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11 Aug 2011

Kreayshawn Photoshoot

Kreayshawn Photoshoot

As you all know, we have a serious girl crush on Kreayshawn. Whether it’s her dope one-liners or rad music, we cannot get enough of this “White Girl Mob” member. Thus, we decided to get a bunch of blogger babes together to don Kreayshawn style clothing and create a ruckus in the downtown core.

This Oakland rapper is the opposite of your typical “California Girl”; no bubblegum pop, blonde extensions or inflatable boobs here. Think loose jeans, vintage Mickey Mouse and hightops.

PS – She’s going to be headed to Toronto September 9th, at the Roosevelt room! CLICK HERE to check out her site and get linked up with tickets.


Clothing: vintage.
Photographer: Becca Lemire
Stylist: Mica Le J
Make Up: Aviva Rosnick

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Mica is a stylista who likes to have her way with words. She's a Pink Mafia old timer and will bust your balls for wearing sweatpants in public. She likes watching the footy and updating instagram daily. She hates people who stand on the wrong side of the escalator and the "coffee" they serve at Timmy Ho's. If you see her at the bar, get her a vodka soda - two limes. Check out the blog she edits at Follow her on Twitter @micalj



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