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Two Tickets to the Gun Show

Queen West`s 751 bar transformed into a packed sweatbox of cheers, running mascara and sequin-wrapped female aggression at last Saturday`s Women`s Arm-Wrestling Championship.

Women's Arm Wrestling crowns a new champion

The sport of women's arm wresting may not have the visibility of MMA, snooker or darts but that didn't stop 751 on Queen West from playing host to the Women's Arm Wrestling Championship for Charity on Saturday night.

Jenna Pettinato, Development Associate at Nellie's Shelter in Toronto

One of the most amazing events hosted for us this year was GirlFight. GirlFight was an all-female boxing event created by Anna Von Frances of Pink Mafia. The event was an awesome showcase of female strength and power and we're happy to announce there will be a GirlFight 2 coming up this fall!

Deep Dish - Issue 420

Watching an epic battle, a loud boisterous crowd rallies behind two opposing fighters. But these boxers are all women at Girl Fight, which takes place at 99 Sudbury. Cheers and taunts are heard as the opponents take their positions.

Pink Mafia GirlFight Night

Watching blow after blow dealt with fierce accuracy in a pummeling fury of fists hit a 28-year-old woman in the cheek, chest and shoulder, might seem like the furthest thing from an exercise in combating violence against women...

Sporting Goods: The Toronto Newsgirls

Some women have their first fight after six months of training, while others can wait up to two years to feel safe and ready in the ring. Many compete in one of the club's two annual "Fight Factory" events. Von Frances had her first chance in the ring at last Friday's "GirlFight," a sold-out, six-bout event to raise money for Nellie's women's shelter organized by Pink Mafia at 99 Sudbury.

A slideshow of girls fighting

Photos from Girl Fight, a charity boxing match in support of Nellie's Shelter, on Friday (March 4th) at 99 Sudbury.

Girls fight for a cause at Toronto boxing event

The idea of holding a boxing event to support a shelter for abused women might seem a little odd at first. After all, the image of two people smacking each other around in the ring to the hoots and hollers of the crowd doesn't exactly mesh with mainstream notions about how to raise funds for women seeking refuge...The room was electric when we walked inside. Bodies everywhere, drinks flowing, music pumping and lights all on the ring.

Girls just wanna have fights

The boxing featured at GirlFight isn't of the “foxy boxing” variety, nor is it sexy-on-purpose like some other girls-only alternative sports, such as the (genuinely hardcore) roller derby or competitive pillow fighting.

We talk to Anna Von, Pink Mafia Don and lightweight champ who is bringing Girl Fight to the masses

Anna Von usually frightens me on a normal day with her no-bull bite and get 'er done attitude but now she can also physically pack a punch.

Sexlife Canada

“When I'm not having sex I'm pretty inspired to find it,” admits Anna Von Frances, perhaps Toronto’s best known gal-about-town. While it may be cold and snowy right now, Anna is busy preparing for the busy spring and summer seasons. She is the founder of PinkMafia, an all-female promotion and event planning company that focuses on entertainment, particularly music.

Breaking the Edge with Anna Von Frances

I'm 24 days in and so far I've broken edge 4 times. I know, I'm a terrible person who can't keep a bet with myself but I only feel responsible for two.

Coca-Cola Pours on Vitamin Water

Vitamin Water Canada relaunched its corporate website as a blog...The blog focuses mainly on trends, fashion, music and movies, and features guest bloggers like Toronto-based event planner Anna Von Frances.

Stuff I Saw Sober

Now that I'm a few weeks in, I've learned some things about drunk people...for the most part they are funny and excitable, and sometimes annoying. I think the worst thing I've witnessed is drunk girls in pretty dresses.

How to Fake a Shot with Anna Von Frances

Every promoter I know has tricks to fake drinking when they're out. some people are just so persistent that it's easier to say yes than no. if you have a deal with the bartender as previously mentioned, then you can get a fake drink, but almost everyone orders shots.

Anna Von Frances on Faking It

come 6PM when the sun is shining and the fabulous cafe across the street from the pinkmafia office is rammed with people sucking back bud light limes in the sun, i get squirrely. like at 6PM every day, i'm ready to cut someone for a frosty corona.

Day 1: The Hardest Day of Them All

It's day one of what is probably going to feel like the longest month of my life....We promote a lot of clubs, shows, bars, it's booze city. For the next 31 days, I'm not touching a drop.

Celebrity Roundup

Drake hosts Red Bull Heavy on the Right Coast party at the Majestic Theatre on April 17, 2010 in St. John's, Canada.

Juno weekend: Drake keeps it Heavy on the Right Coast

Anna Von Frances, Don of the Pink Mafia and event-planner extraordinare, didn't lie when she told the Observer she was bringing her "A-game" to this party. Heavy on the Right Coast was a star-studded blowout hosted by Drake and featuring the DJ skills of 3-piece ensemble Scratch, Skratch, Scratch! and Grahmzilla of Thunderheist.

Top Canadian DJs set to spin at The Majestic

In partnership with Pink Mafia, Last Gang Entertainment and TMKO Lawyers, “Heavy on the Right Coast” will feature music from Grahamzilla (Thunderheist) and Scratch Skratch Scratch: Starting from Scratch, Skratch Bastid and Scratch from the Roots.

Pink Mafia Does the Junos-Heavy on the Right Coast

Judging by the Pink Mafia’s motto, “putting the F.U. back in FUN”, Heavy on the Right Coast is gonna be one hell of a party. Party planner extraordinaire, Anna Von Frances, and her über hot Pink Mafia femmes have taken on the task of throwing THE Juno party hosted by breakout rapper Drake at the Majestic Theatre


Toronto's it girl that you know and love, Anna Von Frances has already dominated most of Toronto's night life scene and if you don't know who she is by now crawl out from that fucking rock you're living under. being the face, brains and power behind the infamous PINK MAFIA promotional company (behind popular events such as sport pig, get er done and shit loads of after-parties), she's up to her sparkly blue's in special events, packed dance floors and camera op'd hotness.

Anna Von Frances:Party Queen of Toronto

Anna Von, Don of Pink Mafia gives us the Best Parties of the Past Decade.
There is no one who can sum up a decade of parties better than her - and frankly, Pink Mafia has been behind all of them.

Pink Mafia in Naked Eye Magazine

Check out Pink Mafia in Naked Eye Magazine

Halloween Art'd at Marben

Pink Mafia’s vernissage series, Art’d is proud to announce
its final show at Marben Restaurant with a special Halloween edition featuring work by: Bowman, Andrew Foerster, Ian Bethune, Jean-Paul Langlois, and Lisa Vanin.

Bleep Beep Quick: The First Quick Ten

The first person I had the pleasure to ask the quick 10 questions to is Anna Von Frances, The Don of Pink Mafia, based out of Toronto Canada.

1. When did you first get interested in Dance/Electronic Music

The word "interested" in this question is vague. I have been working in Dance/Electronic Music in some form or another for 12 years. I'm interested in it, but I don't like 90% of it.

Eye Weekly Best Bet: Barletta @ Whisper EP Release

I can just imagine the lopsided grin on Toronto producer Barletta’s face when he titled his latest release Whisper. In truth, it’s anything but. That’s not surprising given the heavy, hooky remix treatment he’s given to more than 100 tracks he’s released into the blogosphere, as well as the banging electro of his earlier EPs or the stadium house of his Mansion project with Violca — but this is different.

Shinanigans ensue at Holts Café book bash

“I feel like this is my wedding,” Govani chuckled, holding up two giant bottles of champers. Anna von Frances, don of Pink Mafia and notorious troublemaker, also commented on the launch: “It’s about fucking time that we celebrate somebody other than the vapid idiots we normally do. I’m very proud of Shinan”.

Eye Weekly Best Bet: The In Crowd

Those into the sounds of the swingin’ ’60s know that The In Crowd DJ team has been holding it down on the party front for some time. Now in week two of a new event promoted by Pink Mafia, The In Crowd is joined by two veterans of T.O.’s club scene, DJ/producer Mark Oliver and DJ/club impresario Bobbi Guy. Scotsman Oliver, of course, is a rave veteran who holds it down as a resident at The Guvernment while Guy is a co-founder of The Mod Club. The pals promise to dig deep into soul, funk and all things Hammond.

24 Hour Party Person: Anna Von Frances, Pink Mafia Don

Planning is what Anna Von Frances does—party planning, that is: and some of the hottest ones in the city—with her promotion company Pink Mafia. Boasting an all-female cast of employees specializing in the creative side of promotion and entertainment, guaranteed Pink Mafia were behind some of your favourite, and most memorable, nights out.

Naked Truth with Pink Mafia

Looking for a quicker fix in the search for sexual wisdom than gradually learning from an endless string of embarrassing mistakes? Toronto all-girl PR firm and veteran party planners Pink Mafia bring their sex advice to the pages of Naked Eye.

Naked News: Pink Mafia

The Pink Mafia crew reigns as the Torontoqueens of PR and partying. The girls fashion themselves a “one stop shop for musicians, bars, clubs and lifestyle brands,” and if you fall into one of those categories, chances are high that they can help you throw a killer event to promote your band, brand, bar or new social obsession.

Welcome to Sing City

Frontmen have a reputation for being prima donnas, which is what makes Shark Week impressive. The crack four-piece of seasoned musicians from several local bands is content to be the backing for Live Band Karaoke, on the last Tuesday of every month in the Drake Hotel basement. The night started out at the Bovine Club about three years ago, so guitarist Don Arsenault says the songs are skewed toward the heavy-rock vibe.

Tickled Pink

Anna Von Frances is a veteran of the boys club.

Working for years behind the scenes for caterers, bars and even funeral homes, she’s an expert on how to survive in the male-dominated promotional industry.

For about the last five years, she has been the owner of Toronto-based Pink Mafia, which she calls the first and only all-female party planning company focused on entertainment.

Mansion is big house

The combination of Van Helder and Barletta comes courtesy of a chance meeting at a Gay Bash party. ... Van Helder had been DJing and producing parties since 1999, initially as part of the Mississauga drum and bass scene and then as part of the dance band Fritz Helder and the Phantoms. Recently, Van Helder crossed Canada with Pink Mafia's all-girl DJ tour Get Er Done. Originally hailing from Scarborough, DJ Barletta (aka Hans Edquist), at the ...age of younger-than-you-think had already made a name for himself in the electronic music scene for his bold rap-inspired mixes, tearing up many an electronic music blog in the process.

Sept. 25 - Oct. 1 Party Picks

After a year on hiatus, Pink Mafia’s Sport Pig party returns. Sport Pig has a history of championing T.O. talent, with this all-local bill headlined by new blog-house darlings Mansion....

MANSION: House hunters

The new rules for success in underground dance music go something like this: pick a hot track of the minute, throw together a banging remix, leak it to blogs and cross your fingers. If all goes well, your bootleg will blow up, and suddenly you’ll get tour offers and legitimate remix work, neatly bypassing the years of paying dues behind the scenes that used to be the norm.

Ooooh, it's that time again. Before everything else, there was Sport Pig. And we're back. Cheap Drinks. Loose Morals. breaking talent, dancing, screaming, drinking, finger-banging, all the usual tomfoolery in full effect.

MANSION debuts at Sport Pig this Friday

Sometimes the best thing about partying is going out for Chinese food after.
In January 2006 Pink Mafia had the great idea of combining both into one of their trademark parties, Sport Pig.
The Bright Pearl was pounding with great beats while delicious dim sum aroma was floating around the room, making that night one of the most memorable parties in the last few years.

Mansion Invent "Stadium House"

"We're not just making electro house, old school house-influenced tracks or rave house. All of our songs are different and we're always experimenting. We sent out this song we made called 'Stab' to all the blogs, and we were referred to as 'stadium house.' I had never heard that before, so I think we've created a new genre."

I Love The Nightlife:

Mansion is bringing house music back to where it started, but bigger – hence MANSION...So how did this talented duo team up? Gay Bash of course. A meeting of the minds may happen at a library or chess game in the park, but for two of Toronto’s top music making machines it takes a kick ass party, lots of booze and a sunny Queen West rooftop to seal the deal and start mixing.

A fashion ode to été

Mica Le J: BY DAY: American Apparel wardrobe professional...BY NIGHT: Pink Mafia blogger

SEE Magazine: Get In The Van!

“Anna Von Frances of Pink Mafia was in Calgary for the Junos and the idea developed there. It’s just nice to be part of a tour where you’re not to told to wear some shirt three sizes too small or what to play,” Miche says. “We’re just pushing to get ourselves out their as DJs. Our flyers and posters don’t have pictures of us wearing sling back tops with our boobs hanging out or anything. We’re just here to rock a party.”

Girls Get ’Er Done June 2008

Pink Mafia’s all-female DJ tour offers up some serious cred and skills...A quick glance at their website tells you all you need to know about this company — they’re young, hip, savvy, they love to party, and they’re coming to Whistler.


"A sweaty, grimy, all-out DJ tour with chicks. But not in the holding hands, Lilith Fair way, or the Spice Girls faux-grrrl power way, and certainly not in the Vice Guide To Girls way. Just a bunch of smokin' hot DJs tearing it down… it doesn't really matter that we're girls, what matters more is that we aren't boys."

The Rockstar Hotel at The Gladstone

So it was just my luck that when I tried to gain entry to one of my shows, I was denied due to over capacity. Luckily, I was given the inside scoop by Anna Von Frances of Pink Mafia fame that she had booked a hot lineup for this year's Rockstar Hotel at the Gladstone Hotel and that I should come check it out...

Lowdown: Girl DJs 'Get Er Done'

Von Frances concedes that no one has tried before to put all these talented ladies on one bill, but if the guys can do it, why not the girls? And the response to Get Er Done begs the questions why did it take so long?

So Cool it Hertz

If that's not enough electroclash for one week, Dopplehertz and Pink Mafia put their party promotions together for Milwaukee two-piece The Glamour, Thursday night at Wrongbar. Next on deck are Ultraviolet Sound and Hearts Revolution, but until their real website is finished, you can keep up with the Dopplehertz dudes on Facebook.

Blak Squares

Rye Rye & DJ SEGA at BLAK are on Diplo’s Mad Decent label, and you should expect to be hearing much more about them soon.

She Does The City: Career Spot Light

If a woman wanted to get into this business, what are your recommendations of how they should start?

I would tell her to find another, older, more established woman that she admired and stop at nothing to work under her. During her stint as fabulous-older-woman’s-bitch, she should listen, take notes and figure out how she could improve on that skill set.

Angie Bowie Spins @ Vibrator Metro

Angie Bowie — THE Former wife of rock star David — will be making her DJ debut in Toronto tonight as part of the launch of a a new club night at The Phoenix Concert Theatre.
It’s only appropriate that the proclaimed “role model of outsiders everywhere” come out to help launch this club night and get-together of misfits, artists, bands and DJs

Angie Bowie And Her Toronto Vibrator Chartattack

There are many critics who believe that David Bowie wasn't the only mastermind behind his iconic musical characters. Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane and The Thin White Duke are rumoured to have been heavily influenced by Bowie's former wife, Angela.

Steve Aoki & MomJeans Part Pic, Stay Up Get Down

Party Pics Page from Freeze Frame @ Ultra with DJs Steve Aoki aka Kid Millionaire and MomJeans aka Hyde from That 70s Show

Now - Pulse: My Week In The Clubs - iPod Battle #5

Ultimately, the belt went to Cease & Desist , who've competed in four of the past five Toronto events but had yet to take home the gold. I'm convinced it was the Tom Jones track that gave them the edge.

Fritz Helder & The Phantoms' Thunderpussy Debut

Sunday night rowdiness doesn't get much more colourful than electro kids Fritz Helder and The Phantoms at the new weekly Thunderpussy. Presented by Pink Mafia, the party at Bovine features Hump Day Bump's DJ Sandy alongside the live show from Helder and Co


“Maneater” Nelly Furtado calls Fritz Helder & The Phantoms a mix of Peaches, Scissor Sisters and Jem and the Holograms. She loves them so much, she swiped two of their members for her touring band but, before they run off with her, they’ll be performing at Thunderpussy, on the Bovine Sex Club’s new glass disco floor. Sunday, May 20. 542 Queen St. West. Doors at 9pm. $5.

Pulse-My Week In The Clubs

The Pink Mafia squad have started up a new Sunday night party at the Bovine Sex Club called Thunderpussy . As you might guess from the name, the weekly is geared towards girls, though it's far from being an exclusively women's event. That said, it's fairly queer, with some crossover from the Bovine's normal rock 'n' roll crowd, as well as a smattering of hipsters and Queen West art fags.

A/V Death Match Leads Off Pink Mafia Party Pack

The hedonistic abandon with which Pink Mafia spanks the local party scene can't be contained. Not into musical genres -- they'll mix it up with hip-hop, house, indie rock and Tommy Lee on the decks

My Style

WHO: Anna Von Frances, CEO of Pink Mafia, writer for Xtra

MSTRKRFT at This is London - Toronto Street Fashion - Feb. 9. 2007

Soho promoters are smart. They brought aboard Pink Mafia to help coax the hipster crowd out of their usual hang-outs.

Sport Pig - Eye Magazine - Feb. 1. 2007

Sport Pig celebrates "cheap drinks and loose morals."
Pictures from Sport Pig Bright Pearl 2 are featured in the SNAPS section.

Sport Pig - Now Magazine - Feb. 2. 2007

A prime example happened Friday night when the Sport Pig party returned to the Bright Pearl restaurant, better known for its dim sum than for dancing. But take out the tables and chairs, throw together a rental sound system, dim the lights a bit, pack in a few hundred rowdy kids and you've got a delightfully weird event.

Sport Pig - Martini Boys - Jan. 26. 2007

The beauty of Broken Social Scene spinning with the beast of Bedouin Soundclash will be a more interesting combo than anything on the menu at The Bright Pearl.

Sport Pig - Eye Magazine - Jan. 25. 2007

Pink Mafia's second Sport Pig at this two-floor dim sum restaurant-turned-hotspot also features spinners Eclair (a.k.a. Eon Sinclair of Bedouin Soundclash), Lindo P (The Black Jays) and Famous Players.

Sport Pig - Dose - Jan. 17. 2007

Following the massive success of 2006's Sport Pig at The Bright Pearl with acclaimed turntabilist Lil Jaz and award winning artists, k-os and Justin Peroff (Broken Social Scene), Pink Mafia is excited to announce Sport Pig @ The Bright Pearl II with founding member of Broken Social Scene, Brendan Canning, Eclair (Eon Sinclair of Bedouin Soundclash), Toronto's reggae veteran, Lindo P, and local DJ duo, Famous Players on Friday, January 26th, 2007 from 9pm-2am, $10. 19+.

Pink Mafia - Toronto Street Fashion - Nov. 15. 2006

Outside I found the every fabulous Mr. & Mrs. Von Frances, in a mix of Club Monaco and suspenders from a street punk in Montreal. "Canada is simply hot shit," remarked Mr. Anna Von Frances.

Pink Mafia - Metro News - Oct. 31. 2006

Her party-girl charisma has taken her from doing contract stints in television to her present position as the head of her own promotions firm, Pink Mafia.

Pink Mafia Toronto Star - Oct. 26. 2006

"It's gonna be great, I think. Anna (Von Frances) of Pink Mafia, who is producing this whole thing, puts on the best parties in the city. She works so ferociously hard and her events are always packed. Loose morals, great entertainment...if that's not a reason to go out, I don't know what is. It's better than wandering up and down your street begging for candy."

Toronto Street Fashion - Lust for Kicks - Oct. 21. 2006

Lust for Kicks Saturdays @ 751 Queen West
(Oct. 21, 2006 by Sonja Andic)

Excalibur: York University's Newspaper - Oct. 11. 2006

Pink Mafia, Puma, Milk and a cavalcade of promoters and supporters brought artists from the record label DFA Records to the state theatre two weeks ago for what was to be a celebration of DFA Remixes - Chapter Two, along with general dancing fun.

Labour of Love Party Toronto Street Fashion - Sep. 3. 2006

The Pink Mafia hosted Tent was our refuge as it had the best vibe and the illustrious Princess Superstar as special guest!

Lust For Kicks NOW Magazine - Aug. 19. 2006

Lust For Kicks at 751 , recently changed from a monthly party to a weekly. The tunes varied from hiphop to disco to rock, and the vibe is unpretentious and fun.

Toronto Street Fashion - Sport Pig 1 Yr. Photos - July 17. 2006

Toronto Street Fashion braved the heat to see the beautiful people in attendance at the 1 Yr. anniversary of Sport Pig.

EYE Weekly Street Spirit - July 6. 2006

Ms Anna Von Frances -- she of the spiky glam coif and Video on Trial quips -- celebrated a year of her Pink Mafia Sport Pig parties at the DeLeon White Gallery on June 29.

Blog TO - June 30. 2006

Parties: they're all over the city. Sometimes there are so many parties that you have to end up choosing the one that's just right for you. It's sort of like making up your mind when looking for a particular brand of potato chips. As funny as that sounds, SPORT PIG offers all the brands and all the flavors all jam-packed into one, air-tight bag of deliciousness.

Bad Avenues Party Toronto Street Fasion- Apr. 22. 2006

With the help of Pink Mafia, design label Drug Money presented Bad Avenues: the newest addition to the Topshelf Motherfucker familia at an intimate showcase party at Reset Clothing.

Sport Pig Rock Out With Your Cock Out Toronto Street Fashion - Mar. 23. 2006

With a rebel yell TorontoStreetFashion hit the town to see who�s wearing what in the heat of the unseasonable warmer weather we�ve been having.

Truth.Mag Launch Eye Magazine - Feb. 23. 2006

Pink Mafia Productions transformed a church into a party pen as online zine Truth Explosion celebrated its new photo issue with The Old Soul, Jason Collett, Magneta Lane, Tokyo Police Club and more.

Sport Pig Bright Peal Truth Explosion - Jan. 13. 2006

Wrapped up tight in a comforter with my jeans and socks still on, my stomach doing back flips and the taste of death in my mouth. Questions flooding my head. Where am I? How did I get here? When??? What is this sneaking suspicion that it all has to do with a pig? Did I really drink that much?

Sport Pig Bright Pearl Toronto Street Fashion - Jan. 13. 2006

Expectedly, Pink Mafia's successful fusion of blazing dj's and freshly picked indie acts lured T.O's scenester crowd to the modest Bright Pearl, Fri. 13, 2006.

Sport Pig Bright Pearl DB's best bets- Jan. 12. 2006

Sport Pig is the new game in town, and one I love to play. Seriously, I had such a good time at their sweaty November event -- which featured No Dynamics and MSTRKRFT -- I grinned for days.

Publicity Stunt DVD Release Party Toronto Street Fashion - Dec. 16. 2006

In celebration of the critically acclaimed k-os dvd entitled �Publicity Stunt?, The Love Movement & Nomad, Toronto�s finest spot for highend urban wear, hosted a fashionable evening of hot beats and even hotter breakdancing at the Gladstone Hotel.

Sport Pig MSTRKRFT EYE Weekly - Dec. 1. 2006

Sport Pig slathers the El Mo with porno flyers and seedy beats, courtesy of MSTRKRFT.

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