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7 Jan 2012

Entertaining Under The Influence…Food Radar

Entertaining Under The Influence…Food Radar

Hey party people. Sick of people asking how your New Years was yet? Or year in general? Blah. 2011 had me eating meat for the first time in 3 years, perfecting a roast chicken, and apparently loving booze (see here, here and here). Outside of my own little world the food world is no longer the place it was last year. Here are the trends you’ll want to know about in order to bitch slap that foodie-hipsters mouth shut at the bar tonight.

1. Whiskey. More booze amirite? This year I attempted to transition my drinking preferences from whatever is cheapest to something I could call “my drink”. My choice, thus far has been rye and soda or whiskey sour, any thoughts please feel free to comment. Whiskey, rye, and bourbon, and scotch are all pretty much a big deal right now. The way microbrewing beer became an obsession for every flannel-sporting gen-xer, small business exports of whiskey and bourbon are a new passion for the drink snob. Blame it on Japan and if you find any Old Rip Van Winkle call me.

2. Gluten-free.  This ain’t no new thang but if my moms friends are talking about avoiding gluten then it’s definitely hit mainstream. Gastrointestinal hypochondriacs unite,  one more reason to grimace at that menu. Plus “I don’t eat gluten” sounds so much less bitchy than “Yeah, carbs, about that”. Watch for a bevy of gluten free options, labels, and a new aisle at Wal-mart. Look into grains like amarenth and millet which will be going from birdseed to Whole Foods gold in approximately six months.

3. New York Asian fusion attitude. If you’ve been living under a rock or don’t read food blogs all day (c’mon) you may not have heard of Ramen god David Chang and chef/evil mastermind behind Momofuku and party animal and entrepreneur Eddie Huang. Google that shit. Follow them on twitter. Everything you can. Not only are these boys badass as a penguin on a motorcycle but they are changing asian cuisine forever. Like as we speak.

4. Montreal. Canada and in particular Montreal are making leaps and bounds as a dreamland for food lovers. In particular lovers of butter, flour, foie gras and booze  looking to ruin their livers in as many ways as possible. The poutine and smoked meat is here to stay but places like DNA, Au Pied du cochon, Big in Japan and Toque are giving the scene a 180. Check out my future husband Anthony Bourdain’s Montreal episode of The Layover featuring the guys from Joe Beef, who arguably wrote the best cookbook of they year as well as wild child Martin Picard. Then pack your bags and practice your mercis.

5. Macaroons. Not that bake sale shit full of stale coconut. Beautiful, crunchy, sweet, melt in your mouth knees buckling confections that are (fingers crossed) going to destroy the cupcakeheads. Macaroons are not only a million calories less than cupcakes but they are also really hard to make well so they’re so much fancier. You can even get them at some grocery stores. Get every colour and surrender yourself to Marie Antoinette fantasies.

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