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Blog Hunter: The Top 5 craziest Oscar Moments Of All Time

They’re only a few days away and the media and Twitterverse are already a-buzz with who will take home the golden man,
whether miss ‘so and so’ will wear the little Gucci dress or the little Gucci dress or the little Gucci dress,
who will have the most long winded and awkward acceptance speech and get kicked off stage by the orchestra (hint: jodi foster isn’t nominated this year.) and if Billy Crystal will finally make someone laugh.
I’m just going to go out there and say it: there’s not too much interesting left in the old Academy Awards. The whole thing is judiciously scripted under iron fist contracts, most of the predictions tend to be right due to voting following the trends in other awards such as SAG and Golden Globes, and thanks to James Franco being high as a kite at the 2011 awards (and Anne Halfway having to do improv in front of half the world) we’re going to be left with Billy Crystal’s 80s jokes and dad humour for the rest of eternity.

But, it wasn’t always like this.

Here I explore the 5 most Outlandish Oscar moments of all time.

Dillon Francis ‘World Turr’ invades Toronto

In just a month, EDM’s dreamboat prankster Dillon Francis is set to take the stage at the Hoxton (March 28, 2013) as part of his new “Wurld Turr” he put together, exclusively for North America.

Known for his goofy videos, love of all things cats & tacos and being one of the Kings of Moombahton, Francis has promised to play an eclectic set that includes a lot of “Tiesto” to massive crowds of ravers who attend the ‘World Turr’ show.  Opening up for Francis will be Fool’s Gold Records, Oliver who has just released his new EP.

Tickets are still available for the Toronto show thru all the regular outlets (Rotate, Soundscapes, etc.) at $20 a pop.  Don’t miss out on all the fun.

Boob Tube: The Lost Art of Channel-Surfing

channel surfing

As a newly minted 9-to-5er with a  commute and all, I’ve rediscovered a long lost love: channel surfing.

The last several years of my life, as a student and a waitress, I’ve enjoyed  a fairly  relaxed schedule and filled it with streamed TV. I’ve passionately argued, more than once, that watching TV online is the way of the future. That television networks need to catch up and adapt.

And while I still believe that television’s future is on the internet, lately, I can help but  find myself revisiting relaxing evenings spent under the flicker of screen light with my old love, the remote control.

Blog Hunter: The Best/Most Awkward moments of the 2013 Grammy Awards

Usually I find the Grammys the snooze fest of award season, especially for when it comes to the musical accolades. The script and hosts are often boring, you find yourself endlessly scratching your head at the nominations, and the whole thing feels very sanctioned and predictable.  However this year, there were enough wtf moments, celebrity fueds, boob action and genuinely interesting performances for it to be well worth the experience. Here, I explore the best and most awkward moments of the 2013 Grammys through a series of gif, pictures and videos.

According to a Queer Grrrl:Bell Lets Talk Feb 12 2013 and My Confession

Mental Health issues affects 1 in 5 people in Canada. It can be infrequent days off work, to long term disability pensions where the person can never return to their career. Mental Illness can bring a person to their knees and let them feel isolated, afraid and totally in the dark about what to do and how to get help. Today, I am bringing all of you up to speed on the initiates that Bell is bringing to the table for their “Lets Talk” campaign on Feb 12 2013. I also have some personal experiences and a confession.

Blog Hunter: The Best and Worst Ads of Superbowl 2013



The Superbowl has come and gone, after all the beer drunken, chips eaten, oreos dunked and tweets sent, one can certainly say it was one of the most entertaining Bowls in recent history. Alicia Keys created a whole new definition of “artistic license” with her long-winded but perfectly delivered ballad arrangement of “Star Spangled Banner.”  Beyonce showed us that the only thing better than Beyonce performing, was Beyonce and a whole bunch holograms of Beyonce performing. Even though it has been proven otherwise, I’m still sticking to my theory that her self absorbed half time show caused the superdome’s electrical system to blow a fuse and quit that bitch, causing the 35 minute Blackout. In addition to that there was no shortage of buzz worthy game moments. A bunch of records were set, Ray Lewis thanked Jesus a lot, and Joe Flacco was constant eye candy and superb hubby material. But, the biggest talking point after all the drama is still the commercials. Here I review my top 3 best and worst of the ads from last night everyone is talking about.

Boob Tube: Dunhamania

Love her or hate her, you’ve had conversations about her. These days, everyone seems to be talking about Lena Dunham.

I’d pay you to find a January 2013 issue of a magazine that has a significant female readership that doesn’t mention her name*. Or try to name a cable channel that hasn’t had her on as a guest.

She’s now been on both the Daily Show and The Colbert Report. If that’s not fame, I don’t know what is.

Entertaining Under The Influence…TV Dinner

Certain shows demand certain foods. Sure the Super Bowl ritual is nachos and wings and what have you and I have friends who can’t get through the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show without a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos and cheap wine. I’m always jealous of the spaghetti they always eat on tv, red sauce completely coating the noodles, it took years to figure out how to achieve it. Some tv shows just make you hungry, I’m a fan of any plan that involves watching health and weight loss shows with a bowl of ships on my lap. But some shows just induce cravings for the same exact thing every time, as if the director is purposefully teasing us, like in these cases


Weeds// Iced coffee
Screw you Nancy Botwin for making me start holding my coffee weird so I can look cool. Craving weed is a more obvious choice, but for the purposes of this article we’ll focus on what follows the resolution of that craving.


Seinfeld// Whatever food is on that episode
Usualy Seinfeld triggers diner coffee cravings but depending on the episode you may want soup or feel an urgent compulsion to eat a Mars bar with a fork and knife. (Tip: Freeze for a bit and eat with a fork and knife. Or heat up a cookie. ughh)


Mad Men//Cigarettes and hard liqour
Don’t even get me started on Jon Hamm. Especially after his season of going commando.  Mad Men glamorizes excess but do not try day drinking at work if you work from home. Naps are tempting and then you wake-up holding a box of fruitloops at 4pm on your couch.


Downton Abbey// Tea
I can be Scottish to the point of excess. Secret organ meat binges following some peaty nectar of life (whiskey). But the Dowager Countess is my number one bitch. She is the essence of c%^t in the most despicably pleasurable way. Have you ever had a real afternoon tea? That is some serious shit. It’s like an altered reality of poshness and contained ego. Go now.


The Sopranos//Strip club chicken wings and Mama’s home cooking

To be fair I never watched much The Sopranos. But I watched the New Jersey episode of No Reservations which was technically an ode to Tony Soprano and therefore the same thing.  So yeah, strip clubs and bread.


Teen Mom//A cereal bowl of birth control
I received a congratulatory text on my twentieth birthday exclaiming that I would never be on Teen Mom. That’s when I knew I had accomplished something.


The Wire// Everything
The Wire is majorly concerned with the consumption of food. This speech makes me want nuggets and then I remember no.


Twin Peaks// Pie and Coffee
This show gives me crazy cravings for a slice of warm pie and a coffee, skim to the rim. Agent Cooper knows what’s up with his coffee and drinks it black. And “Black as midnight on a moonless night” “That’s pretty black.” might be the funniest interaction after, “There’s a fish in my percolator!” Just sayin.


Cheers// Beer
Natch. And I burn, I pine, I perish for Woody Harrelson (dat ass), even during the mullet years.


Alley McBeal// a parasite
They were so skinny. Why did no one have a problem with this?


More ideas? Tell me all about it

Lossless Toronto: Design Week Kicks Off With A TODO Party

Every year, just when I think I’ve done all the planning I can do to maximize my Design Week experience and not miss a thing, I find out I was totally wrong. There’s the Interior Design Show and it’s antipodal Toronto Offsite Design Festival, plus all the splinter-cell and alt events on at galleries and spaces across this city. Add in this year’s Junction Design Week, a full week ahead of Design Week; think of it was a Junction Design Crawl that lasts a whole week (rad), which gently takes you by the hand and leads you into the craziness that’s to come (way rad). 

In my mind Design Week doesn’t officially start until Toronto Design Offsite Festival (affectionately called TODO from here on out) kicks off. The TODO crew did just that last night with a soirée at Lightform Studio. It was a quiet affair, a chance for you to have some illuminating conversations before you have to switch into full on Design Hound mode. The Lightform showroom was the perfect backdrop for some light fun and slowly intodruced us to what we could expect to see during the week to come. There were pieces by installation artist Xiaojing Yan, and and multimedia artist and photographer Gwen Lim-Brydson after being greeted at the front entrance by a wall of one-of-a-kind ceramic pieces, suspended on wires from a frame, proclaiming TODO in it’s negative space by Grace Eunmi Lee.
H O T   T I P S :
Easily my favourite event of the year, Come Up To My Room, kicks off tonight at the Gladstone Hotel. Be sure to visit room 206 where designers Andrew Lovett-Barron and Tomas Rojcik , previously featured here, have their installation waiting for you.
But don’t forget to the return to the Junction to see Swedish firm Claesson Koivisto Rune‘s first foray into the Toronto design scene with a their collaborative work at Mjolk.
Then there’s your chance to walk into the mind of venerable Graphic Designer Stefan Sagmeister with his exhibition of The Happy Show on at the Design Exchange.
And again this year, download the TODO iPhone app to keep on top and don’t miss a thing.
Good luck, Design Hounds.

According to a Queer Grrrl : Interview with Karen Ward from Your Big Sister’s Closet

I had the opportunity to have a chat with Karen Ward about her new store Your Big Sister’s Closet She believes that “fashion is fun no matter what size.” She and her husband Peter Chiem have created a very bright, open concept retail experience. Its no wonder that women who are not sizes 12 – 24 want in on her collections. She is a selective buyer who has a good sense of what a woman wants to wear as an entire outfit. Everything from jewelry, head bands, bags and boots.

Whats Good Neighbourhood:PATH system in Downtown Toronto


Exploring the PATH system downtown: in videos, pictures and history

From the City of Toronto website: “According to Guinness World Records, PATH is the largest underground shopping complex with 28 km (17 miles) of shopping arcades. It has 371,600 sq. metres (4 million sq. ft) of retail space. In fact, the retail space connected to PATH rivals the West Edmonton Mall in size.” This IPHONE App is a perfect way to get to where you have to go in the PATH. I also have a historical perspective on why the PATH exists today.

This video give you an unique, undergound in the dark idea of the PATH:Reality of the PATH via SKateboard

There are approximate 1,200 shops and services including major retailers, hotels and Tourist Attractions. Small business such as shoe repair and photocopy shops also find their place on the PATH. In doing the research for this piece, I found that the confusing series of maze like tunnels does NOT have enough information.

Eating With Vegans: Comfort Foods

In researching comfort foods, we realized that it’s just a white thing really. Shepard’s Pie, pot pie, mac n’ cheese, apple pie, creamy soups, this is some serious stuff white people like. So we looked up some recipes and wondered, where’s the best comfort food for the season of getting fat in the city? Below is our list of the best vegan comfort food spots.

20 Questions: Top 10 of All Time

20 Questions with Rad People has been around the longest of all the columns on PinkMafia. It all started with a now defunct magazine called Hot Flux that asked me to interview Nav Sangha (at the time he was part owner of Play De Record and had just opened Wrongbar) and I came up with a 20 Question form that I sent over email. We’ve had lots of Rad People take part of the questionnaire, from local business people (Matt George/Stussy, Shinan Govani/National Post Gossip Columnist, TRexx/1LoveTo), actors, (Eric Balfour, Bree Williamson and Juliette Lewis), and boat loads of musicians (Austra, Chromeo, Black Lips, La Roux etc). Below is a compilation of the top ten 20 Questions of all time (so far).

10. Nav Sangha (Wrongbar/Great Hall/Nasty Nav). DJ, bar owner and dad, Nav’s answers were both funny and succinct. He makes the list for all this and that he started the column’s regular appearance.

9. Rusko. We just really like and miss Rusko.

8. Sara Quin of Tegan & Sara. They were the first to graciously take the 20 Qs before we had a long list of people of note to hook other people of note into taking them.

7. Diamond Rings + Juliette Lewis. There’s a tie for the 7th spot between these two fantastic diva’s. When Juliette took them we felt it was a real milestone in the 20Qs and when Diamond rings took them, we loved them so much that we made him the focal point of our 20Qs banner.

6. Christian Lander from Stuff White People Like. Just read his “where do you see yourself in 15 years” answer and then you decide if he deserves a spot on this list.

5. DJ Assault

4.  Born Ruffians. Their long-winded, self deprecating responses are genius. They also did one of the best Tour Diaries for us as well.

3. Henry Rollins. First, it’s Henry Rollins, and second, cause he sent them back filled out 5 minutes after we handed them to his publicist with a note that read, “thanks, these were fun.”

2. Major Lazer. Diplo filled these out as the character, Major Lazer, after the first album came out and Pon De Floor was tearing up dance floors all over the Western World. He did them on his smart phone (most likely a Blackberry Torch) and they’re all in a Jamaican accent.

1. Junior Boys. They’re answers were the funniest. The funniest of all time. even better than Major Lazer. That good.



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