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Blog Hunter: How to Be a Drag Queen

Before there was Mrs. Doubtfire, there was Tootsie. Tootsie is a movie that still stands the test of time to me. For those of you who haven’t seen it, Dustin Hoffman plays an actor who is down on his luck and learns to drag it up in order to play a part on a successful soap opera. I love that his look is really drag – he really doesn’t look like a woman, but in the film everyone accepts him as a woman. In interviews today Hoffman still talks about how he finds it hard to watch women who can’t walk in heels – it’s heel toe, heel toe, honey! So for those of you who haven’t dressed up as a man dressing up as a woman before I am going to give you some helpful hints on how to get started!

Boob Tube: Ringing in the New Year in Television

Happy New Year to all my loyal Boob Tube readers! (Happy New Year Uncle Larry and Aunt Theresa!)

If you  are anything like me, the main thing you are looking forward to in the new year is watching television. 2013 is promising to be another great year for television, and here the top three things I am looking forward to watching:

Eating With Vegans: Home For The Holidays

If you’re anything like me, you’ve dropped the “I don’t eat meat anymore” bomb on your family already. And they were cool with it at first, until some family celebration that involves a turkey rolls around. At first, I continued to eat fish, which gave them something to cook for the holidays, but it was more for them than me. they gripe. Flesh eaters always gripe. All they can cook is a side of animal with a potato and some lettuce anyway, there’s very little creativity in most of it.

If you wanna eat veg and you don’t want to deal with the guilt you might feel for putting your family out (cause you are a horrible, hard-to-please, ungrateful child who decided to be healthy, save the environment and reduce your chances of over a dozen diseases, how dare you), then you gotta bring your own food with you pal (get used to that), and try to keep the nuts and berries bullshit at home. Meat eaters are not interested in your healthy food-they want sauces and fat and foods in varying shades of brown. Here’s a guide to surviving the holidays vegan style.

Boob Tube: Downton Abbey

Please read the following in a posh English accent:

The third season of Downton Abbey has yet to come across the pond, but those of us who have been savvy enough to watch it online (devilishly sneaky, isn’t it?) have an advantage on those who are waiting to watch it on the telly in January.

Now, I shan’t spoil the plot for you, so fear not reading on.


Almost another year has gone and what a year it was: Harper’s gone and mucked up parliament even more, people just can’t stop arguing about #seapunk, Barack is back, The Hobbit came out, and I got a few more followers. Regardless how you look at it 2012, like every year has some TERRIBLE style.  Some of us here at PinkMafia want to hate and here’s what we hate:


“Stretched Ears/Chest Tattoos and or neck tats on girls (why is this so common now) ie. looking like an unemployable gutter punk fuck wit.
Skrillex Hair/Dubstep (they are synonymous for me)
Why doesn’t anyone see that this is just Emo regurgitated and more permanent-Emo’s just changed their jeans and stopped straightening their hair, these gutter Dubstep assholes are stuck with cat-asshole ears for life.”

Blog Hunter: How to Get Through the Holiday Season Without Turning into a Stuffed Turkey

All of my friends, of all ages usually complain about adding a few pounds over the holiday season. Whether it’s taking a week or two off of work which means you aren’t cycling or walking as much, or you’re drinking twice or three times the amount you do during this festive time, everyone I know talks about the pound or two they put on and would like to immediately take off.

House of Vintage Christmas Party

And the Fashion God’s rejoiced in pure harmony as Dennis Adamidis managed to somehow outdo himself, propelling an already legendary Christmas Party to even newer heights! The House of Vintage annual Christmas Party was beyond amazing, far exceeding pretty stellar expectations. This exclusive guest-list-only event was brilliant. The main floor of the House of Vintage was naturally poised to be the perfect back drop for the most fashionable Christmas Party north of the border. The atmosphere embodied perfectly, the essence of community and self-expression. Intrinsically, this event dared to expose the most fanciful and sophisticated side of Parkdale, with zero pretentious preservatives added, impossible for an event as anticipated, supported and elevated as this.

Pink Mafia gets (cooking) schooled: Nella Cucina

Every cook wants to test their skills in the kitchen and with my third adventure in cooking school, I thought I would push it to the outer limits.  For this, I thought of Marcel from Top Chef.  Everyone remembers him as the douche chef who was always working with jellies and foams and put them on every single dish he made.  Fact of the matter is: this process is very difficult and he made it look douchey.  It’s called molecular gastronomy and Nella Cucina (876 Bathurst Street) offered up a class as part of their “Professional Series”.  So in order to step up my ktichen game finish off my third and final cooking class series, I decided to take molecular gastronomy out for a spin.

What’s Good Neighbourhood: Parkdale

Parkdale has always been near & dear to my heart.  I remember when I first got out of college and was looking for full-time employment, I came across a job posting for the Parkdale Village Business Improvement Area.  I knew (prior to applying) that Parkdale was an up-and-coming area at the time but also a bit down and out.  I applied and sure enough landed a small gig at the BIA for three months.  That was in 2008, since then much has changed.  But my passion regarding Parkdale has not changed and I’m here to explain why you should love Parkdale too.

20 Questions with Rad People: We Need Surgery

In this edition of 20 Questions with Rad People we caught up with the band, We Need Surgery. Hailing from five corners of the earth, the band eventually ended up in Vancouver where they holed up together to make beautiful music. Buy their eponymous debut album here.

According to a Queer Grrrl:Last Minute Xmas and Assorted Christmas Relations: The Ultimate List

Well, it’s almost here, Dec 25 2012. For some, it’s a day with families, and other’s it’s an Orphan’s dinner with close friends. If you have not yet got around to making plans, or buying presents not to worry Pink Mafia’s got ya covered. I uncovered a close by travel spot, Niagara Falls, that is still accepting reservations.



Are you already a little hungover from the holiday parties? I know I am and I have stolen away from the second consecutive holiday party in a row to give you all some tips on how to drink your way through the party season and get out alive.


Christmas is less than a month away which means get ready to be bombarded with Christmas themed tv episodes, movies, and well basically Christmas everything all the time.  Some of you probably hate this, but for me it really is the happiest time of year….Nothing can bring me down (till January).

This list is my continuation from last year, with a couple of repeats (for obvious reasons), and even though some of them may not seem very Christmas-y, you’ll see why and hopefully include these in your yearly watch list, if you haven’t already. Fill your cup with your drink of choice (rum + eggnog & coffee/hot chocolate + Bailey’s are my staples), load your torrent browser, or however you get movies, and get comfy.



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