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Boob Tube: Don’t Judge Me (unless you are Judge Judy)

This year I was invited to an American Thanksgiving dinner at the house of a close family friend who also happens to be a woman and writer I greatly respect.

At that dinner, the subject of the Kardashians came up when I was talking about this column. I felt okay about watching their shows, mostly because I was not the only dinner guest who was a fan, until this conversation happened:

Best/Worst Christmas Albums

As you may have noticed, Christmas is upon us. Enter any mall and your ears are assaulted with bizarre renditions of our favorite holiday classics. I don’t recall wanting to hear the Afro-Jazz version of Jingle-Bells, but it exists. For those with a more selective approach to Christmas tunes, I’ve compiled reviews of some recent Christmas albums, and one classic. In the holiday spirit, I’ve decided to rank them with snowflakes. 10 being the most Christmassy of all, and 1 being abysmal, bile inducing crap.

Neck Of The Woods: A Group Art Show



What do you get when a team of three dynamic women orchestrates, in a single gallery space, 22 artists, a reading, a live performance, a DJ, 3 pop-up shops, make-up and nail art, delectable treats, raffled prizes and giveaways from a dozen sponsors? Introducing the birth of one of the most inclusive and robust local art shows this city has ever seen.


Blog Hunter: Margot Keith and How to Find Your Soul-Stylist

Do you remember your first haircut? I sure do. I was a little girl in Nova Scotia when my mom took all seven of her children to the mall for fancy new do’s. I remember the whole salon laughing at how much I talked and how loudly (some things never change). I felt so grown up and got an awesome fringe before my first day of school. So what went wrong? Why do I detest getting my hair done now? Especially as someone who has been doing makeup and hairstyling for years, I find it perplexing that the thought of having someone else cut or colour my hair fills me with anxiety. For those of you who feel the same way I do and would like to avoid a massive beauty mistake, I have a few tips on finding a hairdresser that you can trust and have a long and meaningful hair relationship with.

Blog Hunter: Ask a 30-Year-Old

Dear 20-something-year-old you. Let’s chat.

Despite the fact that you spend the majority of your waking hours filling your body with vodka, taquitos and other people’s stink-parts, you are somehow going to live to be 30-years-old. As someone who made it here herself in defiance of God’s will, I feel I owe it to the universe to pass on a couple of personal nuggets of wisdom from the Land of Olds. Ask away, my hatchlings!

20 Questions with DJ Nu-Mark


We caught up with DJ Nu-Mark and posed 20 questions, which he answered with aplomb.


What’s Good Neighbourhood: Bloordale

Bloordale Village, or “Bloordale” as it’s called, is the strip of Bloor From Dufferin to Landsdowne, and everything South of Wallace/Emerson and North Of Brockton. It’s a solid 4 blocks square, if that, and it’s seriously poppin’ as of late.

Lossless Toronto: Come Up To My Room – Andrew Lovett-Barron & Tomas Rojcik

Come Up To My Room enters the double digits this year. Now in it’s 10th installment the annual event takes over the Gladstone Hotel as part of Toronto Design Offsite Festival, an alternative to Toronto Design Week. This year is shaping up to be a big one. With 25 artists and 50 installations CUTMR breaks out onto the exterior of the hotel for the first time.

According to a Queer Grrrl:New Years Eve 2012 PRE Planning

New Years Eve 2012 is closer than you think. This is the party that starts the new year right and planning ahead is key. I have found 2 events for your consideration. A tradition NYE celebration on a not so traditional date of Sat Dec 29th and a destination event at a grand convention centre with a luxurious hotel right beside it.

Entertaining Under the Influence: Top Entertaing Lifehacks

1. Salad Code. People really suck at making salads and that’s just really sad. Once you’ve figured our your leaf/greens situation great salad will have elements that are simultaneously: acidic, creamy, salty, crunchy. So you have a million options like:
Blue Cheese + bacon + lemon vinaigrette
Mango+avocado+pistachio+ shallot vinaigrette
Brie + pecans + dried cranberries + apple
You get the idea.

women laughing alone with salad

2. Make it Into Pasta. So you fucked up. Before the college freshmen start chanting you can save your ass in about 20 minutes. Salvage whatever vegetable or meat you’ve burned/ accidently pulverized or blown up and cut it into bite-size pieces. Sauté 1 onion, 2-3 cloves garlic, 1 tsp chili flakes for 5-7 minutes. Pour in a glass of wine then a can of crushed tomatoes. Add your carcass. In the meantime boil water and make pasta. Serve in your underwear if all else fails.

3. Parfait Defense. I once made a beautiful lattice top strawberry rhubarb pie to bring to a guy’s house for dessert (Because it’s 1965…) in a vain attempt to be impressive. On the way there it flipped or I fell or something. So embarrassed. But I scooped it into tall glasses and layered it with ice cream. Basically, you can do this with everything that looks ugly and you’ll seem fancy. Just call it “deconstructed”.
4. Stretch Cheap Wine and last nights pre-drink leftovers with Sangria. Sangria is Jungle’s Juices sexy cousin that went to live in Spain for six months and came back with an accent and an alcohol dependency. Look up a recipe if you care to. Or pour wine, juice, something fizzy, and some liquor into a pitv her add a ton of chopped fruit and let it soak til those wee strawberries turn into

5. Buy Dough. Pilsbury, puff, filo, whatever. Frozen dough is like $4 and you can just wrap whatever up in it and cook it and people will eat it. Puff pastry can literally be cut into strips, twirled around a few times and sprinkled with the non-crusty pantry basic of your choice and baked for fancy “straws”.
6. Go Semi-Homemade. You can jazz up pretty much anything that you bought at the grocery store. Add chili/vanilla/ lemon/ wine to things that are premade that already have chili/vanilla/ lemon/ wine and it will totally taste like you made it.

7. Mason Jars. Seriously. Serve drinks in them, Use them for parfaits (ehh?) or put tea lights in them and put them everywhere. They’re dirt cheap and easy enough to wash.

8. Last Minute Cookies. This recipe is secret and also from the back of a jar. Quick dessert or for company that you care to impress. Combine 1 cup of nut butter, 1 cup sugar, 1 egg, a pinch of salt and a lick of vanilla extract. Make into balls. Bake at 350. Done.

9. Ten Second Tidy. Last minute? The most important things to clean are your bathroom, your kitchen counters/ all the stuff in your sink, and throw all the garbage lying around in your living room. Put out some mason jar tea lights and you’re golden.

10. WWMSD. What would Martha do? What would pinterest, the internet equivalent of a good thing, do? Do that. Make little flags. Do your nails. Make place cards. Little details make people wig out.

Win a copy of The Mohawk Lodge’s “Damaged Goods” on vinyl.

The Mohawk Lodge’s fourth LP is their most hard rocking and also their shortest. At ten songs and clocking in at 30 minutes, Damaged Goods was released in October after a year of anticipation. The album was conceived in a remote cabin by mastermind Ryder Havdale and later recorded in Toronto and features Eamon McGrath, Clay Jones (Huddle), Danny Miles and Peter Dreimanis (July Talk).

Full of anthemic hooks and epic solos Damaged Goods sure sounds good on vinyl. Head to our Facebook and like it on our page to be entered to win a copy of the album on wax!


Contest now closed! Congrats to the winner:  Adam C.!

Pink Mafia gets (cooking) schooled: PC Cooking School


Round one of my venture into cooking classes was done and I was onto the next with a bit more confidence in myself and my skills.  This time, I wanted to take on the ultimate in cooking: french cuisine.  I heard a lot from friends about taking cooking classes at Loblaws so I decided to check out their Black Label “Evening in France” class at the historic Maple Leaf Gardens location, offered at $20/class.

In this class, Chef Martin Raymond took our class of fifteen students through the PC Black Label products in the elegant PC Kitchens, located in the Maple Leafs Gardens location and provided clear, simple and hands-on instruction on how to make Caramel Milk Chocolate Mousse, Chicken Liver Pate with Fig Cabernet Jelly, Carmelized Pear and Walnut Salad and finally a Pepper & Anchovy Tart.

Boob Tube: Why I Never Get Anything Done or Netflix

I’ve been watching TV online for a long time. Even before that I was borrowing full seasons of shows on DVD from friends and also from that old cultural relic Blockbuster. I am no stranger to killing an entire series in a short period of time. I once watched an entire season of 24 in 24 hours with two friends in a basement.

My Netflix subscription has brought that time-sucking habit to an entirely unprecedented level.



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