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Pinkie’s Fashion Fix

Pinkie’s Fashion Fix


IMG takes over World Mastercard Fashion Week

Like most of the fashion frontier in the Great White North, we have a few rumors flying around our Toronto Fashion Week. I was greeted with an early morning email with the subject:  “FDCC and IMG Fashion, jointly announce IMG as the owner and producer of World MasterCard Fashion Week. Yup, that’s right: The big guns have stepped in to takeover TFW now joining the likes of New York, London, Milan, Berlin, Australia, Tokyo, Mumbai, Istanbul, Miami, Russia, etc. This takeover shake-up has some great benefits for the designers and really the whole industry, I just hope it doesn’t get too big and crazy!! Just in case you’re wondering, Robin Kay will be stepping down as executive director, but will still remain president of the FDCC.


Don’t miss A$AP Rocky’s album coming out this September.

Men’s Style: Athletics

Fuck your suits, fuck your faux rich Scott Dissick style, fuck your uncomfortable look. It’s basically been over 35C everyday this summer here in the city so boys/men start dressing a little more care free. We know you’ve been working out to get those muscles just a little toned and you’ve been laying in the sun to get a nice golden tan, so what better way to show off your sexy self then to get rid of all the layers and dress down.  Nothing is hotter on a man than going simple: shorts and T (with some exceptions of course). What’s even hotter is getting a glimpse of a man pre and post workout, and the easiest way to achieve this look to is to include your workout gear as a part of your wardrobe. Follow through to see some brands who’ve incorporated this look into their summer collections…

Pinkie’s Fashion Fix

Pinkie’s Fashion Fix

Can you believe July is almost over? I mean August is upon us and you know that means – summer is coming to an end. But, let’s not fret about swapping open toes for boots just yet, and focus on the fashion frontier…. and boy is it hot!!

Urban Green: 1BodyBar

If you haven’t noticed, Queen West has turned into quite the looker these days.

But the development period that the University/Spadina corridor has undergone over the last decade has come with many losses of equal significance. Lavish & Squalor aside, independent shops like Vice and Buckler have completely disappeared. Gorilla Monsoon (not that anyone I know ever hungout there) is now a wasteland for corporate hamburger juice, and in general, nothing all that hip has happened around that space since the Bombshelter changed its name.

Show Your Roots

We are so excited about the new collaboration between  1 Love T.0. and Roots Canada on the “Show Your Roots” campaign. Their first release is this cute and cozy limited edition Vintage Heather Grey T-shirt featuring the iconic 1 Love T.O. logo.

Behind the Scenes – A$AP Photoshoot

House of Vintage Summer Kick-Off Party

On Thursday June 14, Parkdale’s House of Vintage hosted one of its two annual parties. Last night’s party celebrated the opening of a new by-appointment-only boutique located in the shop’s basement. Pick a brand and a sexy decade from the last century and owner/buyer Dennis Adamidis has something for you. . At the end of the tour I was shown what I have since been told was a 1940s monkey fur bolero because A) I’m not a monkey fur expert and B) I had no idea what a bolero was (bolero = fancy cardigan!).

Fashion Victim: 2012 MMVAs

Once a year, every year, Canadian media come together for a whirlwind evening that celebrates the best and most popular pop sensations raised on maple syrup.

By which, of course, I mean Justin Bieber.

There are no other Canadian pop sensations.



…Just kidding!

This year’s MMVAs were marked with the usual fan-frenzied panoply: kids camp out for 5 days for wristbands; Queen West becomes a no-fly zone, and Mariana’s Trench arrives with marching band escorting a bouncing palace, clad in the first of the evening’s tributes to Michael Jackson and… anthropomorphic blow-up horses…?


(No one from the band would field questions on why they didn’t just ride themselves in.)….

Pinkie’s Fashion Fix

Pinkie’s Fashion Fix


Welcome back to another scorching week on the fashion frontier. Hold on to your Birkins and sit back for the 411 on all the previews, parties, shows, and mishaps.

Essentials: REV up your nails for LONger


When I lived in Korea, I would often see women with only one or two nails painted and the rest left plain, when I finally let my curiosity get the best of me and mustered up the courage to ask a woman why she only had one nail painted, she smiled widely, threw her hands in the air and announced “NO TIME!”

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