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3 Apr 2012

Sneak Peek: REVLON Spotlight Eyelash Curler

Sneak Peek: REVLON Spotlight Eyelash Curler

You know that friend we all have with the perfect eyelashes, who puts on one coat of just about any mascara and her lashes pop and curl to perfection? Yeah, I can’t stand her either.

As for the rest of us normal-lash-challenged ladies, we tend to need to use the dreaded tool all men turn their heads in confusion at called, the eyelash curler. You know what this thing looks like, it’s awkward to pack and never really does the job just right (I’m talking the 90 degree effect that makes you look like an absolute moron and ends up getting tiny mascara dots all over your upper lid).

Okay, to the point, I’ve found something absolutely fabulous that  Revlon is offering to femme fatales everywhere in a store near you. The Spotlight Eyelash Curler is so legit, I can’t even think of the words to tell you how excited I am.


Basically, this bad boy has an awesome LED light that will allow you to get all up in your face so you can actually see what the hell you’re doing. Even more awesome, the design is so perfected that they’ve figured out a way to take all the pain out of this normally annoyingly uncomfortable practice (I heat my curler under the dryer and usually get so close up that I burn my face AND pull on my lashes, it’s a terrible experience) and create the smoothest curl possible.

So check it out, the design is amazing, it fits in your beauty kit like a charm, not like those typical annoying bulgy handles, and if you never know what couch you’re crashing on after this party to the next like me, you know that travelability is essential when it comes to beauty supplies.

Here’s a few pictures of me playing with my new toy:

Watch this video, Gucci Westman is here to show you how this little trinket works. And for more product information, check out,

Click here if the video isn’t showing up

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