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Blog Hunter: How to Perfect the Cat-Eye with Amy Harper

One of my favourite fall trends this year is the ‘cat eye’ winged liner. Seen on the runways of Zac Posen and Ruffian, models sported various winged liner styles. It’s the perfect way to enlongate and draw attention to your eyes and it looks amazing paired with any lip!

Interview with Cadence Weapon

Having  just released a critically acclaimed third album, Hope in A Dirt City, and on the verge of an epic North American tour, Cadence Weapon is going strong. Touted as Canada’s ‘most creative rapper’ – his new album is a slight departure from his previous material, but still incorporates the experimental sounds that helped him make a name for himself. He kicks off his tour here in Toronto on October 12th at Wrongbar – get tickets here.

Dupont: Toronto’s Newest Design District Is Also It’s Oldest

Toronto is a city of neighbourhoods and it’s also very much a city of districts: Fashion, Distillery, Textile, Design, Entertainment, Financial, Discvovery, Garden, and Theatre.  But when it comes to design there might be multiples. The Junction is full-fledged design district with more than just shops and galleries along Dundas W, it always has a high density of artists living in it. Countless store fronts that have been converted into living and studio space. Peeking out above frosted or curtained windows you can catch a glimpse of what goes on inside. But walk a little East and you’ll find another budding design district. 

Interview with Smoke DZA

I caught up with Smoke DZA, nee Sean Pompey, as he was en route to his show in Ottawa at Ritual tonight. Yesterday he released his highly anticipated mixtape, K.O.N.Y 2012, featuring Wiz Khalifa and A$AP Twelvy, among others – download here. Make sure to see him at Wrong Bar tomorrow night where is performing with Flat Bush Zombies – get your tickets here.

Fall Playlist: MS MR, Wild Belle and Elle King

Hot new bands are a dime a dozen, and few make it past the Top 50 list on Hypem. These bands, however, are ones we see going far and will make a welcome addition to your Fall playlist. New leaf, new beats.

Blog Hunter: Amy Harper

October’s Blog Hunter guest blogger is makeup artist Amy Harper. She’s a full-time freelance makeup artist who’s based out of Toronto. Throughout October, she’s going to walk us through her  best makeup tips and tricks as well as what you can do for Fashion Week and Halloween.


Tim Chaisson on The Other Side

Even with it’s expansive geography there is some magical component to life in Canada that means no matter where you go there will always be someone you know waiting to meet you. Tim Chaisson knows this to be true.  The PEI born and based musician has relentlessly toured this country, sharing his original songs and traditional fiddle tunes.  His fifth album was released this past Tuesday at an intimate show with Nick Rose at the Dakota Tavern. I caught up with Tim before he took the stage and asked him a few questions about making the album here in Toronto, how strange it is to have a friend no matter where you go, and why he’s toured Australia so many times. 

What I Did This Summer Part 4: Lauren & Shona

LAUREN: Blurry. Very blurry. I was pretty sure it was still July. Apparently I remember doing these things:

-Not reading the fine print and ending up working full –time with a part-time internship and school along with all the other stupid shit I can’t say no to

-First full summer in Montreal. So much of the hooch.

-Finding myself in a situation where I exclusively date gay men

-Went to Scotland. This was like May. Ate blood pudding, various intestines, haggis. Met all of my relatives. All of them.  My mom’s pajamas matched the wallpaper. Acquired a good accent to whip out after drinking scotch. Made too many sporran jokes. Went to a club in Glasgow with my mom and a bunch of firefighters.

-Am now a qualified professional in turning fruit into flowers

-Painted an image of someone I hadn’t seen for months only to have it shattered to bits and kicked in my face

-Licked my wounds and rewatched Arrested Development and Party Down. In quick succession.

-Felt my eyeballs vibrate in my skull for 2 days at Osheaga

-Busted my neck dancing with a hype girl at Major Lazer. Also that whole night

- Learned you can’t get manic panic out of your ceiling

- Turned into my mother (at least in looks)

-Apparently got drunk and took pictures of my mouth with really shitty/trashy red lipstick on (I ate half?) because I just found photos while looking for pictures for this…

What’s Good Neighbourhood: Kensington Market

Welcome to the famous Kensington Market! With its vast array of shops, juice bars, butchers, bakers, vegetable markets, cafes, and bars it’s pretty difficult to leave once you enter. Having trouble getting there? Just follow your nose to Chinatown (Dundas St. & Spadina Ave.) and then go west. College St. is as far north as you wanna go and Bathurst is the end to the west. Now you’re in it.

Kensingon has always been a working class and multicultural community. In the 1920s Jews from Europe emmigrated to Toronto to form what was once dubbed “The Jewish Market”. In Post-War Toronto, throughout the 1950s, many immigrants from the Caribbean and Vietnam settled in Kensington and helped define the area. Through the 80s and 90s, Kensington became even more diverse seeing immigrants from Central America, Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Iran, Vietnam, and Chile. This cultural diversity has created what we know as Kensington today, offering pretty much anything from all parts of the world.

Boob Tube: The Emmys!

In a year when major award shows have mostly been a disappointing series of background noise for naps, the Emmys this past Sunday really entertained me. Sure, they got a bit slow after the comedy, drama and reality (!) sections wrapped up, giving way to awards for variety shows and miniseries/movies, but host Jimmy Kimmel did a great job of keeping the humour going throughout. This was epic:


BAZZUL Studios  has been in the works for the last 2 years and on Friday September 21st they hosted friends, family and industry at Brockton Collective for their official kick off. A lifestyle brand for more than one lifestyle, BAZZUL Studios is set to launch a capsule collection of denim and ready to wear in 2013.

Looking to get the first set of showroom ready samples produced, BAZZUL has launched an Indiegogo campaign (the same idea as Kickstarter except with a slightly more ridiculous name). The idea is to get the funds to push BAZZUL to the next level and showcase this ballin’ denim and bangin’ ready to wear at trade shows near and far. The brand is in the early stages, and before it can make an appearance in your wardrobe, BAZZUL is going to need a little help.

In case you didn’t think they were serious, BAZZUL put together some serious rewards (such as thank you videos, custom Ts,  a pair of personalized jeans, etc.) and a substantial backgrounder, offering up a detailed breakdown of the game plan over on Indiegogo. As it goes with crowd-funding, every $$ helps.

Head over to BAZZUL. Watch the video. Look over the ‘prize’ packs to see what best suits YOU & support local talent.

20 Questions with Boys Noize

World-renowned DJ Boys Noize is releasing his third full-length album October 16. Highly anticipated, Out of The Black will feature Siriusmo, GIZZLE, and Snoop Dogg (Snoop Lion?).

Listen to his first single off the album here.

He will be returning to Toronto for a show in December. Tour dates are here.

Long time fans of Boys Noize we were so excited to have him answer our 20 Questions:

Tour Diary: Dragonette


Reporting from tour on a bus with ten people living in close proximity to each other, I have concluded, along with the only other female aboard, that the experience is a lot like camping. Without the wilderness.



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