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Kreayshawn releases “Summertime”

Premiering her new song “Summertime” on her website (listen to it here) today, Kreayshawn also released this video featuring some seriously SWAG summer beach style — we dare you to wear those false eyelashes to the beach. 

She is launching her European tour tomorrow night in Norway, and we sure wish we could be there. The official release date for her upcoming album is August 14, 2012.

If you can’t wait for August to get more Kreayshawn check out this adorable and hilarious video, and hit up her website, facebook, and twitter.

According to a Queer Grrrl:Pride PARTIES PART 2!

Here’s my Part 2 guide to Pride 2012 Parties as promised. These events are off the Church and Wellesly Promenade and Stroll and are definately worth a look. Listed are events from Wed June 27th to Pride DAY July 1st. You don’t have to be downtown with the millions of people on the Pride Weekend to celebrate Pride. Just a grab a crew of your own peeps and head out to have fun.

Blog Hunter: DaLish Cosmetics Part IV

Welcome back for our fourth and final part of the DaLish Cosmetics series for Pink Mafia.

Here we show you how to take the summer makeup day look from Part III, and transition it with three easy steps into the perfect look for a summer evening out.

What’s Good Neighborhood: Roncesvalles

Roncesvalles or “Roncy’s,” as it’s called by laymen and down town folk, is actually a Spanish word. It’s pronounced “Ron-Sess-Veye-ez” and  was named after the battle of Roncesvalles in Spain. It’s a quaint neighborhood that runs east of High Park, west of Brockton, north of Parkdale and south of Dundas and Bloor.

There has been lots written about it lately. Toronto Life even dedicated a whole page in last month’s issue to 21 new businesses that have opened in Roncy’s in the past year. But that doesn’t mean you’ll like it; Neighborhoods, like cities and people, are fickle — you can’t choose the ones you fall in love with. So here’s the skinny on why you should or shouldn’t go to Roncy’s:

Show Your Roots

We are so excited about the new collaboration between  1 Love T.0. and Roots Canada on the “Show Your Roots” campaign. Their first release is this cute and cozy limited edition Vintage Heather Grey T-shirt featuring the iconic 1 Love T.O. logo.

Locals Only – Festival of Food, Music, & Art

On July 7, 2012, the Amsterdam Brewery is hosting Locals Only, and indoor/outdoor festival celebrating the best food, music and art this city has to offer. There will be two stages hosting over 15 of the city’s best bands & DJs. With 10+ artists and 10+ food vendors, there will be plenty for both your eyes and your mouths to feast on.

Hosted by comedian and food critic Jeff Danson, this is a 19+ event that will run from 2pm – 2am. See you there!

2012 MMVA Round Up

Well, I can live to say I survived another MMVA weekend – barely though.

As usual, the MMVAs took good ol’ Queen West by storm while also sending every teenie bopper in the city into cardiac arrest. Once again, I got to be a part of the madness.

According to a Queer Grrrl: Your Prrr-sonal Grrrl Guide for Pride 2012

Ahh .. Pride 2012 is FINALLY.. offically.. HERE! I for one am incredibly excited for all the fabulous events happening this year. This blog is “PART 1″. I highlight a sex party for women/trans folk, plus four kick ass parties during the Pride 2012 weekend.

Wet Wednesdays is the last Wednesday of every month. June 27th will be the next one. It’s a $20 entry fee for all night access, from 8 pm to 1 am. The sounds of O yes Yes YES … are common everywhere from the pool deck to the bathroom stalls. The Oasis Aqualounge is a massive venue. It is located at 231 Mutual St, just east of Carlton and Church. It is “a beautifully restored 19th century mansion.” This venue offers a variety of ammenities including a “hot-tub, dry sauna and year round outdoor heated pool with private courtyard” just to name a few. Events for women and couples, plus a few select events where single men may come out to play. Click HERE to keep up to date on various events over the summer! Guaranteed a LOT of nude tanning by the pool.

The Aether Dancer – Opensource Steampunk Webseries

Ever heard of a TV Series where YOU can create characters? Me neither. The Aether Dancer is a new web/television series that will allow fans to write stories, create characters and even film their own segments and send them in to be included in the show. So it’s literally an opensource TV Show. The series is a mix of science fiction and steam punk and explores how humans survive and evolve. The pilot episode is anticipated for release in January 2013, but they need your help – so help out with a donation to their fundraising campaign and like them on Facebook!

Boob Tube: Bunheads

I spend a lot of time (too much time?) pondering the great thinkers of the television world. The people who build a brilliant concept out of nothing and give us groundbreaking shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Friday Night Lights and Seinfeld.

Backseat Driving: NXNE

Striving to give our readers the very best in festival coverage, Courtney and I set out to redefine “the interview.” Our goal was to give readers some insight as to what their favourite artists get up to during a festival like NXNE, so we handed those artists the reigns. Whether joining a band to catch a set, hanging at one of the many day parties or simply seeing an artist on a recommendation, this year we took a backseat.

We’re very pleased to present to you Backseat Driving. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Ask Mica: Best Friends for Never

Dear Mica,

My good friend and I have recently started to become more distanced. I’m super busy and have a lot on the go (and she’s the same way). I want to stay friends with her but I’m not sure how to go about doing it when I can barely make time for family! My schedule isn’t very flexible and she doesn’t seem to want to make an effort to see me either. We haven’t always seen eye to eye (especially as of late) so I’m not even sure if this friendship can work going forward. Help!


Ama & Yuli’s NXNE Round-Up

Every summer, Toronto becomes a flurry of BBQs, boat cruises, rooftop parties, secret alleyway shows and in-store previews.  For a week in Toronto, NXNE takes over and becomes every music, media and filmmakers dream destination. Where friends, new & old, come together to enjoy the thing that matters most: music.

This year, Yuli and I took to the streets to check out the who’s who during NXNE and give y’all our opinions, photos, videos and thoughts.



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