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4 Mar 2012

Trust Assumes Post-Punk Rejuvenation At Debut LP Release Party

Trust Assumes Post-Punk Rejuvenation At Debut LP Release Party

It’s no surprise Trust’s sold out show at Wrongbar on Saturday was a heavy night leading into a huge month for music in Toronto.  The repetitive drones of “Bulbform” have snuffed youth from typical bubblegum dance parties, and stripped down “Sulk” —  the record’s pop tilted single — is a phantomland, descending the local group beyond a typical lightness associated with She & Him like dichotomies.  After growing weary of heart-bleeding and hopeful romance from Toronto artists in 2011, Trust deploys cliché expectations of indie-electro bedroom bands and the second the outfit dropped their first beat, hometown was on fire.

Overly danceable in complexities and its entirely, lose knit ties to post-punk make the band’s debut LP progressive, average-listener-friendly fiasco-pop.  And extremely far from anything you’d ever expect to hear out of Arts & Crafts, TRST is belligerently cool.

A shy pair, questioned only for their lines being drawn too closely to the silhouette of Thunderheist’s legacy, Trust boast and revolve around a militia of radiant and dexterous musical skills. Recordings reproduced to a T in the flesh, Robert Alfons and Maya Postepski pour mystery down the barrel of a glock, paying Canadians like Grimes, European’s like King Krule, and American’s like Julie Holter the respect they deserve for being sensational by international standards just because being a weirdo is much more important than anything else.

And weird is an understatement. Trust have bigger bollocks than your bi-weekly west-end fantasy spectacle. If only for releasing the LP on a Toronto-based label known for a consistently younger fan bases than the maturity TRST assumes to reach. And despite the duo’s interview refusal and general offstage acquiescence, their clueless ownership of synth balanced punk is actually much more humble than they in fact position it to be.

For fans of Nine Inch Nails and Nicolas Jaar, Trust is rude and your ticket to the wild side. Make no mistake of it, The Pet Shop Boys, Kraftwerk, and Depeche Mode will ABSOLUTELY knock boots to TRST in no time. Perfectly balanced, this debut is both for urban imports to apply black eyeliner to, and a collection of stories fit for strolls with the upper-middle class.



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