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Time For Some Weekend Loving!!!

Time For Some Weekend Loving!!!

Its the weekend party people.!!  And the as usual I got the 411 on Weekend Lovin’ in the T-dot. If you plan on stayin’ in the city and the funds are low you may wanna catch some of the local festivals hittin’ our city. The 21st Annual Beaches International Jazz Festival is still in full swing until Sunday… Jazz musicians from around the world right in your own backyard, doesn’t get better than that (not to mention many of the shows are FREE).


The Harbourfront Summer Festivals Line-Up continues this weekend with Canadian voices, which is a new festival that showcases emerging Canadian musicians in classical, folk and rock, and the best part its FREE also. Also in the festival department and a personal favourite of mine is Caribana, the festival kicked off last week and is goin’ strong with the main event the Parade next weekend. And how could I forget the Live Green Festival… Oooo, thats right it got cancelled cause of the damn CITY STRIKE but I’m not bitter at all. OMG!!! for all my Fashionistas, and because we’re Fashionistas we usually broke… But to the rescue is Frugal Fashion Week. In the spirit of the economic times, Frugal Fashion Week offers a launch party, fashions shows, silent auction, shop crawl and more in the West Queen West neighborhood. A portion of proceeds benefit WINDFALL, Canada’s only new clothing bank… Anything in the name of FASHION!!


BTW… for all you open-air market lovers T-dot finally has it own. The Fermenting Cellar at the Distillery Distrcit will be hosting Portobello East Fashion + Art Market, a low-cost venue for local artistans and designers to showcase and sell their work directly to the public… Can we say FAB-U-LOUS!!


Don’t you worry I haven’t forgotten about all you beat junkies and I got just the thing for y’all Toronto SynthFest , the two-night Fest puts the instrument front and centre, with numerous local and live acts (like my personal fave Goldengirls). Y’all know we lockdown Wrongbar every Saturday and in true Pink Mafia fashion (’cause we do everything superfly) we got live Brooklyn’s Theophilus London. He’s sooo sick it hurts he rhymes, writes, sings and produces now thats a packakge, and of course on the ones n twos we got Rynecologist and Geoff Snack. Its gonna be a PARTY y’all!!!


Remember my peeps even though the weather blows let’s try to make the best of it… After all it is the WEEKEND!!!

Peace Out                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Pinkie

Flying Lotus–Redbull Music Academy

Flying Lotus–Redbull Music Academy

The Red Bull Music Academy is a highly regarded international program for musical artists, DJs, and producers at all levels of their career.  Participants are selected from countries around the world for one of two 2-week slots of info sessions, studio time, workshops, club nights and concerts with some of the music industry’s most established, successful, and eclectic artists and business people.


This year the Red Bull Music Academy will touch down in one of the world’s most sprawling musical metropolises: London, England where some of the most original and creative minds in music will come together to share ideas, work on tunes, and perform in the best vibe-filled venues around town.

This is just the tip of the iceberg…please click here for more info on this year’s program, past participants, lecturers, downloads, music and more.

The application phase for this year’s RBMA is on NOW thru July 27.

Here’s some pics by David Lang from when Flying Lotus was in town for a chit chat about his experience at the academy AND he threw down a dope show at Tattoo Rock Parlour after.


Artists: Apply!

YES, you.. whether you are a big/small touring, artist, DJ, producer, singer, band-member or a local artist looking to break out, the RBMA offers artists of any level a big step on the road to to your respective next level.

Here is the link to apply

It’s not a signup sheet – its more like a psychiatric exam, so be ready to show that creative spark.

If you wanna sign up or know someone who does, have them get in touch with us at Pink Mafia:

The idea is to get as many quality Canadians in as possible. They only take 200 applications for all over the world, and clearly we have lots of talent to apply.


Ottawa Bluesfest Thus Far…

Ottawa Bluesfest Thus Far…

Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts, I was unable to truly attend Bluesfest to the max for the first few days. I did catch the Black Keys on Wednesday, but was not able to take any photos. My first full day was this past Sunday. And it was amazing. Here’s a break down of the shows I have attended so far:

Sedatives @ Hard Rock Stage – Sunday July 12, 2009

Sedatives didn’t have to travel far to participate in this year’s Bluesfest – in fact, they only trekked a couple of blocks. For the amount of rock they brought to their set, maybe the short distance was a good thing (har har har. I’m lame, I know). In between plenty of banter, the fellas played what seemed like a good chunk of new material, as well as some faves such as “Cannot Calm Down” and “Same Mistakes”. They also announced an up and coming LP which is being recorded on Manhire’s “Going Gaga Records”. The new stuff sounded great, so let’s just say that I am more than stoked for new Sedatives! For more Sedatives’ pics, click here.

King Khan & BBQ Show @ Hard Rock Stage – Sunday, July 12, 2009

King Khan & BBQ Show are always a fun act to see. They recently played NXNE and are no strangers to playing Rock & Roll Pizza Party here in Ottawa. They delivered a great set but unfortunately the rain clouds rolled in. It rained for pretty much the duration of their set. Luckily, after consuming a few delicious beverages from the beer tent, being cold and wet was the least of our concerns.

For more pictures of King Khan & BBQ Show, click here.

Girl Talk @ Hard Rock Stage – Sunday, July 12, 2009

I’ve seen Girl Talk once before in the small, dark confines of Babylon Nightclub. It was the best show in Ottawa I had ever been to, to date. Needless to say, I was expecting the same energy this time around at Bluesfest. Girl Talk delivered and was able to hype a park full of thousands of people.

Girl Talk’s Gregg Gillis covers his laptops in saran wrap to prevent any damage to from the immense amounts of sweat that pours from his skin during his sets and to protect it from any drips from surrounding partygoers. His medley of mashed up anthems had the thousands of Bluesfesters dancing in the Flats.

Considering that the last Girl Talk show I saw was 19+, I had no idea that Girl Talk appealed to such a young demographic. All I could see was a sea of pre-teens and teens! I guess I’m getting to that age where it’s just as cool to stand at the back and observe – where I’m convinced that most of my generation was located. Instead, I found myself onstage with a group of about 25 individuals who were asked to party with Girl Talk.

Normally I refuse to dance, and you’d think I’d be really against the idea of dancing in front of almost 4000 people, but, there I was doing my best, most awkward dance for all of Bluesfest to see. And on the Jumbo-tron. Oh god. I’ll just stick to taking photos.

Girl Talk’s set included toilet paper guns, confetti, beach balls and giant floating hearts. His energy ignited the crowd, and they were in many instances waving their arms in the air in synch with Gillis. Gillis played a few Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson snippets, and the crowd went wild. All in all, it was a pretty entertaining set.

For more photos of Girl Talk, click here.

Stone Temple Pilots @ Bank of America Stage – Monday, July 13th, 2009

When I heard that the Stone Temple Pilots had been recruited to the Bluesfest lineup, I was filled with conflicting feelings. A) I have loved STP since I was 10 years old. This would be a childhood fantasy fulfilled B) Will Scott Weiland relapse again and cancel this tour like so many others and my childhood fantasies will be crushed again? Well, looks like Scott Weilend has pulled it together because I lived to tell one of my experience at Bluesfest last night.

I arrived shortly after Gym Class Heroes wrapped up (wearing a houdini hider with a head and arm holes because of the intense winds, rain and cold). This resulted in me having to stand near the back of the crowd of people, which is frustrating for myself because I like to be up front taking photos. I slithered in as far as I could and wound up about 15 people deep from the stage.

At 9:15, the STP chants began and the foursome took the stage. The inner teen/fan girl in me wanted to squeal when I saw Scott Weilend in the flesh. Although he had always been a stud in my books, post-heroin-addiction does a body good!

About 6 songs in, the alcohol must have kicked in, because it seemed like every intoxicated person wanted to body surf, and they all chose their point of departure right behind me. Initially, this was annoying because I was constantly flinching when I would think I would see a body cruise by above. Eventually, I figured out that I could follow the path of destruction of the crowd surfer to the front of the stage. I went from 15 people deep to 2 deep in 1 surf. Now I was even closer to Scott Weilend. Swoon.

They played most songs that I longed to hear, including Vasoline, Half the Man I used to Be, Trippin’ on a Hole in a Paper Heart and Sex Type Thing. The one song I was really sad that they excluded from their set was Big Bang Baby. Scott Weilend glided across the stage in half circles with his signature neck/head bobs. It was great!

Like Girl Talk, I found that the majority of the crowd seemed young, as in, in their teens (which honestly surprised me as most of the teens appeared to be 17 and their last album was in 2002). At the front and center of the crowd, they formed a mosh pit, and did what you’d typically do in a mosh pit. God, I must be old because I was more annoyed than anything by the pushing and the flying limbs. Though I did meet an awesome couple who had perched themselves by the barricade and they were kind enough to sneak me into the front row for optimal photos and less nuisance from “the pit”.

The band finished off the evening with a 3 song encore, and then proceeded to take to the rafter as a group for their final bow. Scott Weilend bowed out of my life at that very moment. Ah well. There’s one fantasy turned reality out of the way.

For more STP photos, click here.

ps. STP FTW!!

Weekend Fun in the T-dot!?!

TGIF!!! Is it just me or did the week drag on forever. But no worries the weekend is upon us, and even better Mr. Sun decided to return from his hiatis. With that said, the next question is “What to do?” Don’t  fear… Y’all know I got the 411 on summer lovin’ in the T-dot. So, you ready cause the list is pretty deep. Let’s round up the concerts of course I gotta start with the infamous Warped Tour that’s gonna be invading the Arrow Hall tonite… also Holy Fuck w/ DD/MM/YYYY & Winter Gloves are touchin’ down at the Harbourfront Centre. If you’re already booked tonite you can always catch Broken Social Scene at Harbourfront Centre tomorrow nite and the BEST part is its FREE, show starts at 8pm. Another hot and very lite on the pocket show is Bishop Morocco, if cool-syth pop tones and disaffected vocals are your thing be sure to check him out at Whippersnapper Gallery. I know… But I did say it was deep!! And thats only concerts.


 Up next, my personal faves FESTIVALS… Love ‘em, love ‘em, love ‘em any shape or form. A big one on the rooster for all the beat junkies (myself included) is Smirnoff Beats, Breaks & Culture at the Harbourfront Centre. All you need to know is two words “electronic music”.


OMG!! My personal pick is Afrofest; food, dance, live music, a marketplace everything you can imagine celebrating African culture it runs the whole weekend at Queens Park.


 If your feet are hot and you feel like cuttin’ up some asphalt… shake your way over to Salsa on St. Clair, a celebration of  T-dot’s Latin cultures at this free family street party. Life in the fast lane a little more your speed?? Put the pedal to metal and pullover to the Honda Indy Race… Indy racing on CNE grounds.


Not to mention, if you still haven’t had a chance to catch the Fringe Festival you still have a bit of time it wraps up Sunday. For all of my peeps that think Summerlicious is a lost cause… it isn’t!! BTW for your FYI not everywhere requires a reservation!! Soo my peeps do me this huge fave; hit the streets of your lovely city and embrace all the summer lovin’ T-dot has to offer!!

Peace Out                                                                                                                                                                                          Pinkie


Check out these pics of the winners of our Pride Toronto contest havin’ a blast during Pride weekend!

Cary & Emma:


the swag in their room!


taking the Via Rail train, on their way to Toronto.



Viviana & Juan:



Viviana with the sexy TD boys and girl!





Esthero took the PRIDE stage in true pride style on Saturday evening: with her usual gorgeous red locks tucked under a short black pixie wig, a glued-on mustache and a rainbow Canadian flag wrapped around her shoulders.  She kicked off her 35-minute-turned-one-hour set with the Bowie/Queen hit “Under Pressure”, followed by a still-too-short mix of both old and new(er) Esthero originals.  While this wikked lil’ soul-jazz-pop grrrl hasn’t put out an album, or played with a full band, in 4 long years (a hiatus during which she’s been busy with other projects, such as co-penning 3 tracks on Kanye’s 808s & Heartbreak record, including the monster hit, “Love Lockdown”), she has not lost her Toronto fan-base and was very grateful to be given the chance to “live out a dream” at this year’s Pride.  One of my all-time favourite concerts is actually an acoustic show that Esthero did a few years ago at Mod Club while promoting the Wikked Lil’ Grrrls record, but it was definitely a treat to see her in full form with her entire band – full with horns, drums, keys, guitar, bass and two INCREDIBLE backup singers.


After a few songs, the “Toronto kid, Hollywood brat” stripped off the fake mustache AND her top.  After some cheers, she modestly told the crowd there was nothing hot about a 30-year-old in a bikini top…we disagree!  We also got a peek at Esthero’s boyfriend (who brought her a lit smoke mid-set) and her proud mommy (who joined her on-stage for a quick hug, but was too shy to sing) – so cute!

The only disappointment was that she didn’t sing “Black Mermaid”, a new track that’s teased fans for months on her myspace – only a short snippet is posted!  If you haven’t heard it, I demand that you do – IT’S AMAZING and I’m dying to hear the full version.  Good news is that Esthero announced early this year that she is working on a new album and I’m sure it’ll be well worth the wait when it drops.

She soaked up the love and was clearly emotional after she performed “We R In Need Of A Musical Revolution” as an encore, wiping tears before leaving the stage.  Anything but a “fake-ass-bitch”, Esthero is as real as it gets.  LOVE her.

Written by: Rekha Patel
Photos by: Natalie Lisa Johnson



I showed up at the Wellesley Stage just after 5pm on Saturday expecting (and excited) to see Toronto’s Fritz Helder & The Phantoms, but soon learned that the group had been pulled from the line-up at the last minute (rumours suggest it was due to some -ahem- “fritzy” attitude towards event organizers?). However, my disappointment was quickly replaced with intrigue as the fill-in group, Lioness (led by a fiery Vanessa Fischer) tore up the stage with their electro-house-rock sound. Part synth, part soul, part distortion, and all roar. The next time I see this band won’t be by accident!

Written by: Rekha Patel

Photos by: Natalie Lisa Johnson

Like a Tiger!

Like a Tiger!

Pride was amazing as usual. I wanted to take a photo blog of the night’s festivities and instead of taking the boring smiling photos. I thought it would be more entertaining for everyone to work it like a TIGER! (Thank you HANGOVER for the idea). Thank you to these Pride goers for stepping up to the plate.

These people were beyond ferocious.


BIG UPS to VOGILE for providing the best people, atmosphere and hospitality. The greatest creatures of the wild lived there.


Show Your Pride T-Dot

Show Your Pride T-Dot








Remember T.O. that Pride may only come to our neck of the woods once a year… I kno soo sad!!!  But don’t y’all ever forget to be PROUD to show ya COLOURS and ya PRIDE!!! Til next year party people…

XOXO                                                                                                                                                                                                  Pinkie

RIP to One of the Angels

RIP to One of the Angels


What a day the 25th of June has been!?!?!  My heart feels heavy and sadden by the lost of two icons… the first one being the queen of sex appeal Farrah Fawcett. As many of my peeps kno… cause I keep y’all informed!!! The queen of the Flip-Fringe has lost her long battle with colon cancer at the age of 62.


She’s known the world round for being a beautiful blonde bombshell. On death’s door she wanted everyone to remember “Not to give up no matter what… to fight to the end.” And that she did folks… she shared her pain, turmoil and dispiriting setbacks with us in her documentary “Farrah’s Story”. Even in her last dark days her beauty was radiant.


So to all my party people… take a moment of silence to remember the one that gave us the OMG!! Flip-Fringe (dear Lord what would we do without that hairstyle). We will all remember her as one of the sinful angels on the 70′s show Charlie’s Angels… and an angel she was!!! Now may she rest in peace with all the other angels.

Farrah Fawcett aka Mary Farrah Leni Fawcett (Feb. 2, 1947- June 25, 2009)

XOXO                                                                                                                                                                                                  Pinkie

RIP to the KING of POP

RIP to the KING of POP


OMG!!! I’m sure y’all have heard by now… Michael Jackson the King of Pop died yesterday at the age of 50. Honestly, I kno that everyone around the world is feelin’ this one to the bottom of their hearts; even my Grandma was like MJ? say it isn’t so!!! No matter what corner of the world your in or from, I guarantee at one point in your life you attempted the Moon Walk, the spin and the conveted crotch grab… be honest.


I kno a couple of you even rocked the one glove and mini leather jacket (my brother did one year for halloween!!) Sooo, all I ask of my peeps is just to take a moment of silence for the one who taught us how to be A SMOOTH CRIMINAL while being so BAD it was THRILLER. And BTW,  BILLIE JEAN is not my lover… I’m all about DIRTY DIANA, who won’t give me ONE MORE CHANCE!!


From the Jackson Five to the Jacksons to MJ in his prime (even after the accident) and court cases, NO MATTER what we had his back!! I’m blasting his number ones album as we speak.. and ya know I can’t lie, a few tears fell on the keyboard.


Its a sad day :(…  not just in music but in HISTORY!!! We just wanna say from the bottom our PINK hearts… MJ “I CAN”T STOP LOVING YOU” because YOU ROCK MY WORLD!!!!

Michael Jackson aka THE KING OF POP (Aug. 28th, 1958- June 25th, 2oo9)

xoxo                                                                                                                                                                                                   Pinkie

Madness Music Video Awards Showdown (AKA The MMVAs)

Madness Music Video Awards Showdown (AKA The MMVAs)

The Much Music Video Awards: Teen block party of the summer. It takes over a good portion of downtown Toronto and shuts down Queen Street. Fans line up for hours beyond hours trying to acquire a prime spot by the stage and stay committed until the very end.

The anticipation of the annual MMVAs is almost too much to handle, with hype beginning in early May and steadily building up until the final performance. The crazyness officially begins over a week prior, with fans camping out 2 days in advance just to score a highly-coveted ticket in. This turns the MMVAs into a week-long event, two stage set-ups causing street closures and sidewalk traffic jams.

Much Music pride themselves in giving the MMVAs an opportunity for fans to get as close as possible to their fave celebs, something that other big shows tend to lack. Anyone can come down and check out red carpet arrivals, watch the show from the street sans-wristband, and even watch sound checks the day before.






There was no shortage of energy and hormones at this year’s awards, with the Jonas Brothers co-hosting and performing twice. Throngs of girls packed the streets, covered in writing and sunburns, eagerly awaiting the arrival of their favorite fantasy. The rest of the performance line-up included The Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson, Alexisonfire, Shiloh, Billy Talent, Classified, Rise Against, and Nickelback. Guest presenters like Taylor Lautner and Brody Jenner induced echoing shrieks from every angle that could be heard for miles. Mass hysteria is just how we do it up in Toronto.

The televised, 2-hour live award show began at 9pm, with the Jonas Brothers opening on the main stage. Everything ran smoothly with no technical issues, major wardrobe malfunctions, or fainting teen girls. Crazy pyrotechnics, explosions, and booming bass turned the downtown core into a spectacle most likely seen and heard from space.









Here’s a look of the scene behind the stage, where artists go through to and from the stage.

Mostly hanging around the press room, I got to take some photos of winners and guests against the MMVA media wall. Highlights below.








Saturday evening I stopped by the On 3 Productions gift lounge at Much to check out some of the swagga guests would be able to choose from. Vendors included Guess watches and footwear, Bench Apprel, Kameleon interchangable jewellery, MOROCCANOIL for hair, Keurig coffee brewers, and a great hand-made Toronto leather handbag line called CHA CHA. Here are a few of the stars’ choices.

fergiekameleon Fergie with Kameleon Jewellery

gaganeweraLady Gaga with Jil Sander sunglasses and New Era cap

girliciouswithguesswatchesGirlicious with GUESS Watches

lafevrebenchMichelle LaFevre with BENCH Apparel

tilatequilachachaTila Tequila with CHA CHA handbags

tracietalkmoroccanoil Etalk’s Traci Melchor with MOROCCANOIL

MMVA Gift Lounge Photos by George Pimentel
Words and Photos by Melania Fedyna



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