna

    Well Megan, it’s a bit of a trick question. It’s the same 20 for everyone.
    I came up with them hungover after a 10 day bender on the road.
    Sometimes guys change it to “woman” if they’re straight, and that says more about them then if they just straight answer it.
    Also, let’s face it, people don’t talk about “qualities” and men in the same breath generally, so it’s kinda a good one.
    Some people are funny about it, Nasty Nav said “a warm mustache” and some (a lot) get serious and say “loyalty”. We post the 20 Qs every Wednesday. they are always the same, always dope.

  • anna

    hot and sexy in the photos i picked of them on the internet that’s for sure!

  • cora

    okay, i just need to say cam is SO SEXY!

  • abbi

    i love down with webster! but i love cam most and agree with him on most of his answers. cam, pat, marty, bucky, tyler, kap and dave =<3<3<3<3<3

  • shannon

    hey cam and tyler my friend likes bucky and i like cam and patrick.

  • Nicole

    pat and tyler is sooooo hot

  • nicole

    pat? tyler? Date me!

  • nicole

    ummm i like pat and tyler… i love them and i hope they see this and i saw a consert and it was asome and i love you pat and tyler… you rock! hope to see a consert of you again and your both sooo extremly hot

  • shannon

    hi people i love cam and patrick



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