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23 Oct 2011

Last Day at the Tents LGFW

Last Day at the Tents LGFW

That’s it party peeeople… it’s officially the last day of LG Fashion Week/Toronto Fashion Week. I have crammed my feet into five inch heels for five days straight, performed ten wardrobe changes, survived purse swathing and hangovers. All in the name of fashion!!! The last day of LGFW was jammed packed so I decided to man up and  hit the tents for the whole day.

Adrian Wu

Perfect way to start the last day of LGFW was with a splendid presentation from Adrian Wu, we packed the bright airy studio the natural light from the sun streamed in and highlighted the orchestra. Then the models began to float onto the runway littered with red, green and blue polka dots as the balanced on what seemed to me stilts rather than shoes, while being engulfed by an orbital head piece (can you believe Adrian made everything). As the designs paraded the studio with organic tones, rope & hand painted details with mounds of voile resembling bubbles and flower petals.  I felt as tho I was transported to a tea party and I left my couture gown at home . It wasn’t until I popped backstage Adrian told me his thought process for this season was conceptualized with the help of quantum physics… you heard correct, physics. Where I interpreted the petals and blooms they were really “creatures of the photons” – electrons, photons, neurons. Who knew physics could inspire such great designs!!


Anu Raina

Its seems the trend of vibrant colour and print is running rabid like a wild beast during LGFW and Anu Raina grabbed it by the horns and made it hers. When I popped backstage to ask her where her wonderful mind came up with all theses lovely designs and rich colours,  she told me it the collection was heavily influenced by a trip to the island Murano with her family. While in Murano, Anu was able to observe the glass artisans at work as they created unique designs her favourite being chandeliers and the ancient sand cast method which was translated into the colour and print for her S/S ’12 collection. Anu Raina hit all the right notes for Spring/Summer colour, print and wear-ability.


Once again Micalla shows us why they reign superior when it comes to all things bling. The presentation started with a splendid short film, starring the infamous “Remus” with a litter of beautiful cats indulging in the finer things in life.  Their S/S ’12 collection entitledI ? Remus” was a mixture of  classic vintage, with modern lines, bold statement and colour all the things a fierce independent women embodies. Camilla Jorgensen designer for Micalla said, “This season’s collection parallels the decadent lives of cast to women who enjoy all of life’s pleasures.” If this is the life of a feline that count me in and don’t forget the gold Swarovski shrug.

Baby Steinberg

Reuse, reduce, recycle redesign is the name of Baby’s games, with a collection entitled “Remnant” if your wondering about the title it’s because all materials/fabric used to make each garment are 100% recycled. Let’s be honest I was a little apprehensive about the collection, but boy was I in for a surprise. The show opened with a man singing & playing the accordion (I know caught me off guard as well) the show began with a mix n match of pieces, from dresses embellished in feathers, to sexy chunky knits, and even crochet. What I loved the most was Steinberg’s decision to ditch the finale walk and have her models pose in her designs on platforms so we could have a closer look, ingenious!!

Cydelic by Choryin

For Spring/Summer 2012  Choryin Coi went out of this world with a collection named “Aliens“, yes I said Aliens!! The studio presentation opened with a short film starring model Renée Thompson, before models hit the catwalk rocking  futuristic garments. They featured transparent cutouts, what seemed to be horn embellishments, but my personal fave was the bad ass print which wasn’t quite animal (I just can’t put my hands on it). Really tho who could pay attention to the clothes… when you had those killer handbags made of horn handles, massive exotic feathers, animal hide, shells, and I think even insects!! Let’s just say it was oddly alright in a ET kinda way!!

Lauren Bagliore

I’m all about simplicity, easy,versatility and that is what Lauren does best with her designs. Bagliore’s collection entitled “Le Strade della Descostruzione” embodied deconstruction, from the asymmetrical cuts which created fluidity, to the architectural detail visible in knots of the jersey to heavy layer. As simple as the designs were you certainly could pick up a sense of Asian aesthetics and refinement.

David Dixon

What more can one say about the man himself… I happen to be a huge fan I own his shoes, gowns, Barbie line (I love him), and with his S/S ’12 David shows why we love him so much. His opening jersey gown in canary yellow was simply breath-taking on Naro and with every step she took it seem to flow like water in a stream. Soft details such as delightful silk laser cut flowers which adorned cotton skirts, and chantilly lace layers were just the perfect touch. I truly appreciated the range of pieces from bustiers to skirts, and jackets in between; Dixon had all his bases covered.

Denis Gagnon

Denis, Denis, Denis… can this man out do himself? Well, he sure did with his Spring/Summer presentation which began with a short film entitled “Nuit Nouvelle” starring fresh-faced girls romping in foggy woods as the genius himself sipped bubbly and watched his creations from far.

To the clothes… What better way to close the Fashion Week Festivities than with red-lipped models skipping and frolicking down the runway. Denis introduced a whimsical collection that was a little bit city and little bit country. The bright garden-print flooded the runway from suits, to capris, to clutches and even backpacks. Black and white, coupled with softness and edge are apparent skorts, blouses and tent dresses… and the slight infusion of men’s tailoring with the tuxedo style jacket, FIRE!

In true celebration, Gagnon concluded the presentation with two female models — one wearing a tuxedo-style shortall, the other in a white-sleeved ensemble with bouquet and all. They hit the catwalk arm-in-arm and stopped to partake in a quick smooch.

As fast as it came is as fast as it went!! I once again had a wonderful time meeting many wonderful people, enjoying great conversation, having joyous laughs and sipping many glasses of wine. From the bottom of my pink heart I would like to thank everyone that made my LFGW memorable and unforgettable! Now its time to sleep & rest my feet!


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