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19 Oct 2011

LGFW Day 1 is Canada Cool

LGFW Day 1 is Canada Cool

Can you imagine its that time again for all the bloggers, style mavens, fashion rebels and staples to come together again for the one and only Toronto Fashion Week!! Its true and this year they are celebrating the 25th anniversary season of LG Fashion Week beauty by L’Oreal Paris and what better way to celebrate an anniversary than a venue change to David Pecaut Square (with the venue change comes the tents all us die-hard fashion lovers crave)!!

Holt Renfrew’s Opening Night is Canada Cool

Its become a ritual to kick-off the week with our fave luxury retailers Holt Renfrew and their ode to the wonderful designers that call the Great White North home. As always we can thank Holts for bringing a crowd out and this night was no different… it was soooo packed which of course made the show started hella late, but made me right on time for our Canada Cool talent featuring Jeremy Laing, Smythe, Naked & Famous, Denis Gagnon, Twentcluny, Lida Baday, Dennis Merotto and Wings + Horns.

What can I say all of my homegrown faves showcasing their amazing talent… and showing us how to stay Canada Cool for Spring/Summer with colour, movement, print!! As always Holt Renfrew shows us why “There is no place like Holts”!


After being Canada Cool we all head over to the insanely bright-white Studio space to take in JUMA… I must say I loved the way the room was styled with the mannequins framing the runway (the perfect touch). All I can say is S/S ’12 is about print, colour, print, colour… and I’m quite fine with that.

Collection was filled with movement from the cut of the digitally printed silk and jersey perfect for draping, layering, which makes it absolutely ease for anyone to wear.

Guess what I spotted on models fantastic eyewear from my favourite place Gafas Optical Shop, BTW did anyone else catch the awesome handbags?!?

FYI JUMA you better thank mamma for all her help!!

The Return of King Arthur Mendonça

We all love Arthur Mendonça  so we heard he was making made a triumphant return to LG Fashion Week with his show inspired by Cleopatra… we all were jumping in our 6 inch stilettos. I was excited to see such wonderful colour in the blues and yellows, beautiful floral blooms in purple and red.

Not to mention the ultra sexy and ever so lovely sheer gowns that swung with every strut, and I love how he just threw a little animal-esque print in there for us (thank you).

All I can say is Welcome back, Arthur and its about time

Oooo Lala Berlin

Germany based Lala Berlin wrapped opening night with her very first presentation at LGFW, which featured a colour palette of ultra crisp whites to darker muted prints with a splash of colour.

I must say I enjoyed the collection, I appreciated her airiness coupled with the futuristic details and angles… the right balance of softness and edgy.

Before I forget did anyone see those killer boots with the clear PVC insert (I’ll take a pair in both white and yellow)!!

The look that stuck in my mind is the floor length shirt dress (a little sterile at first glance)but with the right accessories and shoes… it becomes the perfect Spring and Summer piece.

Congrats are in order for Lala Berlin great presentation as a newcomer to LGFW, look forward to seeming more!!

PS my apologies for the phone pics, my memory card in the camera fried that night, but thanks to my home slices at FrontRow Mag for hooking me up!!

XOXO… Pinkie

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