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15 Apr 2011

Let’s Work It Out-TV Carnage’s new workout video

Let’s Work It Out-TV Carnage’s new workout video

Our buddies over at TV Carnage just dropped a little gem into our laps: Let’s Work It Out, a raunchy “workout tape”.

Let’s Work It Out!!! <– watch the preview here

First let’s talk about the DVD case – the cover is a Ken and Barbie couple wearing enough bodysuits and spandex to put Richard Simmons to shame. Inside this case is a 10,000 dollar “Hell Bank Note”, a grey plastic bag in the chance one experiences “Motion Discomfort” during the video, and a TV Carnage postcard.

Let’s Work it Out includes all important parts to a proper fitness regimen:

Warming Up…

Working Out with A Friend…

Or A Few…

Exercising Your Face

Skin Care

and so much more!

The video has clips from (it seems) hundreds of tragic/amazing workout tapes of times past, some of them featuring Alyssa Milano, O.J Simpson,Lou Ferrigno, Cher and various male/female Jane Fonda look-a-likes. It also had a serious musical moment courtesy of Saved by The Bell.

The minutes long breathing-exercise montage was the perfect mix of awkward and hilarious.

“Let’s Work It Out” combines “rockin’” aerobics music, exercises you can do standing at your phone and copious amounts of nipples, damp bodies, perms and crotch shots (both male and female). Besides, anyone who promotes a shot of tequila during tennis and weight lifting with an eye patch is alright with me.

If you want to laugh,  dance and/or vomit “Let’s Work It Out!!” has the footage, music and barf receptacle for you.

Go to the TV Carnage website HERE to hook yourself up with this and other delicious merch.

We (heart) TV Carnage’s Pinky

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