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Who’s your DADDY?

Who’s your DADDY?

Happy Father’s Day.

Carmen & Skin Divers

Carmen & Skin Divers


Sunday afternoon, morning for me… you know what that means Luminato is comin to an end, I kno sooo SAD!! It bein’ the last day… it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t save the best for last. Believe me my peeps it wasn’t easy scoring the hottest tickets in town, Carmen & Skin Divers performed by the National Ballet of Canada at the Four Season Centre for the Performing Arts, and no word of a lie it was seriously like the day before that I got the go ahead for press passes… and they gave me two, they really like me. Honestly, if it wasnt for my new BFF Catherine Chang the National Ballet PR guru it wouldn’t be possible, and trust me I’m sooo glad she was able to make it happen. So, I’m super excited I can’t even breathe  and I haven’t been to the ballet since Karen Kain was a princple dancer… I know forever. Ok, the inside scoop on the day is ticketholders get a special lil treat before the actual show… of course you know I can’t miss that!! So, I guess you guys wanna know whats soo special that I’m actually early… its a Flamenco Performance by the Esmeralda Enrique Spanish Dance Company. I know.. how wicked-awesome does that sound!?! I was only like 10 mins late and technically I was only late for treat not the actual show… for real. So I’m takin’ in the spectular venue,  the design of the Four Seasons is sick! My ears peak  when I hear the Flamenco musicians are on stage.. I’m a sucka for a Spanish guitar. I dash up the stairs in my 6inch stillettos hopin’ not to miss a beat… I get to the top of the stairs but no dancers yet. I was relieved ’cause I definitely don’t wanna miss them. The strings of the guitar was captivating, but I’m still waitin’ on the dancers… and still waitin’, ok no dancers. I’m a little bummed ’cause I saw no flamenco dancers at all, and I was sooo lookin’ forward to it… I highly doubt I missed them in the 10mins I was late, but it is possible.


People began to disperse headin’ to their seats not wanting to miss a moment of the performance… as they hustle I noticed a trend, one I wish I never did!!! And I soooo have to comment on it, because its absolutely audacious… if your goin’ to the ballet  PLEASE dress appropriately. In case you don’t know what I mean… Imma break it down and give you the 411 on dress etiquette for the theatre, yes I’m goin there. First, foot wear… should not be of the rubber variety therefore no FLIP-FLOPS and if you have to wear sneakers please make sure the soles are intact & the laces aren’t draggin’. I’m sorry it had to be said!!! Next, clothin’… no daisy dukes, hot pants, cut-out no back shirts its not a freakin’ CLUB ladies its the ballet; jeans if you dare must have no tears, holes, and outlandish wash/bleachin’ patterns keep it clean & dark. The number of fashion violations and faux pas had my head spinnin’… I’m goin’ to be insisting that the Four Season has ROAR (Right of Admission Refusal) in full effect. Yes, my peeps you would be surprised what I saw in regards to outfits… and you kno, I can’t lead the people wrong soo I had to drop a lil knowledge for future reference. Sorry, I went off on a tagent… ok focused, the ballet… The lights dim the curtain rises we enter the world of choreographer Dominique Dumais’ Skin Divers, inspired by Anne Michaels’ dazzling book of poetry of the same name. The piece was innovative, fusing both spoken word and visual projections to highlight the choreographer… I mean the visuals were jawdroppin’ the images of the human body reflected as the dancers conveyed “the body as a living archive of experience, or a museum of memory”. Simply breathtakin’ like the poems themselves!! A quick change of set and of course what we’ve all been waitin’ for, Carmen. I’m sure like myself a lot of you have seen or heard of a million versions of the story Carmen… but this folks is said to be the number one stunna. This “groundbreaking, genre-bending re-conceptualization” of Carmen is created by the titillating Italian choreographer David Bombana, and peeps from the sensuous openin’ number from Tina Pereira as Carmen to my new love Piotr Stanczyi as Don José, this interpretation  proved to be modern and provocative… illuminating the pain, despair and violence that is pronounced in human relationships, while reminding us of the primal passion of  love which is the essence of the story. I can’t say enough the performance was tantalizing, intoxticating… to be honest the scene where Carmen is dyin’ in Don José arms OMG!!! can we say meltin’. WOW!!! hands down this is the best adapation of the Bizet opera out there… if I said it, you kno I meant it! Sorry just tryin’ to catch my breath still feelin’ a lil hot and bothered from Carmen… Honestly, folks I think I’m goin’ to have to get season tickets to the ballet (ballin’, yea right)!  No, on the real though… if this is what the National Ballet of Canada is sellin’… I’m buyin!!!

xoxo                                                                                                                                                                                                           Pinkie

Pink Mafia has your insider scoop on the MMVA’s!

Pink Mafia has your insider scoop on the MMVA’s!

We have all you Much Music Junkies covered for the MMVA’s. If you aren’t making your way down to Queen Street, I’m sure you’ll at least be tuning in. And the best way to tune in is PINK MAFIA STYLE. We will be reporting on all the weekend events leading up to and including the actual awards. Our lead lady, Anna Von Frances will be reporting on with Matte Babel and Matt Wells. And if that’s not enough for you! Follow us on twitter; . We will be filling you in on all the gossip through twittering live from all the parties.


Nederlands Dans Theatre

Nederlands Dans Theatre

TGIF!! Like it makes any difference to me… we all know  my week is more like a mish mash of a weekend. With that said… I’m slowin’ it down tonite goin’ to MacMillan Theatre to take in Nederlands Dans Theatre. These guys I kno’… and trust me when I say they’re the SHIT!! And we in the T.O. have been missing them for like 14 yrs… yea, I know that long. And of course it wouldn’t be me if I arrived on time…but this time bein’ fashionable late was like 30 seconds. So get this… I’m literally like a minute late, I get to box office line which is a mess filled with people tryna hustle a ticket for the show and the guy no word of lie has my ticket in his hand ready to give it away cause of my tardiness!!! I kno WTF…and ooo it gets better. Cause of  my EXTREME lateness (pardon the sarcasm) I had to miss the entire first piece, which of course was the BEST part. So let me break it down… I miss the first dance number which is like a half-hour and that’s followed by a half-hour intermission…do the MATH, thats an hour right there- NOT COOL!! BTW, I had a lil crew of other disgruntled peeps who like myself were milliseconds late. What blows the most is the usher was like FYI “Shoot the Moon” the piece your missing is my FAVE… Ooo really thanks for lettin’ me kno, FAK! And that was confirmed by the wonderful people I met at intermission… fashion designer Rosemarie Umetsu and Joanne, a previous employee within the Cirque du Soleil Heirarchy (ya kno how we do). Everyone said the piece was astounding… Lightfoot Leon’s ”Shoot the Moon”, was dance combined with video projection and an extraordinary rotating set. Apparently it was a pretty steamy opening… a window into the anguish of a love can imagine how impressed I am. The next piece (my first) is choreographed by Jirí Kylián- who is insane!! And this creation “Wings of Wax” is no different.  The striking image of an inverted tree hangs over hauntingly beautiful while a lone light orbits the stage… can we say symbolic. Upon deeper thought, the notion the stage is sky as the dancers flutter and float like birds in the sky… Awww, this one I LOVED!!


But the one we’ve all been talkin’ about at intermission was “Second Person” done by a homegrown fave Crystal Pite. I was shocked when the curtains lifted and I saw the number of dancers that littered the stage, what peaked my attention was the wooden puppet. Whom after further brain activity I concluded symbolized the relationship between the individual and society. But to be honest this was a bit too deep, even for me!! With that said.. I enjoyed the performances immensely! It was a breathtaking experience. Nonetheless, I still am kinda pissed!!!

xoxo                                                                                                                                                                                                   Pinkie

A Poe Cabaret: A Dream Within A Dream

A Poe Cabaret: A Dream Within A Dream


Wednesday nite… No rest for wicked!!! Luminato is keepin me slim and trim…Runnin’ all over the DT core… I jus hustled from Yonge-Dundas Sq over to Buddies in Bad Theatre, courtesy of the foot express. As we all kno I’m always puntucal and this time I’m only like 7 mins late..Not too bad took me less than 15 for the walk… Ok, so I’ll admit cabaret not my cup of tea, but I figure its Luminato what the hey… And Edgar Allen Poe  has been one of my faves since I was like 12. The Raven- don’t even get me started on that. Ok, soo from what I have gathered A Dream within A Dream is exactly what it says, it’s composed of four separate performances that are the dreams within a dream… If that makes sense. The first tidbit was A Dream Within A Dream and other short stories performed by Mike Ross and Patricia O’Callaghan… I can’t tell a lie, I missed the better part of this act and I believe that was crucial I was kinda lost to be honest. Now the next dream, a musical monologue  drawn from The Tell-Tale Heart… once again kinda lost. But from the dots I was able to connect it brought the feelin of pain, grief and despair which were all evident in the story we know. Can I be honest with my peeps …the only dream that had me was the Raven. The reading by Tom Allen was brillant… being a true Poe fan and this being my fave poem it couldn’t get any better.


Honestly, the best part for me was the music… The Penederecki String Quartet was $%?&in’ sick. I can’t lie I had to pick my jaw up off the floor a couple of times when they really tore those strings up..I might have to download a few tracks or even cop their new CD.

Penderecki Quartet

And OMG!!… the Harpist Lori Gemmell, ’cause of her I decided that being a harpist is my new callin’. No for real this chick is bad ass even Feist is on her ish… Her fingers glide on those strings like skates on ice. I can’t say enough about the music, it conveyed the whole concept of the production from the eerie strings to the skin crawlin whisper of the harp… Its official I’ve been converted to a true string fan. Ok, so its fair to say peeps that the Cabaret is still not my cup tea… but I certainly did enjoy the experience.

xoxo                                                                                                                                                                                                    Pinkie




It’s Saturday nite, the weather is wonderful… I’m gettin pretty for a nite on the town. Tonite I’m off to the Fleck Dance Theatre, you heard correct the theatre… I am rather cultured FYI. I’ll be taking in Tono part of the Luminato, Toronto Festival of Arts & Creativity. Of course I arrive fashionable late as usual… But I was late for good reason, I was doin’ some homework on this production. And doin’ homework actually paid off.!! Ya kno’ I’m all ’bout the inside scoop and here it is folks… Word is that Tono was commissioned by The Banff Centre and Luminato, and FYI Tono actually performed at the Beijing Olympics. Sandra Laronde who conceived Tono is the Artistic Director for Red Sky Perfomance based out of T.O  who’s vision is to shape indigenous performance and promote cultural vibrancy… she doesn’t stop there folks, also on her resume is acting, dancing, producing and directing. But Sandra can’t take all the credit she had some help from fellow choreograper Roger Sinsha who is also a dancer and Artistic Director of Sinsha Danse out of MTL.


Once seated  the audience was treated to a few brief words by the creator herself… We learned that  Tono is loosely translated from Monogolia meaning the gateway to the world. She elaborates to us about her ”deep, creative process” and the variety of Indigenous people from Monogolia, China and Canada that were involved in this production. OMG!!! How could I forget her shout out the Ambassador of Monoglia who was actually in the building… who by the was soo nice, he let me get camera happy with him and his crew.mongolian-ambassador

The opening of the show is breathtaking, with a sole figure in the centre of the stage who begins to maneuver, contort and manipulate her body in ways one could only dream of.  This lone soul is suddenly accompanied by a  troop of others who through their movement convey the stampede of a horse. Honestly, all the dancers were amazing !!! And don’t get me started on the musicians, Rick Sacks composed the tunes and on the real if it wasn’t for him the audience would not get the full impact of every foot stomp, wrist movement or leg motion. So you may think this isn’t your cup of tea… But the performers did a phenomenal job of  illustrating the majesty of the horse and the belief in shamanism while also opening our eyes to the birth of twins. Ya kno I can’t lie to my peeps… So can I say I was blown-away by Tono not exactly… but by far it wasn’t the bottom of the bucket. You kno what it  is… I hyped myself waaaaay too much and I think thats why I was a lil disappointed. But don’t get it twisted I definitely recommend it!!

xoxo                                                                                                                                                                                                     Pinkie



-”I’m not going to make it.”

-”My body is exacting revenge on me for this weekend.”

- “…can’t eat, can’t drink, can’t sleep. I’m on the verge of total collapse.”

-”What the fuck happened?”

-”…is NXNE this weekend. No more fests please and thanks I might die.”

-”My stomach hurts so much.”

-”I hurt in ways I never thought I could. Now what the fuck are we going to do?”

-”…put his body through 5 lifetimes in 3 days. I need to be put down.”

The above are some notable facebook status updates that I accumulated following the 2nd Annual Gaga Weekend here in Ottawa. It was immensely fun, but over the top horrendous on the liver. I am still hungover and it’s been like 3 days since. Gaga Weekend 2 took place from the 11th to the 13th of June and the roster of bands was absolutely phenomenal this year.
Ian Manhire, founder of Going Gaga Records , enlisted close to 30 local bands to participate in the festival. Without any major advertising, news of the festival transpired throughout the underground, via the means of social networking sites, blogs and good ol’ fashioned word of mouth. The overall hype and success of Gaga Weekend indicates how awesome and truly connected the underground scene in Ottawa is.

GAGA WEEKEND 2 kicked off at Rock & Roll Pizza Party with performances by the Sedatives, Mother’s Children and the Visitors. I arrived early in anticipation of RRPP being busy, but when I got there, there was already a lineup! After waiting 20 minutes in line (which was different for me because I’m spoiled and never have to wait in line!) I was granted entrance into the Atomic Rooster just as Sedatives were about to start. Sadly, many folk were left on the streets of Bank to watch/listen to the show from outside. Sedatives played loudly enough that my ears are still fucked and all their friends outside could hear them perfectly.


The next act to play was Mother’s Children. They’ve been around for about a year or so now, and they always get the crowd going. They had everyone at RRPP dancing and singing along to the likes of “Dance to the Rock & Roll Band” and “I Did Not See Her” among others. Mother’s Children were definitely one of my favourites of the weekend. They’ll be playing Toronto along with the Sedatives Thursday, June 18th for a NXNE gig at the Silver Dollar.

Friday night, GAGA WEEKEND 2 shifted to a local house renowned for basement punk shows. There were people everywhere. They even had a live feed set up in the living room of what was going on in the basement. People were squished into any corner they could find, drinking out of tupperware bowls because there were no cups to be found. First band up was Nervous System who have just released their first tape this week (available at!), followed by the Holy Cobras. The Holy Cobras debuted a new drummer, only to rescind the offer to join the band following the show. Ah well, the Holy Cobras were fun to watch, as always.

After the Holy Cobras, Savage Crimes performed what is rumoured to have been their last show? Is this true?? That’s too bad! I really enjoy the Savage Crimes! (Update: untrue. They have a show next weekend in Ottawa at the Glue Pot Pub with Zoobombs & the Centretown Cripplers, phew.)

Uranium Comeback made a comeback (although I believe they were listed as Ukrainian Wombat somewhere on the lineup). Despite the fact that they are made up of 3 parts Marxists, I had never had the liberty of seeing Uranium Comeback before (Edit: untrue. I once saw them, but I was pretty intoxicated. This has just been brought to my attention). They don’t have anything to preview on their myspace page, which kind of sucks because I wanted a refresher of the stuff they played on Friday night.

Closing down the evening was the Beach Blankets. This was my first opportunity to see these guys and I was blown away. They were so much fun to watch. I’m surprised none of them ended up being severely injured during their set. I do recall a few instances where close to half the band was on the floor. Needless to say, they were amazing!


Holy Cobras Holy Cobras

Savage Crimes

Uranium Comeback
Uranium Comeback
Post Gaga McGangBang

Post Gaga McGangBang


The next day started off early. 12:30 to be exact. I made my way over to Yogi’s Meatlocker (a local recording studio/jam space) around 1:30 for the Gaga Matinee (stopping by the Beer Store beforehand and picking up a 12 of PBR). I got there just in time to see Fucked Corpse begin their set. Shortly thereafter, the Zebrassieres played. Another one of those Ottawa bands with plenty of hype but I had not had the opportunity to check out (update: also not true. I saw them on my birthday. I’m entitled to not remember). They were another one of my favourites this weekend. Really fun to watch and dance to. Next on my agenda to see was the Felines, who unfortunately are splitting up after Gaga weekend to pursue other options. Glad I got to see them one last time.

Fucked Corpse

Zebrassieres The Felines

Now, I’m not the type of person to get really hyped on a band and talk about them constantly, so I am going to say this once and only once (edit: untrue. I am all about this band). If you ever have the opportunity to check out the White Wires, I highly encourage it. I can’t get enough of “Girly Girly Girly”, “Ha-Ha-Holiday” and “I Remember When”. The White Wires had everyone in the meatlocker dancing and singing along at the top of their lungs. This was by far, my favourite show of the weekend. The energy shared amongst the band and the crowd was amazing. I cannot wait for the “Gaga Weekend DVD” to come out so I can relive that set.


Following the White Wires performance, I decided it might be a good time to go home and download some of the 1100 photos I had taken prior to the evening show at Babylon. On the walk home, I was sure to stop by the Beer Store to pick up another 12 of PBR. I got home, plugged my camera into my computer and set my alarm for a half hour nap. I woke up and it was dark outside. Immediately I knew I had slept longer than a half hour. I checked my phone and of course there was about 10 missed calls/text messages and it was 4 hours later than my intended “wake-up call”. I ran to Babylon just in time to catch Sudbury favourites, Statues. Everytime I see this band, I love them a little more. “Living in Lines” was my favourite song of their set. Everyone was into it. WAY INTO IT.

The last band to play Gaga Weekend 2 was (presently defunct) Million Dollar Marxists. They headlined last year’s festival as well and have made it somewhat of a ritual to reunite for ONE NIGHT ONLY during Gaga Weekend! I truly miss Marxists. They’ve been on heavy rotation on my ipod again since seeing them this weekend. The Gaga-Goers went insane during the Marxists set. Marxists don’t come around here very often anymore, so I think most of the audience felt the need to experience/contribute to the mayhem induced by the Million Dollar Marxists. By the end of the show, most of the crowd had invaded/violated the stage. After the Marxists left the stage, they were invited back for another round. I don’t recall the exact quote, but they were surprised that anyone wanted to hear them play anything else. Ha.

So. What have you learned from reading my long-winded post about Gaga Weekend? You learned/observed:

-that a 12 pack of PBR cans is never enough.

-that I’m still severely hungover.

-that Ottawa has some pretty wicked new and not so new bands.

-Ottawa can be fun sometimes.

-that you should check out the Going Gaga compilation available from Gaga Records.

And last but not least…

-that you should come to the 3rd Annual Gaga Weekend which will take place in Ottawa in 2010.

(photos available at cobrasnatch’s flickr)

The Children’s Crusade

The Children’s Crusade

Luminato is still in full effect peeps, which means I’m runnin’ around like a chicken with its head cut off…  it’s Monday and I’m headin’ to an abandoned warehouse to see The Children’s Crusade. Ya heard correct an abandoned warehouse is the venue where the Canadian Children’s Opera  Company is choosing to showcase the world-premiere of their opera.  Reasons like this is why Luminato is off the chain!!! I’m on the Dufferin bus heading towards the Ex, I figure I might as well use my time wisely, you know do some reading about this opera. Apparently, it’s no run of the mill production. It was commissioned from composer R. Murray Schafer in celebration of his 75th birthday. The Children’s Crusade is based on the phenomenal passage of the 13th century where hundreds of thousands of children from France and Germany were dedicated to liberating the Holy Land with love  instead of force. WOW!! Power to the kids…we can’t even get kids to play nice on the schoolyard much less crusade. As soon as I dropped the press release in my purse I realized I’m sailing by my stop, the bus driver was nice enough to stop dead so I could hop out. And of course you know I’m always fashionable late… hehe. I arrive like literally five minutes late, and of course I have to miss the whole first scene… yea kinda pissed. But I didn’t miss much just the Holy Child getting his divine intervention from an angel . Nonetheless, it gave me a second to take in the space, first off they weren’t lying when they said “abandoned”, It was for real like straight flash back to the yester-years of good ol’ warehouse parties. Finally the garage door gets raised with chains, I’m allowed entrance into a whole new world… I’m speechless and you know that rarely happens. You enter the space which is the stage itself… I mean the warehouse was filled with rafters, runways, wooden crates all of theses elements formed an outlandish set. Before I could completely wrap my head around things, my eyes dart to the center stage where a swarm of children are in full chorus about some kid being the Holy Child. Its pretty jaw dropping. No word of a lie the cast has over a hundred people and believe me they need it to pull of a production like this. The audience is standing the whole time “God Bless Nike makes flats” and we move around the set following the cast on their  journey from one scene to other using the entire warehouse… As we follow the Holy Child and his crew around the streets & byways of France we feel as we are joining the crusade… I ((heart)) the modern twist and interpretation of the story which is quite refreshing especially the scene in the burlesque lounge with all the vices and temptations surrounding this Holy Child. As the crusaders come to the end of their journey they are met by massive walls of wave that they know will lead to there demise and surely signify the failure of there crusade. This had to be my favourite part… OMG, to represent the waves they literally used other cast members… it was so wicked when the Holy Child and his crew entered the waves they we physically pulled down down into the abyss. WOW!!! that totally exceeded my expectations, not that I had any. To be honest The Children’s Crusade is up there as one of my over all faves of Luminato… reason being its what the festival is all about. Not to mention, this production as lead me on a crusade to be a avid opera goer, you know I gotta change up on ya… LOL!!!



xoxo                                                                                                                                                                                                       Pinkie

I Love Myself Today!!

I Love Myself Today!!

Hey, hey, hey!!!… It’s Saturday night of course you know what that means I’m workin’ hard and playin’ even harder. Now peeps you know I’ve been changin’ it up on ya with this Luminato Festival… it’s soo INSANE!  No worries, y’all will get the 411 ASAP. So you know how we do @ PM, we only $%&* with the BADDEST BITCHES… tonight is no different cause its all about  BIF NAKED @ the Mod Club. I know, I know you can’t breathe either. Of course I’m in a rush as usual, like I’m literally breakin’ my neck leavin’  a Luminato event to make the show tonight… Ooops double-booked, who wouldn’t its BIF NAKED! I finally fly off the College streetcar and almost lose my life to a black VW as I J-walk across the street. I made it just in time to catch the endin’ of the Manvils… I’m totally pissed at myself for missin’ their set which I heard was an astounding STRANGE DISASTER But, after teasin’ my ears for only a momento they sure tickled my HOLLOW HANDS into downloadin’ a few tracks when I got home. Speakin of home… the bar bein’ my next home looks kinda lonely so I head on over where I open the hatch and down a piss warm Canadian… FAK, that tasted like ass. As soon as I place my bottle on the bar I hear some chick say OMG!!!! Bif’s rite there by the door… two secs later fushica, purple, & turquoise lights begin to flood the stage then a light South Asian instrumental diffuses in the background. The band enters the stage and assumes there rightful position, followin them is Bif dressed in all black like an omenOMG!!! Her black cowboy boots are mega-bitchin’, I sooo couldn’t pull that off. Honestly, the whole crowd is goin NUTS myself included, I was screamin’ so hard I couldn’t breathe… the truth is I saw stars accompanied by a slight head rush, I know LOSER! Then out of nowhere the guitars and drums hit. Bif Naked started bustin’ a move all over the stage, I damn near thought she was a Spaceman ’bout to fly to cloud 9… Ooo that was me flyin’ like a Bluejay. It was surreal!!! I mean I was literally sooo close to her I grazed her hand and yes it will never see water again, LOL!! And boy does she know how to work a crowd… her interaction with us was phenomenal, I felt like we were  BFF’s and you knos Nothing Else Matters. She took us on a trip down memory lane to reminisce bout her first time playin the T.O. in same basement of  the Mod Club, back in the day it was the Apocalypse if memory serves me correct. Not to mention she has a heart of gold under that Fuck You 2 exterior… betcha didn’t know she sponsors a World Vision child, I know a tear jerker. ..Wooo, don’t get it twisted that wasn’t a Moment of Weakness, I was still jumpin my ass off and beltin out every tune word for word like a BIG nerd… And, OMG that guitarist Jason-  his fingers must be of the mutant variety. Then it hit, I felt the gloom of the set endin, the time for her to say Ciao Bella… before she did, she asked us Do you Love Yourself Today?”And we all have to be honest with ourselves and admit sometimes we don’t… but after this I swear I do!!! So thanks for remindin’ us to Love ourselves  Today, but most importantly kno’ that we LOVE U!!

Peace Out,                                                                                                                                                                                          Pinkie








Pride Week is fast approaching now, and what better way to celebrate the diversity of our LGBT community than to attend the Prism weekend?

Prism Festival is back for its sixth year, and it’s bigger and better than ever. All the events they’re organizing this year seem amazing, but I have to say – Madonnarama seems like it’ll be a super fierce one, it’ll feature performances by Donnarama and Isabella London. And come on, who doesn’t love Madge?


Future Babylon at the Sound Academy will also be a rockin’ event, with DJs Ana Paula, Hector Fonseca, Honey Dijon and Jeremy Khamkeo spinning and performances by Sofonda Cox, Gia Cox, Kidd Madonny, Geoff Kelleway and Cesar. This will be an event you don’t want to miss.


The winners of our Pride contest get a pass to ALL the events. Amazing! Check out the press release below for more info.

*PRISM Festival returns to Toronto for its sixth year during
Canada’s largest Pride Celebration: June 25 – June 28, 2009*
* *
* *
* *
* *
Toronto, ON  – PRISM Toronto is proud to announce the return of PRISM Festival for its sixth year.
PRISM Festival will be presenting a series of five world-class events taking place during Pride Week in Toronto from Thursday, June 25 to Sunday, June 28, 2009. */Embracing the future/* with a fresh look, the festival weekend will focus on new talent, cutting-edge production and the highest level of quality and value for the 15,000 international revelers that will stream through the doors of the Prism Festival events.
A fantastic array of talent is lined up for 2009 including Star 69 Records Grammy Award winning  superstar Peter Rauhofer, International Drag Sensation Sofonda Cox, Brazil’s Ana Paula, Miami’s Abel, NYC’s Hector Fonseca and Miss Honey Dijon, as well as LA’s  Brett Henrichsen and Montreal’s Patrick Guay. They will be joined by Toronto’s most notable DJs including Shawn Riker, Mark Falco, Jamal, Cajjmere Wray and Geoff Kelleway.
This year’s main event will be Future Babylon, presented by 103.9 Proud FM and featuring the return of Toronto’s reigning diva Sofonda Cox. Even bigger than last year’s Babylon event, the show will also feature internationally renowned Miami décor company RKM’s deliciously warped futuristic vision.
Executive director Gairy Brown promises “Future Babylon will be an unforgettable spectacle, absolutely our most glamorous and sensational show yet. Future Babylon will be the crown jewel of Pride.”
PRISM Festival is also excited to move Aqua Beach to the beach at Sunnyside Pavilion. Prepare to get all wet at the newest and most exciting beach party during Pride !
Continuing to focus on the growth of the festival, this year will also see a big international marketing push for PRISM Festival as a global audience is invited to share in the amazing weekend long party experience. As part of this effort, PRISM is pleased to welcome aboard as PRISM’s official media partner. *Tickets go on-sale today for PRISM Festival exclusively through Priape at all retail locations across Canada and online through * ** *.*

*Specially discounted Weekend Passes are available just $99 if purchased before March 24, 2009.*
For full event schedule, talent lineups and more information, please visit or join the PRISM Toronto Facebook Group

Santigold after party at Cobra

Santigold after party at Cobra

I’m back… I know it’s only been a couple of days but I’m sure you missed me.
But God knows I needed a break!! And what better way to start off the work week-that is my work week, than hittin’ up the Santigold with Amanda Blank show @ the Phoenix.
But boy was I mistaken. Don’t get me wrong folks you know I heart Santigold to like the ninth degree, but her show was the harder to get into than a virgin’s panties. Even after we gave away over 200 tickets to fill out the show at the Guv back in the fall. It’s just unfair if you ask me.
NOT pointing any fingers… Just sayin!!
Moving right along… The after party.

I’m not usually one for afterparties at a club, main reason being that the artist never shows up!
I gathered myself and headed over to my fave place in the world, Cobra.
Needless to say, Amanda Blank didn’t play the show, so of course she didn’t play the after party either. Rumor has it she bailed on the Montreal after as well. In fact, she bailed on Montreal twice two years ago and last I heard, no one wanted to book her anymore since, well she’s a bailer.

At this point, to say I was pissed was an understatement.
First the hassle to get the damn passes for the concert… the Miss Amanda Blank is MIA!!
So keep this in mind when you’re a musician/band- you have fans! Fans that are loyal to you…
It’s not cool to screw them over with false promises, like you better be dying or stuck at immigration or at least have a really serious drug problem you got from doing tons of shows and after parties. Worst part is that Cobra is new and trying to get some cool factor rocking, and I felt bad for them that they had to deal with it.

Don’t get me wrong ladies I ((heart)) you both and think you are pretty FLY, but this time round you left a bad taste in my mouth!

Editors Note: After having supported Santigold so vehemently for a couple of years now, Knee Socks Beat Cleavage is no longer interested in helping her out. Until she wins us over with the next album of course.



Peace Out



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