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19 Mar 2012

The Return of Clinton’s

The Return of Clinton’s

LOL if you haven’t already heard, Clinton‘s has been shut down since March 4th because of a liquor licence infraction aka letting too many people in and the smell of weed coming from the patio. The Grid tried to make a big deal about it, or something, but honestly who cares, they fucked up and  their two week suspension is up March 24th.


Clinton’s has wasted no time planning the days that follow their reopeining with parties happening from the 24 to the 30th (excluding the 27th), which include the return of “SHAKE RATTLE & ROLL” and one MASSIVE MDNA PARTY.  If you are planning on dressing up for MDNA as MDNA then I hope you blow you lips up, and fuck a twink :)

If you’re not ready to win then don’t go; “Bring it on” If Clinton’s got an infraction for over capacity once, with the hype of their relaunch you better show up early not only to get in but to make sure you can muddle your way to the bar for a drink.

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