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My City- Raymundo and Nate of Saint Woods

My City- Raymundo and Nate of Saint Woods

Name: Raymundo Klonsky & Nate Dizzle Gannage
Occupation: SaintWoods Bawss men
Biggest turn on: Ray: It's all about the torso baby. Nate: Blonde
Biggest turn off: When a girl busts a squat in much too public a place. Nate: Not Blonde
City: Montreal
How many years have you lived there?: 5
Why do you call it home?: Cost of living is cheap cheap cheap, girl to guy ratio is DOIN IT, school,
and good people.

Best spot...if you're ballin:

For a meal:
298 Place d’Youville 514-282-1837
3961 Blvd. St.Laurent 514-845-3509 / 514-845-1696

To shop:
1300 Sherbrooke Street West 514-842-5111
For a date:
1504 Sherbrooke Ouest 514-937-6009
Gotta sit on the Patio though...BALLIN!!!!!!!

Best spot...if you're broke:

For a meal:
115 rue Rachel Est 514-849-1803
It's finger licking good!

To shop: Value Village 
4906 W. Jean Talon St. 514-739-1962

For a date:
4777 avenue Pierre-De Coubertin 514-868-3000, an evening stroll in Old Montreal and
some good old fashioned loving.

Best spot for a hangover breakfast:
922 avenue du Mont-Royal Est 514-523-8780

Best live venue:
Parc Jean Drapeau

Best late night joint:
 Moe's Diner
3950 rue Sherbrooke Est 514-253-6637

Best kept secret:
In no particular order:
Cosmos for Breakfast
5843 Sherbrooke West Notre Dame de Grace 514-486-3814

Greasy, sweaty, evil loft after-parties.

The Belvedere Kondiaronk lookout
Le Milsa
1445 Bishop 514-844-4550 for all you can eat Brazilian meat and belly dancing.

Best spot to dance your ass off:
In front of your own mirror.
But serious, depends on your steez...SaintWoods Parties for everyone,
NEON parties for electro heads,
Vinyl Lounge 2109 Bleuryand
Blue Dog 3958 St.Laurent Blvd. 514-845-4258 for bar heads
Tokyo Thursdaysfor young uns,
Foufouns for RocknRolla, and so much more.

Tourist Trap to avoid?:
Driving...too many dam one ways and the worst urban planning for autos this
side of Boston.

You'd have to live here to know:
Just how seedy this city really is.

What NOT to miss?:
Summertime: Patio chills on the cobblestone. Tam Tams. Piknic Electronik. Jazz
Festival..and so much more.

On Tour: Barletta LA

On Tour: Barletta LA

Day 1–LA

We arrived in LA on Sunday, Memorial Day, and after a brief stay at the hotel to settle in, we went to the club.  It was a full-on 1992 rave. 18+ club with the median age somewhere around 15. It was even hard to get a beer. Barletta slayed, duh, and we met two nice young girls in the stiarwell afterwards.


The girl on the left kept asking me if I was a lesbian and a model. I said no to both. She replied with, “too bad, cause you’re hot”. To both questions.

Day 2

Absolutely nothing happened on Monday. Barletta has been on tour for two weeks straight, which is what we figured was the reason why he pissed on the hotel floor in his sleep. True story.


Here’s a picture of the pool at our hotel. This is where we stayed allll day long on Monday. I worked at my computer, B made a track. We took breaks to hit the liquor store and the market up the street. Hotel might not have been much on amenities, but it was walking distance to everything which is key to survival in LA if you have no car or license. Also, the cafe (Cafe 101) inside the hotel is where they shot that famous cafe scene in Swingers. Dope!

swingers101coffeeshop1Day 3

By the third day we were ready for a walk about. We discovered that Cinespace, made famous by Steve Aoki, was 2 blocks from the hotel along with a Starbuck’s and a Baja Fresh. Los Angeles survival staples.


Being that we were in the tourist mood, we went to all three. But first my computer (or life, whatever you want to call it) pooched. Mac store peeps got me all sorted in under 10 minutes because they’re genius’ in case you didn’t know. And we were on our way. Our cab driver was the worst cab driver either of us had. Rude in some instances, unresponsive in others. We decided to get out and walk. Umm, small road block. Prop 8 protest. It was more epic than the milk footage and the riot police were out in full swing.


This photo doesn’t do it justice, and I was too scared to take pics of the riot police who were out by the thousands, they were so menacing. No wonder riots broke out, everything about them was so aggressive, I felt like punching em too. Man was I ever proud I live in Canada, where conversations about taking people’s rights away are closed for debate. Here’s some more photos in case you live in a cave.


Cinespace was small and the sound system was nothing to write home about. The covered outdoor smoking patio was pretty hot though and as far as we could tell, the kids at Cinespace where the closest thing to East Coast hipsters we saw in LA. Take that as you will. The Cobrasnake as virtually saturated party photographers to a point where there’s more snapping than there is enjoying of the party. Here’s a nice ditty of us from Relive Last Night. Another party blog clogging up clubs.

img_5618Honourable mentions: $9 drinks turning out to be 9oz of booze, and me trying to order chips through a drawer at the gas station on the way home. The gas station guy hated my request to read off all the chips since he wouldn’t let me in, and I was reduced to yelling “BBQ” with my head half emersed in the metal drawer. Wasteange

Day 4

Hangover day. We met up with my buddy Balfour who showed us a sneak preview of his new show, My Slutty Girlfriend. Look out for this shit next year, it was fantastic! And we ate sushi at some joint called, wait for it…The Crack House. Then Barletta met up with Dskotek and made a track in his mansion studio while they smoked bong hits between tweaks.


Honourable mention:


And some new beer we drank with our new pal, Ryan, who’s family conveniently owned the liquor store by the hotel.

good20beerDay 4

Finally another show. Truthfully, we were starting to itch for more action. The Heist was pretty rammed. The Security were strapped, that was weird, but by Day 4 I had converted B to my thinking in the States, which is that everyone is driving drunk and they all have guns.

So many people. Like so many damn people. Two rooms. Dskotek, Frank Music. Nothing but net ya’ll. Pics below.


Here’s a nice one of some jerk, Jesse (Dskotek) and Fernando, the promoter from Day 1.

And here’s how our little adventure ended:

Sorry I’m not funnier. I’m drunk and in a 5 star resort in Cabo San Lucas 700 meters above the sea, looking out over the kind of beauty that God must have been getting a hummer to make. Barletta’s also in Mexico, doing more shows. And he’s gonna blog about it tomorrow on Saint Wood’s.

My City- DL Jones

My City- DL Jones

Name: DL Jones
Occupation: Promoter/Taste Maker
Biggest turn on: A woman who knows what she wants
Biggest turn off: People who look like they've spent too much time
dressing up.
City: Montreal
How many years have you lived there?: 23 years
Why do you call it home?: Because I'm born and raised!

Best spot...if you're ballin:

For a meal: Au Pied De Cochon
536 Duluth Est, -514-281-1114
To shop: U&I
3650 St.Laurent Blvd. 514-844-8788
For a date: Queue De Cheval
1221 boul. Rene-Levesque West 514-390-0090

Best spot...if you're broke:

For a meal: Euro Deli
To shop: H&M
For a date: Patati Patata
4177 St.Laurent Blvd. 514-844-0216


Best spot for a hangover breakfast: Beauty's
93 Mont-Royal Ave. West 514-849-8883
Best live venue: The S.A.T.
1195 St.Laurent Blvd. 514-844-2033
Best late night joint: Any loft in Montreal
Best kept secret: I can't tell you ;)
Best spot to dance your ass off: Tokyo Wednesdays
Tourist Trap to avoid?: Crescent Street
You'd have to live here to know: How to pick up French girls properly
What NOT to miss?: St-Laurent Sidewalk sale in the summer



There’s something about traveling in a train that feels glamorous. If you’re traveling across Canada, but don’t have enough money to go by plane and don’t feel like suffering a long and uncomfortable bus ride, the train’s for you. Via Rail is an independent Crown corporation established in 1977, they cover Canada from the Atlantic to the Pacific.


The really neat features that you get when you take the train is first of all, wifi on board (so you can keep up with your facebook friends even on the train, yay!) but even better – if you’re traveling long distances, say Toronto to Vancouver, you can book a bed in a sleeping car! AWESOME. I mean, if you’ve ever taken an overnight bus ride, you know how uncomfortable that gets, even when you get two seats you toss and turn, try to curl up into a somewhat comfortable position but it never works!


There’s also a skyline car, in which you can climb up to an observation dome and enjoy 360 degrees view of our beautiful homeland. And maybe the best car out of all them, the dining car.


Like everything else, it’s possible to get cheaper fares if you book far enough in advance – you can get some really good deals if you keep an eye out.


Egyptrixx Euro Tour–Poland

Egyptrixx Euro Tour–Poland

Here’s some news from Egyptrixx who’s on a Euro tour. We’ve ben jealous for weeks!


So I totally overestimated my own ambition in Poland and took an earlier train from Berlin to try and get in some sightseeing – as Polska is 1/4 of my motherland – but really didn’t accomplish much beyond eating amazing/gross pizza, walking 4 city blocks, taking a bath and watching 3 straight hours of Rock of Love; not nothing, but just something. The venue in warsaw was a castle, the party was hype but more than anything, everyone I met in Poland was so nice and interesting. At risk of digressing in a Kate Winslet weep speech, let me just say im looking forward to getting back.

In a bleary, half-drunken heap, I went straight to the airport after my set(in an Aaliyah t-shirt), popped a few sleeping pills and had 12 hours of the most uncomfortable travel in my entire life, which involved multiple episodes of waking up on empty vehicles being poked by someone in a uniform (in an Aaliyah t-shirt).


Well, I managed to make it to preston, a small city in Northern England, for my saturday night gig at beats of rage, which I had been told would be crazy, and it was by far one of the hypest nights ive ever played or even been too.

Ive been reading, writing and relaxing in London for the last few days with the Night Slugs fam and managed to get to Plastic People for FWD, one of the first and longest running dubstep nights. Its kinda like a small cave with an idling 747 parked right outside. Zinc killed it, Benga kinda over-killed it, and the cops made sure we all got home safe…..the end


next up, London V.2 and portugal…



I won’t lie, I’m a pretty budget-conscious traveler. I take buses, as opposed to trains or planes (I paid $24 to go to the Big Apple and back!), I couchsurf or stay at hostels instead of staying at hotels and I will always seek out the fun, free things to do in every city I’m visiting.


Every now and then though, it’s nice to stay at a hotel and feel fancy. The Sheraton Centre is perfect when coming to Toronto for a visit, as it is situated downtown on Queen St West. Everything is literally steps away – you have the Eaton Centre right next door, access to a subway station and Queen streetcar, what else could you ask for?


The hotel itself is clean and really comfortable, and if you want to spend the big bucks, you can have a nice suite. Maybe the spa suite, or maybe the parlor suite? There’s also tons of activities in the hotel if you want to take a break from exploring the city – like a spa and massages clinic, waterfall gardens and pool, a 24 hour fitness centre and a few restaurants. There’s no way you’ll get bored here.


My City- Hatchmatik

My City- Hatchmatik

Name: Hatchmatik
Occupation: DJ / On-line Boutique Owner / Dance Studio Owner
Biggest turn on: good dancers
Biggest turn off: bad attitudes
City: Montreal
How many years have you lived there?: 24 of my 27 years
Why do you call it home?: most European city outside of Europe -
bilingual - hella cultured - no where
else in north America compares!

Best spot...if you're ballin:

For a meal: Moishe's Steakhouse 3961 Blvd. St.Laurent
To shop: OLDgOLD Boutique 256 Mount-Royal Est 514-509-1675
For a date: Au cinquième péché 330 Mont Royal Est 

Best spot...if you're broke:

For a meal: Romados 115 Rachel Est 514-849-1803
To shop: OLDgOLD Boutique 256 Mount-Royal Est 514-509-1675
For a date: a rooftop with some brews


Best spot for a hangover breakfast: la binerie 367 Mont-Royal East
Best live venue: club soda 1225 St.Laurent 514-286-1010
Best late night joint: the main 3523a St.Laurent 514-499-7098
or fameux 4500 rue St.Denis 514-845-8732or banquise 994 Rahcel E
Best kept secret: wilensky's 34 Fairmount West
Best spot to dance your ass off: panthere noir
Tourist Trap to avoid?: any clubs on crescent street
You'd have to live here to know: wilensky's 34 Fairmount West
What NOT to miss?: wilensky's 34 Fairmount West 514-271-0247

This man knows where it's all at. And so do we! Follow him
around, here are the dates:
May 15   Ottawa @ The Babylon
May 16   Montreal @ Cabaret with DJ Orgasmic, Cuizinier and
Genevan Heathen 
June 6   Toronto @ The Drake with Peerpressure

On Tour With Egyptrixx

On Tour With Egyptrixx

Our boy Egyptrixx is on a Eurotour till June 5th and we asked him to tour diary for us.

Here’s the thing about him, he’s not just a shit hot DJ, he’s also a learned man who can write a line or two

So enjoy the shit out of this tour diary, cause lord knows we will. Check his Myspace to see the rest of them dates too.



When you’re on tour its all about the simple pleasures and small victories. About 8 hours ago, I was still at the Ostbahnhof train station in Berlin where I found a pharmacy with one last set of nailclippers – I’d been looking for a pair for 4 days because long nails drive me absolutely fucking crazy. So I bought them and went to trim in the bathroom – where apparently there was more than just defecation and cuticle hygiene on tap as a fairly sporting episode of gay fucking had broken out in the stall right next to me. Moan, moan, moan, bang, bang, bang, clip, clip. No big deal though, the satisfaction of freshly clipped nails heavily out weighed the vulgarity of slurping noises and Deutsche dirty talk.

img00046-20090501-0424 So far the tour has been going well. I left for London almost immediately after the Buraka Som Sistema gig at El month (In Toronto) last week, which – if you missed – was amazing; I was excited to open for them -I flew to London almost immediately after the show where the Z-Shed crew picked me up and started stuffing my face with greasy English breakfast and beer. The show that night was fun; it was good to do a gig with Mikix The Cat and Baobinga, both excellent producers and djs. After a quick nap I headed to Berlin – one of my favourtie European cities for its its history, love of the avant garde and permanent state of semi-lawlessness. In fact, when I got to my hotel, city workers were still cleaning up a bunch of totalled cars out front which had been destroyed in the may day riots just a few hours earlier. My gig in Berlin was a showcase for the new Nightshifters label out of NYC. Ill be doing some stuff for them in the next little while. AC Slater, Bok Bok, Jess Jubilee, Donna Summer and I were all on the bill and Peaches, Kid 606 and Dolby Anol all stopped by to hang out. The gig got predictably out of control and afterwards we all went to Panorama Bar - the legendary warehouse club in Berlin’s East side – and partied untill noon. Next stop is Poland then back to the UK. I will check back with you laterrrrr

Get Er Done Part Deux: Victoria

Get Er Done Part Deux: Victoria

On the 11th and final date on this almost 3-week haul across this gorgeous country of ours, we were greeted by a great treat. Victoria kicked the rest of Canada’s ass hands down.

First we saw a clown on the way to work which was one half creepy and one half amazing.

Both Rosa and Doug were along for this ride, which is usually a good sign for us. And thank God for them.

We were so bagged and out of it that without Doug’s Britney Spears medley blared at the pre-drink session, and Rosa’s constant front-row flashing, I don’t think we would have made it through the final set.

Hush, the club in Victoria was rammed from the beginning. This time it was just a tag with Bitchin’ warmin’ that shit up and Violca slam dunkin’ it.

Just when we thought it was over, the final track dropped, it was all, let’s go tear up the after hours!

At Jellyfish (the nicest after hours on the planet) there were secrets.

Drunk Dance Moves.

Men in tights.

And of course, the old pass out on the couch while people make fun of you move.

And moving DJ set by Violca that was fraught with danger and intrigue and above all, sincere emotion.

See you bitches in April!!!!!

Get Er Done Part Deux: Vancouver

Get Er Done Part Deux: Vancouver

Here’s a couple of hints we might be in Vancouver.

Check the fine print on that one: 50 orders of all-you-can-eat salmon sashimi, and a home made tray that would make even Martha Stewart proud.

Oh and take a listen to us on The Broadcast with Dicky Doo. It doesn’t begin until you hear Stab by MANSION. That weird tribal shit at the beginning is not us.

So we get to Van-tastic in a at least a few pieces, but we’re still held together enough to haul our asses the two blocks up the street to the Majestic.

This is the family show. On the first Get Er Done tour, Vancouver was the standout with lineups around the corner and a crowd that wouldn’t quit till the lights went on. With hopes, high, we clamor into the venue.

Our really good friends and DJs C-Lektra and Rhiannon open it up like pros. Why aren’t lady-duos in the rest of the country this hot? But for serious man, they were like a Penthouse forum, at least in my mind.

Also. My buddy Pete helped out a lot with the show. He’s all growns up after leaving the big smoke a few years ago, and now looks like Joakim Phoenix, which suited us just fine.

The Majestic was a great venue and mad props to Tommy D who man handled us like a pro.

And without further ado, let me show you a collection of really shitty pictures of all of us.

After this hot one of Shae. She’s a model. Look at her work that wig. And for Christ’s sake, she was born with those lashes. Makes you want to skull fuck her don’t it?

Here’s a nice one of me farting in the corner.


Kenzie Clarke of Bitchin’ fame. Her eyes are looking in two different directions. Only took a week without sleep to pull it off.

Doug, the tour Dr. firmly planted on the floor at Rosa’s, unable to move more than an inch.

This bed pic doesn’t look like much to you, but it says so so much to me. You have no idea.

And finally, the suit makes a buddy in Dana’s pink suit.

Get Er Done Part Deux: Whistler

Get Er Done Part Deux: Whistler

If you’ve been reading since the beginning, you can probably tell we’re running out of steam now. Whistler is the 9th date out of eleven on this tour and we’re running on fumes.

I’ll start with the airport. We get in from Whitehorse and we were about as fresh as a couple of whores at the Sunday morning service at church.

This is our bus driver to the long-term parking lot. Boys, take note: THIS is how you work a haircut.

Fast forward to the bar in Whistler, five hours later. No one wants a picture of their actual face, so we’ve all turned into Sally Field from Not Without My Daughter and taken to covering everything but the windows to the soul for photo ops.

We argue with the bar manager (Greg, here with me and Miche) about the plural use of the words “bottle service”, he somehow thinks that one bottle of vodka is going to get the 5 of us through the night. We make it to 11PM before the treats start in.

Turns out Kenzie’s got a male admirer in Whistler, Craig. He was nice. Real nice. Here’s a nice pic of Kenzie making him her bitch. Yup that sums it up alright.

This is where it got messy. Figures right. We blew the smoke machine out trying to flood the bar with it so we could smoke behind the booth without being caught.

Shit, did I mention that the party got moved from Maxx Fish because that place blew up and the reconstructive reno wasn’t finished? Well it did. So we had to be extra sneaky about all our usual dirtbaggery.

We couldn’t even get a whole 3 minutes of “Come Over Here and Have Sex with Charlie Murphy” out. They literally pulled the plug.

Cut to the next day as we take the last gorgeous photo of Whistler ever. After the Olympics bulldoze through here, I doubt they’ll be much left.

On to Vancouver. Creeptastic.

Get Er Done Part Deux: Whitehorse

Get Er Done Part Deux: Whitehorse

So in the middle of the shit show, we decided that it would be super fun to go to Whitehorse.

Yup, Yukon. Cold. But hey, when else will you be able to say you went to the Yukon on tour?

So we fly in from Van in the morning to a chilly Whitehorse (fun fact #1, 30,000 people live in the Yukon, 25,000 of which live in Whitehorse) and are met by the lovely Lauren Tuck, who booked our show and took care of us well.

We grabbed a coffee and headed off to the CBC, which is basically untouched since the 70s up there in Whitehorse.

Off to dinner, and another round with that sexy suit of mine.

Oh, and did we tell you about the room? Ever see that movie, 30 Days of Night where the vampires go up to Alaska and feast on the blood of a small remote town for a whole month while it’s dark day and night? Yeah, it was exactly that. The suite wasn’t bad but the other room had some banged up bits like no towels and possibly some dried blood in a spot or two. Both rooms smelled like an ashtray, but we were all, “hey, you can’t have everything all of the time”.

What else was good? Miche-On-A-Stick got more action than Kenzie-On-A-Stick did in Alberta.

Betti Forde did some rappin’ that was pretty boss. And the crowd in Whitehorse was all heart on the dancefloor.

On to Whistler. All in a days work.

Get Er Done Part Deux: Golden

Get Er Done Part Deux: Golden

I’m not even sure where to start with Golden. Should I begin with our arrival at the Lyric Bar which is attached to the hotel we were staying at? The claw marks on the back of the hotel bathroom doors? The restaurant where we met Grace?

Or did the night only truly begin once we started the Big Buck Hunter challenge? I’m gonna try my best to make some sense of what happened in Golden, bear with me.

First, I should introduce you to the full cast. Salvatore Violca MANSION,Rosa Creep 24, Andy I love the Gateway, Kenzie Butter Chops, Anna Von Big Mouth, and Miche 80s-Horror-Movie-Hair Stirling.

After settling in to our rooms, which were used on a horror set at some point for sure, we tooled downstairs to grab some food at the adjoining restaurant, the Whitetooth. That’s when we met Grace and she taught us a little drink called the Trouble Maker.

Someone said something about “let’s get evil drunk and break stuff” and it was game on. Sometime between dinner and watching a girl fight out back of the bar, some creepy shit happened.

First, Violca taught me how to use a gun and play Big Buck Hunter. Between me and Rosa, we kicked every ass in the club.

There were so many dickweeds asking V for requests that the sound guy gave her a tennis racket to fend them off. Not a joke.

The crowd was something special that’s for sure. Between the breakdancing ESL kids, the Swiss school for the retarded, the locals and all those snowboacing fuck ups who live the moocher lifestyle, it was a proper shit show.

This is where it gets fuzzy. There was some flashing.

Rosa suddenly became the dog whisperer.

Violca resorting to George Michael, Milli Vanilli, and the Crookers remix of Kid Cudi trying to figure out how to handle that crowd there.

Rosa Creep 24 got real creepy and found herself a 23 (and then we stole his manhood in a tag team Buck Hunter throw down).

By the end of the night, I was trying to get Carol, the birthday girl laid via microphone whist singing Hall and Oates with Salvatore.

Skip to the next day. Turns out the hotel had bed bugs that almost ate Kenzie’s face off. We stopped for a requisite jump shot in the mountains, and we’re more than thankful that we’re gonna be in a city for the next few days.

And then it’s Whitehorse baby.

p.s. if you don’t know what pickle-face is, zoom in on Violca in this jump shot to find out.



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