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20 Sep 2011

TIFF ’11 Round Up

TIFF ’11 Round Up

As fast as the A to Z- listers rained on our humble city is as fast as they and their all black suburbans dried up… When TIFF rolls into town each year everyone instantaneously becomes starstruck, rarely does anyone see a movie (myself included)… I mean who knew U2′s From the Sky would be the first documentary to ever open the festival.

As per usual parties galore kicked off the 10 days of star gazing, I managed to pop into the Alliance x Ben Sherman cocktail soiree at the Intercontinental Hotel for some pre-festival strategy talk and the most delicious cheese platter this side of Wisconsin.

I bumped into our homies from who were headed over to the #SecretTease event presented by NKPR & SKYYVodka, so naturally I joined. After complaining about standing in 5″ heels on the corner of King West for 15 minutes, out of nowhere came a troop of dancers that somewhat resembled the Raptor Dance Pack, as I was about to bail I spotted the crane from the corner of my eye and decided to hold my spot. Boy am I glad I did out of nowhere came an awesome hanging martini glass equipped with fireworks and filled with an acrobatic artist who swung on ribbons and bent through rings, can we say SKYY Stunt. After the mid-air stunts we were grounded we were ushered down the alley to the plush blue carpet to an outside tent soiree with delicious sushi and drinks courtesy of  SKYY Vodka.

The best part of TIFF we have to admit is the Gift Lounge for all the celebs and who who’s… I’m not sure why celebs need the gifts (God knows they can afford it) but I guess even celebs partake in the art of re-gifting. So with that said as much as I said “I wouldn’t be TIFFing” not even I can withstand the power of the Gift Lounge.

First stop on the circuit was the RealTVFilms Social Media Lodge presented by VOCAB Communications at F-stop, can we say great spot, live music and even better vibe. DJ in the middle Brennen Demelo hairstylist to the right and Inspire Cosmetics on the left , bar filled with Ketel One Vodka tables lined with cupcakes from Bite Me Bakery and chocolate delights courtesy of Chocola Chocola. Not to mention other amazing vendors like Treccani who turned leather into butter to make the most delightful shoes, the whimsical hat designers Banoo by MeSa, and Canada’s Mèreadesso skincare, along with Winx Eyelash Boutique… what more could a girl ask for.

Next stop was to the celeb HQ Hazelton Lanes for the B.A.D. PR Premier Gifting Lounge, hands down one of my fave locations for TIFF. The lounge was packed with vendors of every kind and they had a quirky media sponsor Minggy (they had candy nerds & life size jenga) but the main event was for the jewelry lovers… pearls galore with the most unique charm by Serenda, unique organic pieces from FRASH, and the exquisite Micalla known their luxurious Scandinavian design. Clothing vendors included the bad-ass lingerie and lounge wear by Dear Frankie ( the infinity scarf is to die for), awesome customs t-shirt design by Zero Edge and Ehliens and once again the Banoo by MeSa ladies were on hand and even let me rock some their custom designs. Hands down the best part for me was the lovely organic pillows by Soma (can you say heaven) and the memorable on site sketching provided by Wendy Ding. Most ingenious idea was to have an on-site Style Lounge fully stacked with  Greg May Hair Architects and Sean from Smashbox Cosmetics and our Pinkie as wardrobe stylist with designs from Jessica Biffi, Carlie Wong, and Fashion Crimes... can you say one stop shop. Biggest S/O to my number one client that weekend the ever sooo sweet Ainsley Kerr whom I was lucky enough to suit up for several TIFF occasions !!

I was floored when I received an invitation to the Swarovski Fashion Suite in the Four Seasons Hotel, I rushed over on the last day to take in the sparkle and shine that is Swarovski. As soon as I entered the room I didn’t want to move or talk too loudly in fear the crystal empire would come crashing down. My eyes darted back and forth with every angle reflection and refraction of  light, this is bling to the tenth degree. The pieces were simply breathtaking with superb craftsmanship and detail not to mention the amazing design concept and story behind each one. I mean who knew Swarovski was on the forefront of fashion; Nadja, the creative director and namesake to crystal empire is to take credit for this nouveau direction (if you ask me).  This ain’t your momma’s crystal figurines anymore. I can’t tell you what a pleasure it was to invited to share this experience and Michelle and Diana where such gracious host, who left me speechless by bestowing upon me the most divine gift ever (I had to fight the tears).

My gift lounge circuit wrapped up with the OG Leesa Bulter of The F-list and it Rock-it-Promotions Tastemakers Lounge, which has been a staple in gifting circuit and whom I was surprised made the move DT to the Intercontinental Hotel. Since I’m like family I got Leesa to take me ’round and show my the one-of-kind products selected for the lounge. We all know I’m a sucker for anything skincare so Okrapeptide was the perfect vendor for me all the benefits of botox without the needles and available at the pharmacy, can we say score. I was surprised to learn of a hidden gem out of Québec named Evatik they make the most spectacular eye-wear in baddest colours out there. Of course who can forget everyone’s fave Pandora, charming visitors on site with customized bracelets. Excitement kicked in when I saw the Mattel game board corner fully stacked with the new Angry Birds game and Uno Roboto (can you say big kid)!! John Frieda hair products and stylist where gracious enough to touch- up the do while I stuffed my face with President’s Choice: Black Label snacks (you heard it hear first)!! It was a shame I couldn’t find a pair of Mavi’s go over my rear end, but on the plus side my head will be warm and cozy thanks to Crown Cap. I would like to thank Cilque for providing the best TIFF recoup bedding,EVER!!

I was invited to attend the ReelWorld Film Festival 10th annual Indie Film Lounge reception at Empire in celebration of the Emerging 20 (E20) a select group of new film talent who are chosen based on their projects, potential and previous experience within the film industry. Founded by actress Tonya Lee Williams the cocktail reception is an excellent way for, the E20 participants network and mingle with industry insiders before their ReelPrep, Face2Face sessions, Case Studies and industry panels. Another amazing project doing great things for Arts on our home-front!!!

Some how I ended up at the SoHo Metropolitain for the Nicolas Cage flick Trespass after-party with my Dose partner in crime Miranda Furtado. Let’s just say they turned the lights on us!!

P.S. I would like to S/O all the wonderful people and events I got to experience this TIFF… and an extra special thank you to everyone for their wonderful gifts and treats!!! Dear I forget SKYY Vodka for being my official drink sponsor with the “Temptress’.

XOXO from the bottom of my Pink Heart,



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