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21 Apr 2012

Entertaining Under The Influence…Blog Babes

Entertaining Under The Influence…Blog Babes

I kind of have problems with food blogs. But mostly food bloggers. I really couldn’t give less of a shit that you ate some fancy shiz at a fancy restaurant, mostly because you just ruined the whole experience for the rest of the world by taking pictures. Some video came out saying “If you didn’t tweet it you didn’t eat it’’. And I wonder, do people actually do this? I’ll bitch slap that camera out of your hands so hard it would hit a wall and boomerang back into your fish taco filled faced.

In all fairness some bloggers are actually ok, and some more than ok, brilliant even. I have my 4 or 5 blogs that I check a couple of times a week. Some, when they blog everyday, are easy to become personally attched to. Like you actually know them. It’s super weird. Like how I know Tavi’s shoe size. (Don’t ask).

These blogs don’t suck and their worth checking out for some seriously stimulating food porn if nothing else.



Oh She Glows I’ve already talked about Angela Liddon A LOT here. This blog balances healthy vegan treats with traveling and exercising posts. Girl lives in Burlington I’m pretty sure. Best Recipes: Green Monster, Banana Soft Serve Blizzard


My New Roots Sarah Britton from My New Roots is real as fuck. She lives in Copenhagen making ill food that’s usually vegan, gluten-free and sometimes raw. And they looks so gooood, plus articles about food combining, apadting a vegetarian diet etc. And to top it all off she’s Canadian, certified nutritionist and a bomb-ass photographer. Best Recipes: Almond Butter and Jam Cookies, Banana Bread Pancakes





Daily Garnish This was my escape when I was putting in hard physically laborious hours in my cubicle. If you find the early posts when she’s pregnant the blog turns into this like totally fascinating novel and you just keep hitting nect, nect, next until your exhausted and now have her exact spice rack. If I was Stefan I’d be all this place everything: a move to Seattle, 2 giant dogs, a dramatic car accident, a child. Best Recipes: Roasted Eggplant Babaganoush


Sous Style Ok nuff sweet, cutsey, vegan delight. This is some classy shit. Run my ELLE magazine photo director Pippa Lord runs Sous Style. It’s basically like The Sartorialist meets Homes and Gardens meets Bon Appétit. The best part is looking at people; what they made in their uber chic apartments with beautiful people just hanging out and perfect dinners. And most people are single and in a shitty apartment. Ringin any bells? Best Recipes: You’ll figure it out when you realize you’ve been lurking for an hour.


Picky Palate This is a total guilty pleasure. Similar to Diners, Drive –Ins, and Dives (which is like ambien to me, put it on, chill out, trip out from the crazy shit they’re making, sleep). This is the woman who brought you the Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookie and Frito pie. I mean her kids?? Do they really eat that much Pillsbury. Best Recipes: Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookie

Feel free to add others worth peeping in the comments.

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    not surprised no one has liked this one. everyone is entitled to there opinions but who are you to “bitch slap” anyone???



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