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Perrier Secret Place

The sexiest sparkling water maker, Perrier, is turning 150 years old, and to celebrate they are launching an unprecedented digital experience called Perrier Secret Place with 5 amazing trips up for grabs.

Blog Hunter: Jocelyn of A Holistic Affair

It’s officially spring time around PinkMafia and we’ve decided that means spring cleaning. For the next 4 weeks, our holistic go-to Jocelyn Black from A Holistic Affair is going to help us get healthy inside and out. 

After a long winter of sub zero temps and what felt like a snowstorm almost every day, being cooped up at home, only really working out in my living room and curling up on the couch with comfort food, and sometimes wine, it’s time to shed the winter weight and toxins.  I’m not one to eat ‘bad’ food, but I did indulge in more hot and heavy foods than my body wanted, like rice or rice noodles, which my body can’t tolerate without gaining pounds immediately.

20 Questions with Dark Horses

We got Lisa from Dark Horses to do our 20 questions and she answered with wit and aplomb.

Boob Tube: Television and the F-Word (Feminism, duh)

In a recent article on Jezebel (<3 <3 <3), the author referenced comments made by celebrated feminist Gloria Steinem (celebrated by all reasonable people, hated by misogynistic wackjobs – fact, not opinion.)  about television. In summary, she hates the Real Housewives and thinks Girls is pretty good.


Time magazine recently did a piece on how the internet is saving the music video medium, and how people are actually starting to be innovative again. Since MTV sold their soul and made a shit tonne exploiting the misfortunes of others, the internet is basically the only place you can watch music videos. However, it’s a little harder since you have to seek them out. I remember the days when MTV would countdown and celebrate the best videos and it was EXCITING. The music video production industry also had HUGE budgets, attracted amazing directors, and allowed artists to get really creative and fun. Here’s a list of some of my faves from the back in the day i.e. early 2000’s.

According to a Queer Grrrl:Mmmmmmmm

I know what you are thinking. Why is this Queerio writing about sex as much as I do? Well, when there is a lot to report on, I feel it’s my sworn duty. I mean, if I don’t then who else will give you a complete list of all that’s kinky and queer and sexy this week? This next week is KILLER! Two parties at the Oasis, the Feminist Porn Awards are in town and the latest installment of the SWITCH Queer Porn Party is ready for your pleasures. I have quoted directly from the various Facebook pages and websites, as I don’t want to miss a thing. I have also included the TTC INFO so you can get to where you are going.

Tues April 2nd

The Official release of UP&COMING Issue 3

I attended the Launch Party for this amazing magazine. It’s a collection of images, prose and poetry that inspires erotic imagery in your mind, and in your pants. The first issue’s images were not your average smut. It was very tasteful nudity, done in an explicit manner. Here is my voyeuristic view of the Launch Party last year.

You have a rare opportunity to be part of all of this energy. Here are the details straight from their Facebook.


CMF Quick & Dirty: Reuben and the Dark

Reuben and the Dark is a project coming from Calgary’s own Reuben Bullock.  He has created a quartet of soaring harmonies, beautiful melodies, layered texture making up an honest indie rock sound.

This quartet will take you on a journey throughout the human heart serving you raw emotions into song and making every show an adventure.

I had the opportunity to sit down to give Reuben Bullock the Pink Mafia CMW Quick and Dirty but also review his show at the 159 Manning MUSI and Lame Frame event.

(1) What is your favourite thing about playing Canadian Music Fest?

All the people. It’s nice coming to a new city and getting to see all the activity. Lots of things going on… It’s a little crazy, but good to see so many people out every night.

(2) What is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you while you’ve been on tour?

We played a show in Vancouver that bombed. It’s the only time I’ve ever walked out on a show. We were double booked with a bunch of punk rock bands… I was quitting smoking, and on edge. We only played three songs, during which I ended up breaking a string, breaking someone’s guitar drinking in the audience… It was really messy.

(3) Are there any bands you would really love to see during Canadian Music Fest?

We’ve been real busy, but we played a show with Besnard Lakes, I liked those guys. Looking forward to (Michael) Rault’s set to, this afternoon.

(4) Why should people listen to Reuben and the Dark?

I don’t know… If they like it, they should listen. We put a lot into this music. It’s always nice to have someone listening.


So did Reuben’s co-sign of his music live up to the Pink Mafia seal of approval?  Getting to watch the quartet in the living room of 159 Manning was not only beautiful but showed a group of guys that exhibited a deep passion for the music they were playing.

The band’s sound of indie folk rock is slow, comforting and emotional. You feel an energy in Reuben’s booming voice that creates soul and expresses the deepest heartfelt emotion.  You felt as if Reuben was singing directly to you in this small living room show. He created a cute little banter between the crowd cracking very bad jokes and interacting as much as possible.

If you haven’t checked out Reuben and the Dark, this is definitely a band to watch and check out.

Photos by Yuli Scheidt

CMF Quick & Dirty: Michael Rault

Michael Rault, from Edmonton, brings to you a vintage indie sound that blends all things past with present.  He has developed his own brand of psychedelic country blues boogie that will leave you stomping your foot.  His sound is one you simply cannot dislike.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Michael at the 159 Manning MUSI and Last Frame event to provide him with the Pink Mafia Quick and Dirty.  Here were the results:

(1) What is your favourite thing about playing Canadian Music Fest?

Since I’m new to Toronto (I just moved here recently from Edmonton), it is really nice to run into a lot of friends.  You know, there will be a lot of my fellow Edmonton ex-pats here and this entire week will just turn into one big party.

(2) What is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you while you’ve been on tour?

So I had just gotten my learning licenses and we were driving along the Trans Canada Highway.  Everyone was taking turns driving and everyone has passed out.  But I mean, according to the law, my frontside passenger was awake (wink).  So we’re coming around this bend and there is a HUGE flock of birds that comes out of nowhere.  I didn’t really know what to do because I couldn’t really stop in the middle of the highway.  I don’t think I ended up killing a bird, but it was definitely a sight and I was totally freaked out.

(3) What is the best thing about playing a festival like Canadian Music Fest?

It is really great for exposure.  You get to play great gigs like this one, where it is small and intimate in someone’s house.  My manager just asked me if I’d be interested in playing the show and I said, “Hell ya.”  So here I am.

(4) Are there any bands you would really love to see during Canadian Music Fest?

Mac Demarco.  Peter who plays guitar for Mac’s band use to play guitar in my band.  We all kinda grew up in Edmonton together. So we keep telling each other we’re going to see each other play.  But it’s like ships passing in the night.

(5) Why should people listen to Michael Rault?

If you enjoy chilled out psychedelic and old school rock & roll, then you’re going to like my sound.  I think people will enjoy what they hear if they take a moment to stop and listen.

Photos by Yuli Scheidt

CMF Quick & Dirty: Zoo Legacy

Formed in Ottawa,  Zoo Legacy is a band best described as the successful union of hip hop, rock and party anthems.  The group, which consists of front man Nick Pouponneau and Mark Milloy, Dominic and Samuel Goss, have started to make their mark on Canadian music thusfar having played big festivals and providing festival goers with unique flavah and sound.

I met up with them prior to their show at the SOHO HOUSE and gave them the Quick and Dirty CMW:

(1) So what is your favourite thing about playing a festival like Canadian Music Week?

The best thing about playing a festival like this is just getting to be out there live and seeing the crowd react.  So many times, you’re playing in new venues and you don’t know what to expect.  It’s that buzz that you get of the unknown from the crowd and that you might garner some new fans from that.

(2) What is the weirdest thing you’ve had happen to you on tour?  I have heard from Lin (your manager) that you’re tour van can get pretty smelly.

(band laughs) It’s dirty and it can get smelly.  But weirdest thing?  Just recently we have been working on our new album and we shot a video in New York City.  So we had all this UV face-paint all over our face, like flames and devil markings.  Just weird random things for the video.

The video is wrapped for the day and we decide to go out to a club.  So inside the club Nick (the lead singer) keeps getting all these really strange looks. So he asks us if anything is wrong and we tell him, “Nah man. You’re good.”  But meanwhile, there is a blacklight inside the club and he forgot to wash a big neon flame off of his face.

(3) Are there any bands you would like to see during your Canadian Music Week experience?

The thing is, it goes by so quickly and we don’t have that much time to get out besides our own showcase.  We’re really excited (and privileged) to be playing with the Airplane Boys.  It would have been nice to see A$AP Rocky the other night, which isn’t really a part of Canadian Music Week.  We got to hang out with him and Snoop Dogg when we played Ottawa Bluesfest. So that was something.

(4) Why should people listen to Zoo Legacy?

Because we’re fucking awesome!  Ha, don’t print that.  But really, I think it’s because we’re bringing a whole new type of fusion.  It’s the direction music is going right now, with hip hop and indie rock.  Zoo Legacy is just bringing you the best of both worlds.

Photos by Yuli Scheidt

Album Review: The Strokes – Comedown Machine


This is It was probably one of the most seminal albums of the early 2000′s. The Strokes lead the pack in the garage band boom, and seemed to have more staying power than most of the other ‘The’ bands (The Vines, The Hives, The White Stripes, The Datsuns…).

Canadian Music Festival: March 20-24, 2013 – The Reviews Are In

Canadian Music Week (or Fest, whatever you want to call it) took a lot of turd polishing before the gems could really be found.  That is saying something for a festival with over 1,000 artists in 60 venues.   Like that Slagging Off Tumblr that went viral over the CMW weekend, we were asking: is this the state of Canadian Music?

But not all was lost — as we did see some amazing acts who kept us happy, healthy and spirited.

According to a Queer Grrrl:Gord Light: One Man: Accoustic All Request

I am always looking for unique events. I found this gem amongst the various Facebook invites I get on a daily basis. Monte Requesto presents “Toronto’s finest one-man acoustic all-request show featuring Gord Light.” For those of you who are not familiar with Gord, he is “a burly bearded bloke with an acoustic guitar.” I love this guy. He is a great performer and really knows how to connect with his audience.

Here is an excerpt from the Facebook page Sometimes it’s best just to let the words speak for themselves.

WHO? Gord Light, solo-acoustic-styles!
WHAT? All-request rigamarole! Three sets!
WHERE? The Cloak & Dagger Pub (394 College St, north side between Bathurst and Spadina)
WHEN? Wednesday, March 27th, 9pm sharp-ish!
WHY? If we don’t, no one will.
HOW? Simply post your request right here on the event wall, e-mail it to or tweet it to @GordLight! So easy it’s amazing you haven’t requested something by accident already!
WHAT? Pay-what-you-can!

Rihanna & ASAP Rocky @ The ACC: Diamonds

I’d say I’m not a huge fan of Rihanna but after tonight’s performance at the Air Canada Centre I truly respect her craft.

Rihanna’s beauty is breath taking from the moment she steps on stage….DAMN THOSE ABS! I can go on about her beauty, but I won’t. She may not be a strong dancer but man she’s working that stage HARD. Her interaction with the audience is mesmerizing. It’s almost as though she is speaking to each and every one of us and truly cares about Toronto. Who knows if this is all an act of if she really is this genuine. Regardless I was touched.



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