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14 Oct 2011

The Rue Pigalle is Paved with Lena Erziak

The Rue Pigalle is Paved with Lena Erziak

I’m always on the quest to the find the best goodies before anyone else (face it we all are these days). So when a lovely invitation from Leesa Bulter  popped into my inbox about Lena Erziak handbags finally touching down in the Great White North I was all over it.

For those  those who haven’t heard of Lena Erziak, let me give you the 411… its the brainchild of sisters  a Leona and Hasna Erziak. With a line of  handbags and accessories made with the best craftsmanship and  materials from python, calfskin, fox, and even gold.

For all you style mavens and accessory aficionados out there dying to know where to score these Lena Erziak goodies, I’ll let you in on another exclusive Rue Pigalle.

Rue Pigalle is a splendid boutique in Yorkville and baby of Isabelle Fish, who has the passion and keenness for handpicking the most marvelous objects from jewellery to accessories… so naturally where else would Lena Erizak call home. I asked Isabelle “What’s one thing you look for in each line you carry? That there not available in Canada.” If that’s not exclusive I don’t know what is!!

P.S. thank you so much Rue Pigalle and Lena Erziak for my lovely gift!! My new business cards will be extra hot in their python case!!

XOXO… Pinkie

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