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20 Questions with TV CARNAGE

TV CARNAGE has fans from pretty much every corner of the Internet and beyond (like…the non-Internet? The Real World. Not the MTV one, though). Editing together clips of bad television into new and more interesting stories is something only a creative genius could accomplish.

It is not surprising then that Pinky, the creative genius behind TV CARNAGE,  gave us answers to our 20 questions unlike any we have ever gotten before.

20 Questions with Nick Rose of Dwayne Gretzky

Dwayne Gretzky has quickly emerged as our (and everyone else’s) favourite cover band. They totally embody the spirit of a good time. It shouldn’t really be surprising then that Nick Rose (on the left) gave us some of the funniest answers to our 20 Questions we have ever read.

Enjoy them as much as we did, please.

20 Questions with Dave Nada of NADASTROM

It seems almost too obvious to tell you all about NADASTROM. They are one of the most well-respected DJ teams currently existing and if you don’t know all about them then you should just google them yourself.

What I do want to tell you about is their upcoming show on September 8th at Wrongbar as part of TIFF gets SLOWED, one of the can’t miss events nightlife events during TIFF this year.

We asked Dave Nada our 20 Questions and got a really cool combo of hilarious and ernest answers. Enjoy!

20 Questions with DiRTY RADiO

When I keep hitting replay on music that someone recommends to me, I start to consider that it might be really, really good. That was what happened earlier this month with the release of DiRTY RADiO‘s Cassette mixtape.

I wanted to get inside the head of whoever created this music which has been so stuck in my head, so I decided to ask DiRTY RADiO our 20 Questions.

20 Questions with Lauren Devine

Lauren Devine is a New York City-based composite of tan and icy lilac; a pop vocalist, designer and enthusiast. The pop music project is conceived by Lauren Devine, produced by Nick Weiss of Teengirl Fantasy.  Lauren met Nick through tons of mutual Oberlin music people living in NY and they bonded over their love for overpriced clubs with $20 covers.  Coincidentally they share the same birthday! Devine’s tracks features songwriting by Cody Critcheloe of Ssion, Laurel Halo, Kevin McGarry, and Ryan Trecartin.  For the past six years, she has been contemplating textures and naming colors for major fashion brands. Devine has worked with DIS magazine, K48, Pâté magazine, Ryan Trecartin for W, PS1 and MAD Museums, and with Mirror Mirror in performance and video.

Don’t expect an EP or an album to come anytime soon from Devine, she prefers singles for clubs and ringtones. What is coming soon is a ballad called ‘Love U Far’.  Read her answers to our 20 questions to get a bit more intimate with Devine, and check out her newest single ‘This Is How We Do Dubai’.

20 Questions with Electric Youth

We’ve been big fans of Electric Youth since we heard them on the Drive soundtrack while drooling over Ryan Gosling’s body. That soundtrack was so amazing, it inspired the Drive Tour featuring Electric Youth, College and Anoraak . Go see them tomorrow night at Wrongbar. For tickets click here, or visit the Pink Mafia facebook and twitter pages to try to win some for free.

Because we love them (and this song) so hard, we decided to ask them our 20 Questions.

20 Questions with Steve-O

In anticipation of The Smokers Club Tour landing in Toronto this weekend (Sunday, July 15), we couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to ask our 20 questions to Steve-O, one of the founders of the rad Smoker’s Club movement as well as suave entrepreneur and hip-hop culture aficionado.

Steve-O was also a founder of other notable cultural landmarks Laced Magazine and GFCnewyork. Everything he touches is bound to be cool.

20 Questions with Nightbox

Because we are so excited about the line-up at the upcoming Locals Only festival on July 7th, we decided to target another artist who will be playing the event (last week we asked our 20 Questions to Linus Booth of Blank Capsule).

For all of you who love an accent, picture these adorable boys answering our questions in their lovely Irish accents. Yeah, it’s awesome.

20 Questions with Linus Booth

Linus Booth (a.k.a DJ Booth) is probably best known as one half of the super successful DJ partnership Jokers of the Scene. In an epic collaboration, Booth and JOTS partner Chris Macintyre (a.k.a. Chameleonic), teamed up with fellow Canadian electronic artist VitaminsForYou to create Blank Capsule with a special focus on live performances.

Blank Capsule will be releasing a new remix EP in the fall, and JOTS is currently working has a bunch of new singles, collaborations and remixes in the works. Before any of that happens, though, make sure you come and see Blank Capsule performing live at Locals Only to get a taste for what we mean when we say “epic collaboration.”

20 Questions with Lauren Toyota

The Much Music Video Awards on June 17th 2012 are fast approaching. With co-hosts LMFAO and Katy Perry and guests like Flo Rida and Carly Rae Jepsen, it’ll be a night to remember. In light of one of the biggest events of the year, we decided to get to know the beautiful Much Music VJ, Lauren Toyota and asked her some very important questions.

20 Questions with Brendan McCarney

*Photo Credit: Julie Lavelle

Until very recently, Brendan McCarney has been flying under the radar. But at the end of the day, all this time he’s built more street credit than some of the most well known pros in the Canadian music industry. And next week you can catch the world premier of his much anticipated documentary film Ages & Stages at National Film Bureau during North By North East. Celebrating the career of great Canadian outfit, The Meligrove Band, as well as the countless hours put into creating the project, we asked the young filmmaker to take our 20 Questions.

20 Questions with Yelawolf


With a quick stop at Community 54 in Parkdale to snack on cupcakes and Redbull, Yelawolf hit Toronto to perform at the Phoenix Concert Theatre to a sold out crowd on Saturday night. One of the most genuine and humble artist to cross my path, Yelawolf has the most intoxicating energy I’ve ever seen. And in the courtyard at Community 54, he gave me 20 snippets of his mind. Read the full interview below (minus one omitted response as requested by his manager, and 2 omitted responses due to a faulty recorder :/ ).


1. What is your dream of happiness?
Big Cabin in the woods, private skate park, motorcycles, and a lake.

2. Blonde or Brunette?
Fefe Dobson

3. What is the quality you like most in a person?

4. What do you fear most?
I guess nothing specific

5. 808s or 909s?
Depends on what record. 808s is always the go-to but 909s work too…808s

6. What’s your biggest regret?
Hurting people i care about.

7. What’s your fav bar or club in the world?
Max Fish, New York City

8. What’s the one thing you can’t live without?
That’s too sappy, next question.

9. What are the 3 musicians dead or alive you’d like to see perform?
Jim Morrison, Johnny Cash, Jimi Hendrix

10. What is your favourite decade in music?
The 90s was really influential to me but the 70s had the best music hands down ever.

11. If you had to choose, would you rather go blind or deaf and why?
Deaf. I’d rather see the people I care about and I think i could get around not hearing.

12. How old is too old?

13. Where do you see yourself in 15 years?
Big House on the lake. Motorcycles. Skate Park…

14. Who’s your hero?
Papa Hall, Uncle Buddy. Both of those two dudes are the best.

15. What’s your favourite colour?
Solid Black. Solid Red.

16. What song could you live without ever hearing again?
It wouldn’t bother me not to hear the Mr. Rogers jingle. I don’t think I would miss it. Other than that, if a song annoys me, I listen to it over and over again.

17. Metallica or Madonna?
Metallica. Hands down.


20 Questions with Raina Douris of Rain’s World

Former on-air personality Raina Douris was our favourite part of 102.1 the Edge probably, like, ever. Since she flew the coup, she’s been keeping busy stuffing mashmallows in her mouth for Canadian Music Week, making cameos in music videos for The Darcys, firing confetti cannons while touring with Hollerado and hosting my new favourite show Rain’s World.

Filmed in her basement apartment à la Wayne’s World, Raina invites bands over for the ultimate anti-interview where baking cookies, making arts & crafts and playing homemade board games are not out of the question. Her lastest episodes featured the babes of Chains of Love who engaged in a titillating game of marry, fuck, kill, while Papermaps debuted their culinary masterpiece ‘The Olympic Sized Triple-Double Decker Avocado Caramelized Vegan Grilled Cheese Speciale‘.

You can like Rain’s World on facebook, follow her on twitter @rahrahraina or check in at Rain’s World homebase for new episodes and updates of all her zany adventures. Here are her hilarious answers to our 20qs:

1. What is your dream of happiness?
Being able to afford to hire a person to play with my hair. All the time.

2. Blonde or Brunette?
I’ve been both. Right now, I’m blonde, but as far as in the opposite sex, I seem to lean towards brunettes. Are dudes with brown hair still called “brunettes?”

3. What is the quality you like most in a person?
The thirst for adventure! Let’s jump in a pool and then watch ‘Gone With The Wind’ until we pass out. In the morning? Order pizza. To our bed. Extra large.

4. What do you fear most?
This is embarrassing. I am terrified — and I mean, panic-attack-grade-terrified — of asteroids hitting the earth. Oh? You’re afraid of spiders? You’re afraid of public speaking? How about CATASTROPHIC GLOBAL DEVASTATION? TSUNAMIS! AEROSMITH’S “I DON’T WANNA MISS A THING” PLAYING ON EVERY RADIO STATION?! Yeah, I thought so.

5. 808s or 909s?
Nine is my favourite number. What’s with the 0′s? Is it bad that I don’t get this question? 42.

6. What’s your biggest regret?
That I will never have an authentic Mexican accent. Have you ever heard Salma Hayek? My god. I wish. But it will never, ever happen.

7. What’s your fav bar or club in the world?
I will always love Sneaky Dee’s. Those nachos, the vibe, the decor. Plus you’ll always run into someone you know, and they’re open forever.

8. What’s the one thing you can’t live without?
Cheese. I tried it once, and it didn’t work.

9. What are the 3 musicians dead or alive you’d like to see perform?
Easy #1 – Talking Heads. David Byrne, if you’re reading this, please be my best friend.
#2 – Kurt Cobain in Nirvana.
#3 – The original Sublime – with Brad Nowell, while lying in the sand under a palm tree.

10. What is your favorite decade in music?
I’m pretty happy here. Honestly, it’s incredible that everyone with a great musical idea can put it on the internet  and I can listen to it, judge it, and then make a video of myself singing it and post it on YouTube.  It’s amazing. We are so lucky.

11. If you had to choose, would you rather go blind or deaf and why?
Blind. BLOUND. That’s what I think the past tense of “blind” should be. Like, “OH NO! A STICK GOT IN MY EYE! I’VE BEEN BLOUND!”

12. How old is too old?
5 billion years is about as old as I’d like to get, because that’s when the sun is going to explode. Don’t really wanna be around for that.

13. Where do you see yourself in 15 years?
Living in a squatter city in an RV in California. Look up Slab City. I’m working on it.

14. Who’s your hero?
Tom Green! Everyone thinks he was a frat-humour dork who humped a moose, and everyone is WRONG. He was a fucking genius who pioneered social, observational humour. His stand-up comedy is insightful and incredible. He is the Andy Kaufman of our time – way fucking ahead of everyone. I could go on all day about this, but that’s for another time.

15. What’s your favourite colour?
Red.  Because it starts with an ‘r’ and it was Raphael’s colour in the Ninja Turtles.  Incidently Raphael from the Ninja Turtles was my first crush.

16. What song could you live without ever hearing again?
Nothing Else Matters by Metallica. Way too long, overwrought, boring garbage. And James Hetfield’s voice drives me mental.

17. Metallica or Madonna?
I’ll take Madge. See previous question.

18. What’s your most hated vice?
I don’t hate any of my vices, moderation is the key.  Laziness, though, is a pretty big one of mine.

19. Who is the most tragic figure in history?
Gary Busey.

20. What are the top three live shows you’ve seen in your life?
LCD Soundsystem. I cried.
Arcade Fire. I danced.
Hollerado. I learned to shoot a confetti cannon.



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