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Bloghunter: Cambie Design Part V

In my final post for Bloghunter, I would like to share a project that I hope inspires you to try something new at home. The concept of a Do It Yourself project is a philosophy that I strongly follow and love to share. While I am still paving my path in this crazy world of design, there are certain core beliefs that I cannot shake. Many of these beliefs have been reconsidered and analyzed as I’ve made my way, yet my original feelings always seem to prevail.

Entertaining Under The Influence…The Dirty White

This is a plan for a party. A theme party. Because everyday should be a theme  party and it just makes life easier when you have a good excuse for things. This party is based on two different sources. Originally it was inspired by my brothers, who introduced me to the horrors and wonders of the white trash bacon cheeseburger, and then by my friend’s sister who took this shit to the next level. So yeah: White Trash party/ Dirty white. It sounds easy enough, but it can be taken to unknown levels of shame and tackiness.

Interview with Venus X

Playing at warehouses in Bushwick and fashions shows at New York Fashion Week, DJ Venus X has transcended the many facets of the New York music scene. Her eclectic sets have drawn the admiration of both fashion designers, scenesters and the art world. We had the opportunity to sit down with her right before her show in Toronto tonight at the Hoxton.

Pinkie’s Fashion Fix

Pinkie’s Fashion Fix

Can you believe July is almost over? I mean August is upon us and you know that means – summer is coming to an end. But, let’s not fret about swapping open toes for boots just yet, and focus on the fashion frontier…. and boy is it hot!!


We are so excited that in its fifth year the amazing MAD DECENT BLOCK PARTY (presented by Puma®) has included Toronto, not only as a destination, but as their kick-off destination.

Lossless Toronto: Bookhou

Bookhou sits along a stretch of Dundas West where in 2008 (when it opened) it might not have fit into the neighbourhood. Today, though, the storefront for artisans Arounna Khounnoraj  and John Booth’s endeavors has a community around it. Nearby are Hashtag Gallery and Made Design to keep it company. Beyond the community around it, Bookhou also has a family supporting it. Whether it’s their children, Lliam and Piper, at play zizgagging around the sewing machines or grandpa in the back helping to fold textiles and cut leather, home and work are one in this welcoming shop.

20 Questions with Electric Youth

We’ve been big fans of Electric Youth since we heard them on the Drive soundtrack while drooling over Ryan Gosling’s body. That soundtrack was so amazing, it inspired the Drive Tour featuring Electric Youth, College and Anoraak . Go see them tomorrow night at Wrongbar. For tickets click here, or visit the Pink Mafia facebook and twitter pages to try to win some for free.

Because we love them (and this song) so hard, we decided to ask them our 20 Questions.

Launching the inTO Event Series

Toronto indie supergroup Eight And A Half played the first event in a series of eleven called inTO. These monthly events are focused on bringing Torontonians closer to local arts and culture. I had heard nothing but incredible things about inTO and what they had done during NXNE, so I was incredibly excited to check out their first “official” coming out with Eight And a Half. This intimate and interactive show, which was held at Kitch (229 Geary Avenue, Toronto), was offered up at pricetag of $100/ticket. Included in this ticket price was the performance, some drink tickets and finger foods passed along the crowd.

According to A Queer Grrrl: How The Better Way and Bell Canada help conquer Mental Health

People with mental health issues are often stigmatized and misunderstood. The waves of mental illness are not often discussed among friends and family, unless someone has a disorder. 1 in 5 people either have, or know someone who is affected. How often do we hear ourselves criticize a person whom we see out on the streets or on the TTC who seems “not ok in the head.” That is a very natural reaction for human beings. That is part of how we have been conditioned as a community of “normal” people.

I want to bring all of you up to speed on a unique initiative, that is literally saving lives.

Bloghunter: Cambie Design IV

photo by  Jennifer Causey via Camille Styles

We are smack in the middle of summer and it has been HOT here in Toronto. Living in a city where the climate goes from one extreme to the other, you will find everyone spending their time outdoors the minute the temperature is on the rise. And you won’t find us indoors again until it starts to get bitterly cold. But let’s not think about the cold anytime soon and enjoy the heat while it’s here! I’ve decided to collect some recent finds from one of my favourite online shops, Etsy, and share them with you all. Most of these items are vintage and one of a kind, but I am sure you can find similar pieces if you keep your eyes peeled.

What’s Good Neighborhood:The Island

No not the place where clones think they’re going if they win the ‘lottery’, but they really die to donate their organs to rich celebrity overlords, the one off the coast of Toronto. A reprieve from the smoggy and bustling metropolis, The Island is a popular destination for city folk looking to cool off and experience nature and goodtimes.

Cookbook: Vegetarian by Alice Hart

It takes a long time in a bookstore to find the perfect cookbook when you have no idea what you want, but you know exactly what it needs to contain. Thankfully it only took me 3 hours find Alice Hart’s Vegetarian which included everything I was looking for: beautiful pictures of EVERY recipe (thanks to photographer Lisa Linder), simple straight-forward instructions, everything from breakfast, lunch, dinner & dessert, and step-by-step guides on creating the basics to make the perfect meal (ie sauces, broths, dressings, and salad toppings).

As an added bonus Hart includes essential guides to making your own yogurt, your own tofu, your own flavored butters, how to sprout your own sprouts, and Hart even include a few menu ideas.  Don’t let the cover of this cookbook fool you, it will make your mouth water and re-inspire you to get more creative with your cooking. Follow through to get a peak of what inside Alice Hart’s Vegetarian…

Boob Tube: Web Television and Web Therapy

You guys should really be watching Web Therapy. Lisa Kudrow’s experimental pseudo-improvisational web series, which she debuted in 2008, is now beginning its second successful season on real live cable. (Showtime — the same network behind super awesome shows like Weeds, Dexter, Shameless… need I go on?)



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